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CNN: Hear the details of a new UFO report released by US government

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a new report about UFO sightings in the United States. The US government has received over 350 UFO sighting reports since March 2021, half of which remain unexplained. #CNN #news


A Pentagon report is detailing a dramatic increase in UFO sightings. More than 350 since 2021. Many of them are explained as being drones, birds or weather events. But about half of them remain unexplained. And the office that tracks these sightings and restricted military airspace says that some, quote, require further analysis.

That’s an understatement. CNN’s space and defense correspondent Kristen Fisher has the details. Boris and Amara, Capitol Hill has been waiting for this report from the office of the Director of National Intelligence or the DNI. And what this report found is that there have been more than 300 new sightings of what

The government calls UAPS or unidentified aerial phenomena or more commonly called UFOs. Since the last time that the DOD and I put out a report like this back in 20, 21. Back then, the odd and I could not explain 144 sightings of UAPs this time. Now they can’t explain 171 of them

In one part of the report that really stands out is this one. It says that some of these uncharacterized UAPs appear to have demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities and require further analysis. So is it advanced U.S. technology, is it advanced technology from a foreign adversary like perhaps China or Russia,

Or is it extraterrestrial in origin or something else entirely? We just don’t know. And the U.S. government says that it doesn’t know either, or at least it will not say so publicly in this unclassified report. But they did give some explanations for about 163 of the sightings

That have been detailed in this report. And here’s how they explained those The vast majority are either balloons or balloon entities. A handful were drones. Another handful were what they called airborne clutter, things like birds, weather events or airborne debris, like plastic bags. So the bottom line here, members of Congress say

That this is a step in the right direction to reducing the stigma associated with reporting sightings of UAPS. It’s also a step in the right direction to enhancing national security, because remember, a lot of these sightings happen right around military bases or assets but while it’s a step in the right direction,

Members of Congress say the Pentagon, the Office of the director of National Intelligence, still have a long way to go to giving them the answers that they ultimately want.




  1. An next the fake alien invasion to start a new world order do not fall for this crap the government is behind most of these ufo s that we see back engineered from crashed ufo from the past

  2. If UFOs were real then how come they have lights? A species intelligent enough to travel thru space and different galaxies certainly doesn't need headlights. Only humans do. Humans are just little maggots on the surface. Aliens wouldn't waste their time.

  3. 1 night i saw a strange UFO on the horizon of south africA, it was a rectangular shaped thing luminating a bright beautiful light…..I've never saw anything like that

  4. My theory is that aliens or whatever operates these crafts live amounts us in the ocean the amount of reports of them diving in and out of the water I think it’s much more plausible a humanoid population with significantly higher intelligence has shared our planet than randomly finding us through the depths of space.

  5. All you need to do is find a material that reflects gravitational waves. Much like a mirror can reflect light, and a satellite dish can reflect radio waves. It seems like if there are actual Aliens with anti-gravity, that they must have access to some rare materials that aren't on Earth. So in the random distribution of rare materials with incredible properties, we got magnets, and they got anti-grav. In fact, there could theoretically be an alien race without electronics that has faster than light travel because of a material that bends spacetime. And we are sitting here with all these magnets and low resistance copper wire, like chumps.

  6. I’ve come to hate any news about UFOs. You always start a video hoping in any advancement in knowledge when constantly, unfailingly there is not one bit of certainty and it’s just bloody frustrating

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  8. Of course the government is going to lie they don't want people knowing they never had to pay electric bill and they figured the best way to do that is to keep the public quiet I'm making them afraid when they are the ones that are scared they will come back and find out they didn't keep their words they were scared to death whenever a few people show dog. Snuck into the house which was all a setup by just make Trump look bad but the lads won't be hidden for a loan from the public guaranteed that and the ones that told the lodge will be out in the cold their bank accounts Frozen and eating out of the gutter like they expected us compered the word impeachment everyday he was in office how many times have you heard it was Biden Oracle that mattered Obama or any of the Clinton or bushes they get the news teams to live for them or at the very least cover up what is truth but God knows the truth



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