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CNN: Chris Christie reveals the exact moment he broke with Trump

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks with CNN’s Anderson Cooper during a CNN Republican presidential town hall about former President Donald Trump’s denial of the 2020 presidential election results. #CNN #News


I want you to meet James class. He’s a college student from Midland Park, New Jersey. He’s currently the vice president of his college Republican Club. He said he’s currently supporting the V.A.. I’m swimming. James, welcome. What college? By the college. I’m sure you’ve made it clear

You do not believe that the 2020 election was rigged against former President Trump. What is your message? To the people in the Republican Party that still believe the election was stolen? Well, my my message to them is just show me the evidence. It’s the same thing. That I said to Donald Trump

In the aftermath of the 20, 20 election was show me the evidence. If I see the evidence, I’m happy to support fighting all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and beyond. But there’s no evidence. And so I’m sorry. All these conspiracy theories, you know, he still talks about,

Oh, they’re bringing boxes of ballots into, you know, Fulton County, Georgia. No matter how many times we explain to him if that’s the way they do it, the ballots get collected at the local places in full county and then the boxes get brought to the central place to be counted.

So, of course, all night boxes of ballots are being brought in. But people see little clips on the Internet of video ever. And he’s saying it to me, this is the most destructive thing he’s done. People want to believe the president, United States. Right. And even when it’s a president

That I don’t agree with, it’s Jason. Right. James. Sorry, James. James, even when it’s a president we don’t agree with, if it’s something really important, we want to believe them because we also want to believe that they know stuff that we don’t know. And so if they’re telling us something and that’s

When it was over for me with Donald when he stood behind the seal, the president in the East Room of the White House at two 30 in the morning on election morning and said the election was stolen. Now, let me tell you something, everybody. If it had been, which it wasn’t,

He’d have no damn idea at that point. Although voted him in counted yet. Governor Chris, let me actually just play that moment, because you’ve talked about this moment as being the critical moment for you. And I want to play it to remind our viewers this is a fraud on the American public.

This is an embarrassment to our country. We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election. It’s it’s a very sad it’s a very sad moment. To me, this is a very sad moment. And we will win this. And as far as I’m concerned, we already have won.

So that was the East Room of the White House. What about that moment changed it for you? All right. Look how many how many people out here, our parents. Can you raise your hand all right. Look, that’s like when your kid comes home from school with a bad grade and you’re like, well,

How did this happen? The teacher’s unfair. The test was rigged. It was none of the stuff that she told us to study. And and and and the guy next to me was talking the entire time and distracting me. And that’s why I did bad on the test. That is a child

It’s a child. That’s a child’s reaction. Everybody every parent out there recognizes it, knows it. We were about to win what? You were winning for a time in certain states. Why? Because some states counted the machine votes first. And those generally tended to be for Republicans. Other states like Ohio,

He was losing in the beginning. He’s not complaining about the Ohio result, though, is he? He was losing for 4 hours in Ohio because they counted the mail-in ballots first. Then they count the machine ballots. And he won Ohio by like eight points. It’s a child’s reaction.

And I just I beg you to think about this Don’t allow the showmanship to obscure the facts. The facts are he lost to Joe Biden and he lost to Joe Biden, in my opinion, because he lost independent voters and he lost independent voters because they took a chance on him in 2016

Because they didn’t like Hillary Clinton. I’m all for that. But guess what? They wanted to see performance Say one quick story, Anderson. Mary Pat and I sat with him on Valentine’s Day. 20, 17 and had lunch with him in the dining room off of the Oval Office. And he said to me,

What’s your political advice for me? And I said, Mr. President, you didn’t win the election. She lost it. She blew it. But it doesn’t matter, because look where we’re sitting. You’re the president. So now make the next four years about the country. And if you make the next four years about the country,

You’re going to get reelected in a landslide. Make it about them, not about you. And if you do that, you’re going to win. And he looked at me and you’ll remember this. He shook his head. He goes. Chris, you worry too much. I think I was worried just enough.

I want you to meet Christine. Gloria. She’s a student at Harvard Law School, work in New York City. She’s a Republican and says she’s currently supporting Governor DeSantis. Christie, welcome. Hi, Governor Christie. Hey there. My question, is President Trump significantly increased tariffs on Chinese goods? President Biden has mostly kept

These tariffs in place. Would you reduce, maintain or increase tariffs on China if you were elected president? I would make it part of an overall negotiation to reset our relationship with China. We need to make the Chinese understand that, like the party’s over. For the last 50 years,

We have been investing in China to try to bring them into the community of nations and to try to make them better because we thought it would make us better, too. And in some ways it has. We have great trade with China over a long period of time, and by great

I mean a large volume of it. But the Chinese have taken advantage of our good nature Stealing our intellectual property, spying on us, causing trouble around the world. Unfair trade deals and it’s time for them to stop now. They’re no longer a fledgling economy. The second largest economy in the world

And inching up on us. And so what I would do on tariffs would be to say, look, they don’t like those tariffs. And those tariffs also increase prices for some of us. Right. But we’re not going to get rid of that stuff until they decide to be fair on those other things.

You come up with a great idea. Intellectual property. You should be able to own that. And if they want to use it, they pay you for it. That’s stealing from you. Tick tock is here in this country. We let them in. Facebook and Twitter are not in China. They want Facebook.

They’re going to get Facebook, Twitter and our social media into China. On the tick tock. Say they don’t tick tock goes the Christie administration. They need to understand that we will be fair, but we won’t be chumps. And so I don’t want to give that away.

On the CNN town hall in June of 2023, I want to use it as a card that we can negotiate with going forward smartly. So that we we write this relationship because if we don’t write this relationship, it will be the relationship that defines the world for the next 50 years.

And I’d rather have to have that be a prosperous, fair, competitive relationship rather than a relationship that involves warfare.




  1. Chris Christie if you were driving a car or you were an event with children inside you or near you with a gas and you had to show them what to do in a tragic situation and you were in a photosensitive seizure would you continue to show them digitally how to operate a vehicle or a show and a photosensitive seizure 3:05 thetea t-3 rebel 3:05

  2. Fact is, when US companies wanted access to the Chinese market, the law was to have the IP shared with a local Chinese company, then the US companies would have access to the market. Those companies that did that out of greed and picked up the pen and signed it should have known better. In fact, they could have known better and should have, and but they still believed it would be impossible for a Chinese person to reverse engineer or make something better even without access to IP.

    You can go into any third world country, you'd find some people tinkering with the junk that developed nations dump on them, and they learn. You'd have to think they're a different species if you think only the developed world could reverse engineer things or create things just as good or better. We all have the same evolutionary design – the same DNA of how the brain works etc – if it were the other way round, I'm sure the outcomes would be just the same.

    Fact is, some people can't stop thinking others are too subhuman to do just the same or better independently of any contact or any small contact, especially those moments when one SIGNS whatever contract they wanted for money, but then get buyers remorse.

    Honey, you can't stop a human being in India Japan China or the Philippines from thinking when they get your junk and want to make their third world country develop, people are literally going hungry, live in slums, etc.

    Fact is, there wouldn't be a problem if the US took advantage of being ahead of the game with the IP and just developed it further so no-one can catch up. You're already ahead of the race, just keep running, being the rabbit that just takes a nap on the track, the turtle eventually wins.

    Taking no responsibility solves nothing, more countries would have a similar relationship with the US, more of the talent in the US would emigrate to other countries where no one is sleeping.

    India, Mexico, South-East Asia, no one wants to keep suffering, and would put in the effort to make whatever they need to to stop it, just because pride some other place has stopped another country from doing the same things – that's a dumb reason – a dumb reason to stop just because someone somewhere else thought you were dumb and were so dumb that nothing would happen that would prove their superiority complex wrong, especially when their leaders rely on telling them that to stay in power.

    IP is not just the patent, it's the education, the universities, the schools, all teaching the ways to think. Look at any US university, who's up there learning? At some point, based on the lectures and the book or the discussions going on there, kids would come back with the knowledge and ideas to make things, perhaps differently, perhaps a better way, without having to buy intellectual property. They've learned the ability to create IP by thinking and not by buying.

    Almost every country has seen the signs and are taking the hint on what's happened in the US and where one's eggs should go into what basket. The only places worth caring about are wherever in the US people still think, those places will insulate themselves when all around them sinks, such places would at some point give up on the rest as a lost cause.

    At some point, it won't matter if TikTok is taken out of the US, in fact, it actually doesn't. It actually makes sense for any country to do that anyway and the US has only itself being the obstacle to take it out and the Chinese won't bat an eye for it, even if TikTok was from India, or Japan, or Europe, none would actually bat an eye since the contexts make sense.

    And, TikTok is only a problem for the US because they don't muzzle it like almost every country in the world does. Problem is, doing that would go against the interests of Facebook, etc, and so they stop it. What's really wrong with the picture here.

    If the US replays the same playbook they had with China, Japan, Europe or S.Korea, when they go into India to build their stuff and do business just like in China, the exact same things will happen, the exact same moments, the exact same arguments gripes and indignation will be leveled on India, and it will be worse since it will be the first relationship with a people who aren't so pale.

  3. I think the moment I broke with him was when I was a little kid and him and Rosie O'Donnell had this feud going, and I remember thinking "is any of this beneath either of you?" I guess not.

  4. Chistie an a Woke guy, How can Christy even say Trumps name. Joe Biden couldnt beat his mother Rico is for people her knows well,maybe him. Christy is ABC mainstream media,bought an paid for 400,000 salary hey Christy never covered Trump ,surroned by Dems. Hum

  5. I am afraid Cheseboro's lawyers must have a hidden card under the sleeve to have requested a speedy trial. If this guy gets acquitted or his trial ends up in a hung jury, Trump and his cadre of gangsters will throw a massive party.

  6. Trump had Christie to his house for dinner and the kitchen ran out of food half way thru the meal. From that point on, Christie broke with Trump irrevocably

  7. Why didn't your station CNN- Clinton News Network, fail to broadcast the Republican debate, a real POS network, scumbags. Journalist are supposed to remain neutral, I bet Fox broadcast the Democratic debate. CNN you are one sided and let your political agenda interfere with the news and the truth, sickening what is happening today in the media.

  8. CNN trying to pass off this disgustingly obese career criminal Christie as a "White-Knight" type savior for America is absolutely laughable and sick at the same time. This man has his hands directly on a bridge that he purposely closed to punish democratic leadership in his own state when he was governor. He literally was responsible for the deaths of those innocent people that he used as human pawns for political fodder. Chris Christie should be arrested and prosecuted and imprisoned along with Trump for what he did.

  9. Who cares? Christie ? The human bowling pin? He followed wigboy around like a lapdog for years… begging for a cabinet post… it mustve been tough on doughboy .. watching his boss fire dozens of his nominees because they were trying to actually do their jobs. And, Christie got none of the posts…time after time.
    The only thing good about this servant is that wigboy did not trust him to be….faithful to him….😂

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