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CNN: Former defense secretary reacts to Russian soldier’s letter

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper reacts to a letter obtained by CNN from a Russian soldier detailing the battlefield experience in the war against Ukraine. #CNN #News


Close quarter combat in Ukraine. Be a couple of weeks. Cranes Eastern Command says down heavy losses. More than 200 Russians sold for hours. Hundreds more. Western officials say the vast manpower and access to prison recruits conflict with Russia’s defense minister reportedly now turning to Russia to try to get new work.

The mounting losses are prompting wives and mothers to stop sending. They’re equating them to, quote, slaughter. Joining me now is Fence and Trump administration secretary. I appreciate your time. So I’m here. I know these are Russian women loved ones were forced to join is only four days of training to verify these claims.

But it’s very consistent videos that we share daily. Does Putin any shortage of potential reporting? I think so, Erin. You know, the Ministry of Defense said that committed up to 90% of cases in Ukraine. Oh, you mentioned a Bogner group, thousand soldiers for convicts ads and the recruiting drive.

They may have pulled in 300, but you know what we think left. It’s it’s a really bad sit down with these young recruits send out much training or any equip immoral and it’s Russian people have to get fed up and their young men center called Ukraine at our secretary from a Russians was

By an independent Russian journal. It reads quote The ad out like sunflower beware around us there’s no truth any Whitlams to the slaughter to our we saw corpses without arms and legs hanging out. What is your reaction? You know, we’re looking at print. There’s frankly nice and neat handwriting. Well, it really

There and back most reports are that for Ukraine that has killed from 5 to 7 Russians. Ukrainians report that Russia up like you know dogs on the battlefield vulgar commanders or advance will shoot you back. I mean it is just really happening there and situation and the Ukrainian country for their sovereignty

So they’re fighting to win and they are what’s happening to this generation of Russian men. And I’m afraid it’s only going to get one point. The Ukrainian offensive maybe in April and it’s really going to put push that where they’re going to have to conscript more of a of men from their country

As within, you know, some sort of a scene that, you know, obviously not using. The Institute for the Study and Defense Minister is, quote, likely seizing to deliberately expand convict Wagner in an effort to weaken obviously the leader of the derail his ambitions for greater Kremlin so based should

Military is trying to get Wagner Russians trying to get Russia battlefield and Matt you know if you just take a does this shock you at all know something like this well and one but on the other it’s not surprising of course has made an enemy of ministry of defense

Giving his credit the chain of command. Counterpart Sergei. And he is searching for inland and trying to work for Vladimir Putin. Now, what’s it prigozhin is from that he’s trying to even call the Kremlin. Right. It’s very common within the country right now about the young boys beings. Fortunately, it seems that Putin,

You know, the ethnic minorities, Russia, not not the young or around Moscow, out to the ethnic minorities that make up a large portion of the Russian, of course, is all this happens you get more Moscow, the threat of some sort of nuclear risk. You have the obviously rising tensions with China on text.

Former President Trump again tonight in iowa. He just said for you standing before me I am the only can make this promise will prevent will because I really believe when to have World War we served under him as president. I have World War Three number eight. And look, I think the Republican Party

Are going to have a of not in the Republican primary to take on President Trump with them are very capable and we need a new generation of parties. And so one of those younger leaders will go and and I’m hope contest this year very much. I appreciate your time, sir. Thanks here.

All right.




  1. Why can’t the Russian military just say no to Putin? Refuse to fight. I know I know just not possible. But that is what they should do. Ukrainian warriors are mowing them down. Cossack warriors!!

  2. russian soldier dnt want to kill ukrainians thatswhy the hired wagies.wagies not professional and easy to kill.russia too weak on ground battle.Putin weaker then u thought.if he use nukes russia Rip in time 2023-2025

  3. How many dead Ukrainians?..many,many more than Russians..CNN said Bakhmut was vital,now they're saying it's insignificant..Pic one CNN &quit lying,Ukraine is losing..how many more dead bodies do you demand?

  4. Real reasons are :Coruption and incompetence in the russian army from the bottom to the top. Every catastrophe is imperceptible accumulation of small errors.

  5. Why don't you report how many dead Ukrainian soldiers? Why don't you report that Ukrainian to have gangs of people going around arresting civilian and sending them to the frontline's? Bakhmut is a blood bath for Ukraine. Ukraine is flaked on two sides but still reinforces instead of retreating to The high ground.

  6. Russian commanders act in the same way as during WW2. They think of Bakhmut as another Stalingrad. The surprising thing is that Russian wives and mothers still support the “SMO”, they just didn’t want their men killed.

  7. "At some point the Russian people are going to get fed up with what is happening…"
    After more than a year of being lied to and deceived about the true extent of their military's destruction of Ukraine and over a hundred and fifty thousand Russian troop casualties, the Russian people are still regurgitating Putin's demented rehtoric, they still think his vicious prejudice and sadistic persecution of the Ukrainian people is a "reasonable policy", Russians are some of the most dimwitted people on the Planet, they are a people who are completely accustomed to being told how to think about what they are told to think, by a leadership that is accustomed to total and absolutely brutal domination.

  8. The ONLY hope humanity has is not to engage in half-measures. It would take a force of militarized Stormtroopers a year of arresting this Rand Corporation patsy and all of Rand, half the pentagon, most of the war machine on snd on. In fact, I would round up everyone at all six US media outlets under the patriot act and force them yo live on bread and beer awaiting trial. These are not just money -launderers. These are mass murderers.


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