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CNN: Judge’s history with Trump causes concern in classified documents case





  1. I love that this is a Trump judge and it's driving to left fools crazy. Don't forget what a Trump judge did to Hunter. Seem Trump judges are the only ones that know the law😂😂😂😂

  2. You all in the USA are nuts its like you became a third world dictatorship .Cant win an election jail the guy that can beat you.

  3. Judges like her will give a poor black kid 20 years for $5.00 of cheap drugs in a minuet. Americas so called law and her systems are rotten, Trumps era just showed us how much so in the daylight, and it also magnifies the rottenness of the many Americans who support this type of evil for nationalism.

  4. When you don’t believe or go along with the Leftest views then they are corrupt. But they won’t mention the F.B.I are corrupt and double standards . Im so glad we have a job who’s sticking up for justice and not a witch hunt

  5. All BS from CNN
    What happened to Biden’s family, Polosy and democrats that’s making so much money and people are suffering
    Shame on the news media (I always believed news media if for information only for the audience to decide for ourselves) NOT BRAINWASHING

  6. Cannon wil go down in history as. Trumpets fascist ally. And will destroy her career in the process
    Why are these people so protective of this immoral monster. And. Traitor

  7. Hows Biden investigation going with classified documents , the ones in his garage and the ones in China town , the University of Pennsylvania and university of Delaware. Wasnt he a senator at that time and he was doing buisness overseas with Ukraine, China , Russia , Romania is that treason, he wasnt under president records act being a senator

  8. She needs to realize the concept of the rule of law. She was appointed by a corrupt president. Why should we expect her to be honest? Put them both in jail and vote blue 💙

  9. I can’t believe one man occupied people mind since 2016 and we don’t even feel Biden as a president but Trump lol!😂😂😂😂like we living a movie live in America where a villain refuse to die everyone panic he will appear in his house😂😂😂😂Donald Trump is the fruit of our behavior . We will live to correct this generation after generation

  10. Trump is the corrupt one who hired corrupt people to do his bidding so to keep his hands clean and he placed judges in key places to keep him out of jail or from criminal charges

  11. The more the democrats foolishly continue indicting Trump..
    The more his polls rise.. this just shows that people do not trust the democrats or MSNBC what they are saying and doing!
    Go judge Cannon and Go Trump Twenty24 👏

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