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CNN: Fire burns area larger than most countries. Officials can’t stop it

One of the worst wildfire seasons is plaguing Canada. The fire has burned an area larger than most countries, and officials on the ground say they don’t have a way to extinguish it. CNN’s Paula Newton reports. #CNN #News


Well, this morning, New Yorkers are once again being urged to prepare for smoke from the wildfires burning in western Canada. Air quality health advisories are being issued for the entire state as winds are expected to carry a smoky haze to the northeast yet again this week. Now comes as Canada is experiencing

Its worst fire season on record. About 25 million acres have burned so far this year. They’ve come all the way from America’s southwest Well, welcome to Quebec now here in northern Quebec’s scorched land. Joining hundreds of other American and international firefighters doing what they can to slow wildfires that just won’t quit.

At this point, we’re just trying to secure the edge and make sure that the communities are safe. The Silver State Hotshot crew is looking for hotspots. They are firefighting crews, specially trained and skilled, now taking on Canada’s record breaking wildfires. I know here from Montana,

Big Sky Country, but this is a big fire, big territory. And the scope for us in the states, this would be one of the largest fires ever to occur and in the United States. So, yeah, it’s a gig of fire. The total area burned in Canada already has shattered records now.

10 million hectares. That’s almost 25 million acres, an area nearly as large as the state of Ohio. And still burning. And when they burn like this, there’s no way to even put people in front of it to even stop the fire. There’s no amount of resources on the ground or from the sky.

That’s going to be able to stop one of these fires when they when they get the momentum. As shocking and frankly, unsettling as it is, this fire is just far too large to extinguish. In fact, the area already burned is larger than most countries on the planet. It means that not only does

The fire burn, but there is going to be a lot of smoke. And that means many American cities could be shrouded in smoke on any given day for weeks or months to come. Don’t be surprised if if it continues. And secondly, this is this is a problem

That is going to go on into the future when it’s the year to burn. And the conditions are right. It’s just going to continue to burn. Here in Quebec, many were evacuated within minutes as the flames threaten towns and fires burned with raging speed. American Jimmy Seaborn is grateful to see American help.

He says he had minutes to leave in June and was upset to leave behind the family pets. They were fine when he returned six days later, but he fears his home will be threatened again to inquire about normal weights. Incredible. But it’s not normal. Not once. No, no, no, no.

He says it’s not normal, but cautions we should all learn to expect the worst from the weather now. The rain helps. It has finally arrived in some places. But in the words of one Canadian official, it’s like a drop in an otherwise empty bucket. The mayor of this town, Sugar Mill, says

The rain is an answered prayer. She may not have to evacuate her town again, but they have to adapt. She says no one imagined so much would burn so quickly. Were you scared? I strangely, I wasn’t scared. I was mad. And then I have to come down and say,

I know you have a job to do. And that’s why, you know, I say stay calm. And I said to my people, let’s be patient. Let’s do it and keep it Zen. It may be difficult to stay calm as Mother Nature rages. The cliche applies here in every way possible. Canada is burning

And it’s not out of the woods yet. You know what’s so incredible to think of? There are fires burning right through this country from one end to the other. And to that end, the Canadian government called in the Canadian military, this time in Canada’s West, to help deal with those wildfires.

You cannot put too fine a point on it, Abbie and Phil, we are little more than halfway through the fire season. So have a look at those air quality indexes. We will be watching them for weeks, maybe months to come. No end in sight. Paula Newton reporting thank you.




  1. Our provinces are larger than many countries. We have a very big country and it's not totally on fire — yet.And you folks south of the border getting all the smoke? What can I say but, on behalf of the forces of nature (which are unlikely to apologize) sorry.

  2. Fun fact Alberta has Two big oil refinery plants Suncor, Syncrude and multiple other's. This are Where all of Canada electricity is generated if they fall Canada is in the dark. No electricity no Gasoline no heat no nothing….

  3. Moving forward cabins need to built from cinder block with metal roof framing and metal roofs. Fire breaks should be over a hundred feet wide. Hardie plank siding is the minimum I will use when building my retirement cabin.

  4. SCIENCE? Polarized lasers? Read your bibles. Eventually, these demons will run out of "sciences" and blame it to God without shame! You made these people unbelievers. Now, this is what you get. it's coming to you directly. wait for it because i'm waiting for it.

  5. Really, CAN'T stop it? So all it takes are a few burning trees to obliterate all of Canada. I suggest the Canadian gov't divert some monies from social services, or here's an idea TAXING ITS OUT OF CONTROL OIL INDUSTRY. I assume the entire military has been sent to cut fire lines with all the equipment available. That the gov't commandered the MASSIVE bulldozers that are used by the 1000s by miners to strip the forests and fields across the nation. It is IMPOSSIBLE that the 10,000's of military cannot cut enough fire line to stop this. Canada isn't trying, because why, it's not burning mines or oil sands, just a few scattered homes so who cares 100,000's have to breath in crap – they were from oil sands ops and mine wastes already.

  6. How come no news of "save the world green group" putting boots on to fight this fire. Enough wood burned to power every wood stove for 500 years, every wood pizza oven for 2000 years. Thanks for your dedication to save the earth.😢😢😢😢😢

  7. those fire are not natural nor normal.. those are evil and man made. Who started those fires? who control the weather? we'll have to hurry up and ASK QUESTIONS!!

    Chemtrails are real, wake the freaking up! there is a difference between Con. and Chem.

    Geo ingeneering is only 1 of multiple attack. Haarp is an other one, used to manipulate the climate. they can create drough, heavy rain, heavy cold or snow, heavy heat wave.. This is not natural or made by God. so Wake up guys.

  8. Biden needs to worry about nuclear power plants that are at risk of catching on fire! Those plants creat nuclear fission that will explode like a nuclear bomb if fire melts that facility and they are all over the place, in the US, on top of chemical plants that make all kinds of products. This, is more then just about a fire, which is bad enough, already!

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  10. I can promise you If I was allowed and hired I be working to hell this cause . People like me haven't been giving that chance to strive . Tired of society can't get a damn job because it's 600 people applying for every job I apply to

  11. That's what they get for starting it. I watched those fires start up all around the country at the same time on satellite video. They knew what they was doing when they set them on fire.

  12. Man made fires being passed off as some natural phenom. Our wildfires are very mild compared to fires a hundred years ago lots of controlled burns and maintenence, buy what do you expect from media paid for by the government. Its almost like goverments want an uninformed population so they can do whatever they want im the name of safety and security….

  13. I'm so sick of not being able to see through the blanket of smoke daily. Cant even hardly see planes flying over when I used to see them clear as day. Stars at night are much dimmer, I hope we can all bounce back from all this. Between global warming and wildfires people should be worried

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