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CNN: NJ dad demands justice after 14-year-old daughter’s suicide

14-year-old Adriana Kuch took her own life days after a TikTok video showed she was attacked by four other teenagers at her New Jersey high school. Her father says the school did not do enough in the aftermath of the attack. CNN’s Brynn Gingras reports.
Editor’s Note: If you are in the US and you or a loved one have contemplated suicide, call The National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to connect with a trained counselor.
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The father of a New Jersey. 14 year old girl who died by suicide is demanding justice this morning. Adriana Cooke was found dead in her home on February 3rd, just two days after a video was posted online showing her being beaten and attacked at Central Regional High in Bellville.

There’s a clip of it there. We’re not showing it to you because, listen, it’s just disturbing. The story is awful. Adriana’s father believes her suicide was fueled by long time bullying. CNN’s Brendan Grass has been following this story. So the four teenagers who allegedly dumped her in the hallway,

This they’re facing criminal charges. The superintendent resigned yeah. What more happened here? All within a week. And as Jim said, we’re not going to show you the video, but I do want to describe it to you. So you get a better sense. And you guys that, you know, as parents,

It just makes you angry, honestly. Basically, it shows this high school freshmen walking down the hallways of her high school with her boyfriend. When four people approach them, they throw some sort of liquid at her and then basically take her to the ground and start beating her until school officials intervene

And break up that fight. Now, the father of Adriana Couch says that the school then just sent her to the nurse, didn’t call authorities. They did suspend those students, but that was it. And he says he’s the one who actually took her to the police department to file a police report.

Then this video comes out of the incident that’s gone all over social media. He gives that to the authorities. I want you to hear from him more about how he describes the video. And then we’ll talk more They think it’s fun to attack people and make videos and post them cheap lax out.

And they don’t call an ambulance. They take her to the nurse’s office. Adriana was the most happy, beautiful young lady in the world. Now, the school says that they did alert authorities as they said those students were suspended. They’ve also been charged. One is charged with aggravated assault. But the point here, guys,

Is that this whole entire community is up in arms because they say this isn’t a one time incident. There is a culture of bullying. The school says now that the superintendent has resigned, they’re going to go back and look at these past allegations of bullying with other students. They’re going to consult

With the school district and the Department of Education and how they reform their policies. But it’s horrific. I mean, this girl took her own life two days after this cyber bullying incident was posted online. We talk about the online hate and harassment that these teenagers have to go through all the time.

And, you know, it’s just horrific. 14 years old. It’s awful. And as poor family now mourning their daughter and also having to deal with everything that led up to this. Yeah, there’s no words to it. A loss for words. Brant, thank you. Thank you. Well, to that point this morning, a new study

Highlights that not enough young people are getting adequate mental health services. That study finds nearly half of children who go to the E.R. with a mental health crisis do not receive the follow up care that they need. CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen is with us. So I would imagine that health professionals

Do see this as a growing problem. I guess the question is, is there an answer to it? Are there the resources right? The answer is going to be so tough, Erica. So we all know that when you are treating someone for a mental health issue, they need to have ongoing treatment.

A visit to the emergency room is not enough. So these researchers looked at nearly 30,000 children who had a visit to the emergency room for a mental health issue. A lot of times it was depression. Sometimes it was a trauma related mental health disorder. And what they found was it didn’t

The follow up did not go so well. What they found is that seven days after only about 31% in that week following the E.R. discharge, only 31% of them had some kind of a follow up visit. And if you take a look at a month later.

So in other words, lots and lots of time to have a follow up visit. Only 56% of them did. How in the world are we expecting to treat our children with mental health disorders? And we know that the number of children with mental health issues is rising all the time.

How can we treat them if we can’t get them care? So there are several issues going on. One is just poor access to care. There aren’t enough people out there to treat the children or the adults, for that matter, who need help with mental health disorders. Also. This study found something really disturbing

But not surprising. Black children had a much harder time getting that follow up care. Erica, Jim. Goodness, they need help. I feel like we cover stories like this nearly every day. Elizabeth Cohen, thanks for highlighting it for us.




  1. She was such an angel, RIP. Bet there was stuff going on at home . The superintendent said that Dad had an affair on her mother, married the mistress and moved her into the home. Mom dies. He refused counseling for her 5 times. Her grades were dropping. Sounds like she got no emotional support and Dad looks like he is not processing any emotions.

  2. And make sure they don’t see prom or any other activities school kids get to enjoy. They took all that and more from this beautiful young lady! 😢😢😢😢😢

  3. 11:41 am Mtn
    The parents of these children have to be accountable also. If the school doesn’t contact them then they can’t take action. But, if they are made aware then, they most definitely need to be accountable. Too many parents think it’s just, “kids being kids” but let it happen to their own child and see how their attitude towards bullying changes. Also, does these kids’ daddy’s and mommy’s beat each other up like that? Or are they just spoiled rotten kids? Something that makes you wanna go, “Hmmmmm”.

  4. I am sorry for the loss but the father is wrong. The time for justice was while his daughter was alive. Now that they forced her to suicide is time for revenge.
    And those people who claim to care and protest demanding justice for her death, try protesting at the homes of the bullies.

  5. Rich griping about justice, Karma didn't sleep in that day, hall n' oats. 🎶 can't go 4 that.. Rich girl' earth's polarity reversal.

  6. Such a beautiful lady ended her life.. think about it. If you're a bully or causing havoc to others, you should BE BETTER.

  7. At least they were charged. The girls who killed that girl in Wilmington, DE then boasted about how she deserved to die on their social mdias are all still free.

  8. Words from YAHUSHUA Jesus the MESSIAH please see: “…the public school system as the spirit of antichrist is shoving anything holy out of school.

    You are paying a price America and all nations that follow her example. This will continue until the senseless abortions stop. I will allow satan to manifest in your children who have not been taught to call upon ME. I will allow satan to use the music and media to corrupt your children taking them away from ME and away from you and they will be allowed to declare war on parents, adults and authority figures. For when you taught them not to respect what is holy and what are MY laws you have opened them up for satan to fill them with his evil spirits that will confuse and confound America and the school system.

    Games that started out innocent and fun, that taught children how to get along with one another now pit one against the other seeing who can murder one another. Does not MY Word say when you sin in your heart, you have sinned against ME? Your imagination is not yours every imagination, every thought is to be held captive for MY inspection. If it sins against your brother it is sin. The greatest of all the Ten Commandments is love thy neighbor as you love yourself.

    That also includes thou shalt not murder. Yet in your children they kill and they kill the good as well as the evil in games. Beware, like I have asked before out of this handmaiden, “What is satan feeding your children tonight through the media, through their peers, through the games or books they read and through their music?” Beware, satan knows I came into this world as a innocent child and now he seeks to punish the children, to corrupt their souls and eventually take them to hell with him….”

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  10. They're not showing the whole thing because the assailants are the protected thugs as most of you rightfully imagined.

  11. We need to hold accountable the school officials for ignoring bullying reports and the parents for not teaching their children to respect others. This will continue to happen unless we change protocols and train schools "officials " #JUSTICE #BULLYING

  12. If you're too pretty they hate you and if you're not pretty enough they hate you. If you fight back you might still be in trouble. Envy is a powerful thing

  13. 0:26 – Adriana's dad said it was caused by longtime bullyin.
    1:15 – students were suspended. Dad took Adriana 2 police 2 file report.
    1:58 – peopl say there's a problem with the culture of violence in school. School say's now since the superintendent has resigned they'll look at past bullyin cases with othr students.

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