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CNN: Ex-prosecutor weighs in on Manhattan DA’s lawsuit against GOP congressman

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is suing House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan over what the lawsuit describes as a “transparent campaign to intimidate and attack” his office’s case against former President Donald Trump. CNN’s Manu Raju and CNN’s Laura Coates, a former federal prosecutor, weigh in. #CNN #News


E entire flexible family of products at flex seal products .com. Tonight the Manhattan district attorney who indicted former president trump is now suing Republican congressman Jim Jordans, our chief congressional correspondent. Manu Raju is up on capitol hill for us, Manu walk us through this lawsuit and how congressman Jordan’s now

Responding. Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, filing this lawsuit in federal district court, seeking to prevent Jim Jordans investigation into brag from going forward, of course, brag, brought forward the case against Donald Trump that led trump to become the first former president to be indicted and criminal charges stemming from

That hush money investigation involving the former dull film actress stormy Daniels and accusation that he falsified business records are trying to help his political career in 2016. What Bragg is alleging in this lawsuit is that Jordan, in his words is trying using a transparent campaign to intimidate and pack him and

Issue a subpoena that Jordan’s issued last week for a former district attorney in his office . Mark Pomerantz and bite brag is trying to block that subpoena blocked the efforts to get primaries to come, testify and for those documents that Jordan has demanded. They say this in this lawsuit, congress lacks any

Valid legislative purpose to engage in a free ranging campaign of harassment and retaliation for the district attorney’s investigation and prosecution of Mr trump under the laws of New York. Can campaigns, a direct threat to federalism and the sovereign interests of the state of new York? The court should enjoying

The subpoena and put an end to this constitutionally destructive fishing expedition. Now Jim Jordans pushing back in a tweet, saying, firstly, indicted present for no crime. Then they sued to block and congressional oversight. When we ask about the federal funds, they say they used to do it that werewolf about $5000 in funds

That brags offices were used for a different trump investigation , but Jordan’s still pushing ahead and plans to have a field hearing in Manhattan next week to try to discredit brag in his record prosecuting a crime in New York. All right, Manu Raju up on capitol hill watching all

Of this. Thank you very much. Let’s get some analysis right now from our legal and political experts. Laura Coates. How strong is Braggs case? Case here. Oh, right from sound in this indictment and a lot of a second. Hold on a second. I don’t know if I wasn’t hearing

You, Laura, are you hearing me? Okay I am hearing your now. Here you go ahead. Start again. How strong is Braggs case here? It is quite strong, given the fact that of course, it’s never been happening before where you’ve got a member of congress in the federal government trying to

Usurp the role of a state level prosecutor. It’s about staying in one’s lane and remember, it was a grand jury. Hey that indicted this particular individual, a grand jury, not a politically motivated or elected official, as he is accused of being that makes a world of difference here. And so what you

Have now is an intention to try to undermine the process that needs to play out in any criminal proceeding and instead use congressional wait to try to influence perhaps what might take place here. We’ll see. Adam Kinzinger congressman Jordan’s your former colleague. How hard will he and other house

Republicans fight all this? Will help fight as hard as he can. As long as he’s raising money. This is all about raising money. It’s about showing the base you’re fighting. So if he stops, you know being able to raise money on this will probably stop fighting. But my guess is among

The base among the people that you know they continually go to and milk every dollar that they make from them on this, you know, political move that they’re actually doing Jim Jordans. Then he’ll keep doing it, but I think he’s completely wrong to continue to go after prosecutor on this Alvin Bragg

We believed as Republicans in state rights states’ rights until about five minutes ago, when it became inconvenient, and Donald Trump isn’t anything but a employee of the federal government and being an employee of the federal government or a former employee of the federal government. Does not indemnify you against any case brought by

A steak horde. Gloria Borger. How much is this congressional effort to investigate brag led by these Republicans, actually about defending former president trump. Oh, it’s all about defending former president trump and I’m old enough to remember when congressman Jordan’s was subpoenaed to appear before the January 6th committee, which

Adam Kinzinger, of course, was a part of and what did Jordan’s himself do? He challenged the constitutionality of that subpoena before a congressional committee. He did not appear, and now he is the ones subpoenaing mark Pomerantz here and so you know, it’s kind of ironic to me that he would say,

Oh, yeah, we have the right to subpoena mark Pomerantz, but he himself did not appear before the January 6th committee. Adam Gloria makes a very solid point here. What incentive does brag have to comply with house Republicans now that the shoes on the other foot well, I don’t

Think he has any. I don’t think he has any incentive. And I said this during the whole, uh you know, the committee hearing is like, look, you guys want to be in the majority, you’re going to be in the majority. More than likely. Now they are. And now

You think you have the right to subpoena people. When you said that congress didn’t have the right to subpoena you, it is kind of the shoes on the other foot, and frankly, turnabout is fair play. I hope we can get back to a functional congress. But we’re not there right now.

Laura how will this fight fit into the bigger picture of Bragg’s ongoing case against trump? This is so crucial. I mean, first of all, grand jury particular supposed to be secret, and so until there is actually a trial or any grand jury related testimony or evidence that ought to come in

Under a judicial order and permission, we have a long way to go until that point, the idea of using the court of public opinion through whatever hearing Jordan is anticipating, rather than waiting for the process to unfold, and I remind everyone there was a the reason we wait

For the court of law. There are protections. There is evidentiary protections that are in place there that you want to have in place as much to protect the defendant. As for the united States, government or the state government as well, and so if you have everything unfold at

The whim of a politician, as




  1. The response I got makes me think that Republicans are more loyal to uneducated bullies than to their own country. It must be wrong. So I must have been misread. let's try again.

    If I could feel pity for Hitler I would feel pity for Mr. Trump. Because the only baggage he can hope to carry now is shame.,
    he is the worst president that United States of America has ever had. He has built his political capital on hate and lies.
    He has fragmented his country, tried to destroy NATO and created animosity with America's sister countries.
    If I were such a politician I would be ashamed of my supporters because such talk can only attract the worst people in a society.

    I don't think there were so many people at that meeting that we were never shown and there will be even fewer at the next meeting.
    because now not only is he attacking the democrats but even the ex-presidents of his own party are no longer good enough for him.
    No doubt that m. Reagan among others must have a few words to say to him. He is so desperated that now he's attaquing every body.

    A short time ago I heard him say that once reelected he would bring peace to Ukraine in one day.
    Saying literally, I know what they whant, and speaking obviously of Russia. For him all the murders, rapes, robberies kidnapind deportation and ransackings do not count.
    Everything is forgiven and we will give them everything they want. Not counting that, he adds to the propaganda of his buddy Putin by boring us with a nuclear war.
    Putin may be suicidal but I doubt that the band of ass-kissers that surrounds him are so.

    And what do they wants. The garanty that Ukraine will not be part of NATO. Is that it… Well for that Russia should'nt have invade crimia.
    And even if they had not, what right would we have to agree to that. What the low fife Trump supporter don't realize is that this goes against one of our deepest fundamental rights freedom of association.
    Peaples died cut down by machine gun in the United State to gain this right. Whit out it kiss good by any form of Union movement.
    If Trump had spend some time studying ratter than playing whit dads money he may have learn this. But he did'nt even batter to study an off to see is profond ignorance.

    But is that really what the Russians want? No, what they want is the control of grain production of Ukraine. If Putin controls food, he controls surrounding countries forcing them to join his mafia governance.
    But that's ok whit Trump it's a paradise for criminal.

    f it hadn't been for Canada working in Ukraine to train their army for the upcoming confrontation, Ukraine would have been crushed in the first days of the invasion.
    Meanwhile, what was Trump doing? Well, he was trying to blackmail the Ukrainian authorities to get them to build fake cases against American citizens that he considered disturbing.
    A terrible act of cowardice and treason.

    Thank God for the change of watch.

    This guy is completely crazy and should plead not guilty by reason of mental incompetence.

    Alain Isabelle
    De Montréal

  2. Why didn't Jim Jordan have that same enthusiasm and dedication for the students at Ohio State?

    “The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?”
    ‭‭Job‬ ‭9‬:‭24‬ ‭KJVAAE‬‬

  3. Nothing burgers should have congressional oversight to prevent frivolous and vexatious legal claims against liability for risk and misadventure. Resolutely Q.

  4. Alvin Braggs is corrupt and now he and CNN try to attack the other republicans…so after all CNN is no longer a free media. Freedom of speech in US? Democracy is already dead. …WELCOME to the (COMMUNiST) "SOCIALIST" USA

  5. CNN 🔥 has condoning constant attacks against federal laws and criminal attacks and crimes committed by criminal democrats abuse. Will not be dismissed by the American people.

  6. Braggs is not going to escape all of his crimes against law and order. No his democratic criminal club members ego is not going to escape his cruel acts .

  7. Shut up, bloody pay back time.. you had Adam Shiffy did same thing.. you didn't say he interfere.. now that is pay back time you wana😢😢 cry …if you can't handle it then go cry at home

  8. Jan. 6th was a constitutinal crime.
    It was upstruction of an official proceding. It was forcefull breaking and entering an official building, which, at that time, was not open to visitors.
    Anybody who was there, helped, enabled or incited it happening is guilty……

  9. if trump is innocent then there should be no reaction from the guy that protects child abusers hey jimbo the fact that your attacking that da proves trumps guilt.

  10. Trump has been in contact with McCarthy, Jordan, MAGA idiots in congress and told them to go after Bragg and others who are indicting him. He wants them to get his case(s) dismissed. Could anyone else take such advantage of our government? Or expect such an abuse of power?

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