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CNN: Dominion wants Fox hosts, including Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, to testify

Dominion Voting Systems said in a court filing Monday that it wants to put some of Fox News’ top executives and well-known hosts on the witness stand when its $1.6 billion defamation case against the right-wing network goes to trial.
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Primetime inside the trump investigations live tonight at nine. Dominion voting systems wants top new Fox News personalities including Sean hannity and tucker Carlson to take the stand in his trial against the network. The request came in a court filing part of an unprecedented lawsuit over what dominion cause Fox News is

Quote license to knowingly spread lies about the 2020 presidential election. Let’s bring in CNN media analyst Sarah fisher and CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy. Oliver, who else from fox. Does dominion want to see in court? And what will the TV network will the TV network for that matter? Play

Ball. Yeah well, if this is already shaping up to be a very high profile trial, dominion wants some of fox’s biggest stars and highest ranking executives to testify at a potential trial in just a few weeks, and those include people like Sean hannity, tucker Carlson, but also Maria bartiromo. Suzanne Scott, the

Fox News CEO, Fox News president J. Wallace Fox News host Bret bear and a list of other star personalities and high ranking executive at the company. Now we’ll see if Fox News allows some of these people to testify . They have signaled that they do want to call people themselves like Suzanne Scott,

The Fox News CEO to the stand, obviously, for very different reasons than why dominion would want to call them and foxes a shirt to ah, the present legal challenges to dominion calling some of these witnesses. We don’t know how the judge will rule on this, but this is for

Sure shaping up well to be a very high profile trial in a few weeks. $0.6 billion lawsuit against fox any chance Sarah that Rupert Murdoch himself could be called to testify. Well that’s the big question right now. Wolf the judge said that he received a letter from fox’s lawyers that basically said that

Murdoch himself probably couldn’t travel the lawyers and clarified and said, look, we’re not saying that he physically can’t travel but that there’s no need to bring him in again. The judge had addressed that physically can’t travel thing by basically arguing. Look we’ve seen Rupert Murdoch up out and about in various reports. You

Remember seeing him at the super bowl with the Elon Musk. He just had an engagement party recently, but ultimately whether or not he pushes Murdoch to come to the stand. It will be the big question because lawyers from both sides are trying to figure out how they’re going to

Maneuver their legal cases ahead of April 17th. And of course, the murdochs would be the linchpin of any major trial heading into next month. Oliver I’m anxious to get your assessment on Rupert Murdoch and this case, what do you think? Rupert Murdoch is very important . Obviously at fox, the buck

Stops with Rupert Murdoch, and he has said things like the fact that he said some of his top hosts like Sean hannity endorsed election lies, which is obviously very different than covering them as a journalist. Endorsing it means something totally different. And so I think the dominion is going to

Want to bring him to the stand. They’ve expressed interest in doing that. And it seems from everything we’ve heard from the judge that he might be compelled




  1. Tucker Carlson said the truth the election was fixed just do the math funny how we send all our kids to school to learn math but they don't understand you got more votes than you got registered voters that's pretty damn dumb Tucker was right and watch what happens to Fox Now they'll be down there with you guys and see you then

  2. Did fox text, or did an individual from text the so call text 🤣🤣🤣 this is a bunch of lies and garbage to have a reason to attack free speech.

  3. Free speech and opinion is under attack by the Democrat party, putting fox news In court is a step towards trying to control the media from exposing the truth and facts about the truth.

  4. Yet the news channels who said the unvaccininated would die and the unvaccininated are killing you get zero charges. The stations that silenced our post for speaking up against the flu shot that prevented nothing. The news channels who pushed lies like Jussie Smollet because it fit a narrative get a free pass. The media sites that purposely silenced anyone's comments that went against the propaganda all get a free pass.

  5. I would love to see that. But I am willing to bet that they are going to use every trumpian trick in the book to delay that. But it would be very satisfying to watch them defend themselves in a court of law. I guess Tucker and Sean will say: "I was just stating my opinion" because technically they aren't news. They are just editorialists. Slimy, repulsive, immoral editorialists

  6. When CNN news got sue for $475 millions defamation lawsuit by Trump on Nov. 23, 2022. CNN news use the 1st Amendment protect them from Trump lawsuit. Now CNN news is suing fox news for defamation. What a joke😂.

  7. Lies and testifying should start with CNN. Horse dewormer, peaceful protest, can't catch covid or spread if you get the vaccine, just a few to start.

  8. They need to testify and it needs to be shown on live broadcast. No sugarcoating will be needed we want the truth!!! Only way – Let Us Watch!!!!!

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