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CNN: He was just placed on Russia’s most-wanted list. He has no idea why

Christo Grozev, Lead Russia investigator for Bellingcat, says he and his lawyers have not been able to get an answer from Russian authorities on why he’s been placed on Russia’s most-wanted list. #CNN #News


Christo Grozev a lead Russia investigator for Bellingcat who identified the Russians involved in poisoning Putin opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Christo was just placed on Russia’s wanted list. So, Krista, let me just start th This just happening here over these these past days. Why do you think Russia and Putin

Now have just put you on the wan Well, new year, new priorities, I don’t know. The answer is there’s no explana Our lawyers my lawyers have not been able to get any answer as to why would the charges what it says on the most wanted announcement

Is he’s been put on this list for a violation of a Russian law And it’s completely anonymous. There’s no way for me to defend from an anonymous charge. The lowest can find out. The Bulgarian government and Bulgarian citizens have been asking Russia to expla And they’re not giving the answe

I think it’s a fatwa of some sor I mean, it’s like a message that to other journalists as well that don’t comment on meddling t do investigations with Russia. And yet you continue to bravely You continue your investigations and you, more than anyone know at what possible cost. Yeah, we investigated

You know, a series of assassinat done by the Russian state. And we one of them is an attempted assassination in the valley. But many other opposition figure were targeted by the same security services in some of them with a fatal outcom So Navalny right now, I will ask you about

He he is. You’ve got new details surrounding his poisoning. What are they? Well, I mean, it’s more details as to the picture that we togeth with CNN kind of painted two years ago, almost We found out a little more detai that showed the effort that the Russian government

Went into to destroy the evidenc of what they had just done there More people that were sent to clean up after after the poisoning. And also, what we find out is more evidenc that they were trying to do something to the other people around the l in the valley, for example, Maria Patrick,

Who was the lead investigator. Y I mean, we see members of the security s going to her hotel a couple of days before the pois And we’re still trying to find o But there’s more more granular d as to exactly how they ran the o Will publish an update soon. All right.

So let me ask you about Putin and the news that we have today that we’re talking about this new commander for Ukraine. General Gerasimov, of course, a name that many have become familiar w But he is a person that the VoG group chief, Evgeny Prigozhin, has disparaged publicly.

Right. A real split there, Prigozhin with huge ambition. And now suddenly the person who sort of been his is as his nemesis on this is getting this big promoti What does this mean? Well, it means a couple of thing One thing it means is that by promoting

The chief of staff of the Army to the position of a field commander essentially running the show, you can’t anymore call this a no You can’t call it the special op It’s a real war. And sort of it’s come out finall Second thing is that Putin has been between to power

Sit in the middle of a power str And Prigozhin actually showed hi in show that he wants a piece of a piece of the action, wants to be in power. But Putin ultimately has to take the side of the entity. Prigozhin establishment, which is the military establishm

To show your team the grasp of t And what you see now is both sid upset with with with with this o And Prigozhin is going to do som I think more to claim power, more dramatic, more time to clai So we should be watching that in the next couple of days.

I think there will be more lashing out by him. All right. Well, we’ll watch these next hou And another story that we’ve been following closely here is the plight of the former president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili. Now, in prison in Georgia, which, of course, is a country where Putin had had invaded, obviously,

And is now run by a pro-Putin go We have some images of him now i extremely frail. It’s quite disturbing to see him And I spoke with his son and his lawyer recently. They said that they had DNA of his brought medical facility tested and his hair and nails sa

And here’s what they said about Those tests, along with some of the blood testing results that we that we received, revealed heavy arsenic, mercury, among others. So that is what told us that he was being poisoned I understand he’s reached out to as best he could from prison.

What did he say to you? Well, he reached out publicly on the Facebook message and he asked for help in investigating his own poisoni because he doesn’t trust his own government, his own authorities to do that p It’s a very unusual appeal. Obviously, and we’ll do our best to to addr

And so far, we are appealing to the Georgian government to actually reach out to us and do this in a collaborative f But if they don’t do that, we’ll do it on our own. We’ve proven that we can do it without collaboration. We certainly have. But there’s what you hear here

Is consistent with other things that you’ve seen. It is. I mean, there’s motive and there’s symptoms that are consistence. We have to find if there is mean if there is a possibility by travel of the right type of people, right profile of specialists, That’s something that may take

A few weeks or a few months to d But we’re going to look at this. It’s not certain that it’s the Russian that did this, but there’s enough evidence for to be looked at very, very caref All right, Christo, thank you ve




  1. It is not clearly obvious from the episode what “most wanted list” means.Whether it’s about extradition or assassination. I can’t believe that such a known and esteemed anchor made such a blunder. Great job on shedding light on Saakashvili though. Good luck with the investigation! The main question however is how such a severe (almost lethal) abuse can be stopped dead in its tracks. I am sure that Bellingcat can investigate. However, I am afraid it can be too late to do anything about it by the time the investigation is completed.

  2. Julian Assange is an Australian. But he do not know why US is going after him. Hope CNN could carry a similar interview for him…Otherwise CNN is absolutely an untrustworthy News Channel. Lol

  3. CNN-World's biggest Anglo-Saxon media saint 😂😂😂.They never speak of geopolitical games played by America against other countries. What about the war crimes committed by American and British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq?

  4. Russia and their repugnant criminal organisation have zero scruples, and no sense of decency or morality. The poor Russian common citizens have no choice but to stick their heads in the sands of indifference in fear of reprisal. Christo is incredibly brave. He needs protection 24/7.

  5. Hey guy's every thing happens for a reason !!! But CNN wouldn't understand since its a fake NEWS MEDIA !! What ever comes from CNN it's NOT REAL NEWS !!! Sorry GUYS FACTS are FACTS !!! Greetings from LAS Vegas

  6. Ukraine attacked two republics in 2014, Lugansk and Donetsk, the republics are officially recognized by many countries, Ukraine carries out military attacks against them, the republics defend themselves as best they can. Since 2014, Russia has been trying for 8 years to negotiate with Ukraine to stop the attack on these republics, which Ukraine has categorically refused for 8 years! These two republics have officially turned to Russia for protection, and now Russia is protecting them.

    As soon as Ukraine stops attacking the Lugansk and Donetsk republics, Russia will stop attacking Ukraine. Everything is simple. Secondly, Russia does not hit residential areas and civilians, while Ukraine hits the city center, houses, shopping centers, markets, places where civilians gather, this is terrorism. Russia wins over Ukraine only in energy networks, Russia does not touch civil construction. For 8 years, Ukraine has been carrying out genocide of the two republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, striking at a peaceful situation, over 5,000 civilians have died there in 8 years of shelling of the republics by Ukraine! More than 3,000 civilians became disabled, thousands of children were killed by Ukraine.

    Russia is responding to the aggression of Ukraine, nothing more.

    As soon as Ukraine stops shooting at the republics, Russia will stop shooting at Ukraine, everything is simple here.

  7. Stop calling Ukrainian militants an "army" this is not an army! Since 2015, there has been no army in Ukraine, these are military-religious terrorist sects of the Nazis, since 2015, officially, according to the law of Ukraine, they have been equated with the army and now make up 2/3 of the "army", receive maintenance from the state budget, and criminal offenses of "military personnel" are not investigated , they have their own sectarian leaders, death cults, their images use SS symbols, for example, on the flag that Zelensky presented to the US Parliament, a lot of Nazi symbols, SS signs and fascist symbols! This is not the country's army, these are Nazi groups assembled under the name "army", consisting of criminals, marauders, fanatics, murderers and criminals in the truest sense of these words! For example, the Nazi organization "Tornado", against which military criminal cases were initiated, or the Nazi organization "Azov", designated as a terrorist organization in the United States in 2015, the "army" that is called in the news consists of such terrorist religious groups, but in fact It's not actually an army. These groups regularly hold accult rallies at night with torches, like the Nazis of Germany in the past, marching in columns through the streets of cities and calling on the "fighting spirits of the past", as the Nazis did in 1943. their torchlight rallies. Many "soldiers" from these groups were members of the terrorist organizations ISIS and the Taliban, and also took part in terrorist organizations in Europe and the United States, participated in terrorist attacks in Iraq, Syria, Libya and are considered war criminals. Don't justify Ukraine just because you are against Russia, don't be for terrorists just because the US is against Russia. It is necessary to gain courage and admit that Ukraine is not a country of Europe for a long time, it is a country full of terrorist organizations.

    Zelensky is a liar and manipulator. He is a professional actor, in 2014 there was a military coup of power in Ukraine, the president fled, terrorists seized power. The terrorists of Ukraine are sponsored through the United States and Britain, everyone is already talking openly about this, Zelensky is the pocket president of the United States in Ukraine. The truth is that Zelensky is a dictator and an oppressor of people, he adopts Nazi laws, for example, language patrols go to Ukraine and listen to what language you speak, and if not on what Zelensky allowed, then they put you in prison. This is modern Nazism, about which the US and the EU are silent because Zelensky is their pocket president. Don't support Zelensky, he's a liar and a dictator!


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