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CNN: Dashcam video shows family escaping wildfire in Canada

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is declaring a province-wide burn ban due to the seriousness of the current fires in the area, prompting an evacuation of more than 16,000 people, officials said. One dashcam video shows a family evacuating. #CNN #News #Canada #Wildfire #NovaScotia #Halifax #Dashcam





  1. Soon all of our time will be up fire, floods, earthquake, volcano, eruption 🌀 cyclone hurricane, tropical storm, typhoon, tsaumi,our time is almost up all over the world all sins being played out corruption wars toxic chemicals contamination toxic water food

  2. All these fires are rigged. You cannot tell me any different. I drove north of Belleville and it did not smell like burnt trees or wood…it was a chemical smell. Very very strong. And you could see the chemtrails covering the skies. This was long after northern Ontario was having fires. This was just 20 minutes north of Belleville where there should not be any chemicals sprayed over a 100 mile radius. I couldn't breathe from the chemicals. . and I know that the media is paid to lie. Not like back in the 90s or 80s or 80s where journalists were not afraid of telling the truth . People are dying. Our food crops are dying. Trudeau knows all about it. He allowed the surveillance balloons to scope Canada's crops .
    Railways.. and convenient fire starters . Back in the day those balloons would have been shot down immediately!! Trudeau didn't do anything until people started to speak up
    People do not wait for the government to take action .. voice your opinions immediately for your children's and grandchildren's future
    Biden is involved as well

  3. Again this would not be an issue if they just did controlled burns like the natives did, the 100 years of fire in one year is all because of the brush and debris that’s built up over the years never gettting a chance to burn while it small and boom this is what happened

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