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CNN: Man charges killer in court

A person from the audience ran at Payton Gendron during his sentencing. Gendron was convicted of killing 10 people in a racist attack at a Buffalo supermarket. #CNN #News


Dramatic moments ago, just moments ago in a Buffalo, New York, courtroom where the man who shot and killed ten people at a grocery store in Buffalo is now facing sentencing. Barbara Massey, the sister of one of the victims, as we see that unfold. Do we know who this man was?

We don’t at this point, but obviously the audience was filled, filled with a lot of family, a lot of people who were directly related, either friends or otherwise, with with the people that were killed by Payton Gendron, who, of course, he’s been convicted of that at this point. And look,

We knew this was going to be emotional. We knew that they were going to be up to 17 people who were going to speak obviously, this is a tragedy that has shaken not just Buffalo, but places across the world, too, to its core, but especially in Buffalo. But but to see this

Level of anger was something I think you can see the surprise on a lot of people’s faces when this happened. But obviously right before that, the victim impact statement was being given by Barbara Massey was already emotional she wasn’t speaking into the mix. She was turned and speaking directly at Payton Gendron.

She wanted him to understand what he had done to this community. To these people, to these loved ones, for for everyone that was sitting inside of there. Another thing was that now now the hearing is is back on track, we should say, that the judge trying to get things back under control

Did acknowledge that we know this is emotional. We know that this may be difficult for people to hear. But but please leave the courtroom if you feel like you can’t control that. Also saying that that we are better than this as far as acting on some of those aggressive emotions, perhaps

But obviously it’s indicative of what we are dealing with in the sentencing hearing. And those moments are among the most dramatic I think I’ve seen in recent memory. I’ve got to say, I’m amazed it doesn’t happen more often. I can only imagine the anger and the hatred of the people involved there.

Omar, thanks so much for bringing that to us.




  1. This made me really sad for this woman who lost her sister and all the other victims.
    It was very emotional to watch.
    I don’t blame her for wanting to do what she wanted to do.
    May all the victims rest in peace.🕊️☮️
    Prayers for all the for victims family members.
    People who do these crimes, killing people they go straight to Hell.
    God does not want them.
    They are garbage of society.

  2. This man deserve to have a life time in jail, that was unnecessary, you can heard the pain in her voice and you can tell the bond her and her sister had. I pray everyday for my siblings even my oldest brother who is going to college

  3. Matatan ((".🤔.")) Ribirin H-S,
    This is absolutely crazy moment for the victims family involved,
    My deepest condolences to them all.🙏.

  4. We need new rules in the courts.
    Parents and family can smack those bustards 10-20 times with baseball bats, boxers, or chains.
    If killers survive…they can get out from the prison


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  7. Do you have a solution to stop the killing and violence in America every day, in all American cities, killing, armed robbery, rape? Are Congress and President Biden taking practical steps or just talking on television to numb society?

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  9. That’s what every society, not recognising the results of migration, will face. Everybody should be able to live a good life in his native country. That deserves every human being.

  10. as a white man i would never dte a black women or befreind a black man i am mistrusting of blaks but its good that i admit it i have nothing agenst Indians or Asions or blacks in native Aferica or Australia but i do not think blacks fit well in the weston community yet if i was a police offecer or Prision worden i would never mistreet them

  11. I don't know why instantaneous Capital Punishment is not done here?? He did it, we know that, and he should be instantly annihilated by any means necessary?? Why should our tax money go to keep this animal alive the rest of his life??

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