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CNN: Chef bans vegans from restaurant

Celebrity Chef John Mountain announces in a Facebook post that he is banning vegans from his restaurant Fyre in Perth, Australia. #cnn #news





  1. I was born and raised vegetarian. So tired of all the hate vegetarians get.

    I’m vegetarian for religious and ethical reasons. Last I checked, religious freedom is part of this country’s (USA) history.

    Not every place needs to have vegan options if the owner doesn’t want to. I’ll look at the pictures of the menu on Yelp and decide if a place is suitable for me.

    People have the right to leave reviews. However, as a reviewer of things in general and as someone (an author) who has my work reviewed, I can tell you not all reviewers review properly. Sometimes they insult you and go off topic.

    Let’s all respect each other regardless of our differences.

  2. landanimals murdered for taste and tradition.
    And you still think you are the victims of evil vegan activists.
    I'm done with that hipocrate bullshit!

  3. Al the dumb classic reactions☹️. How can you ban every vegan because of an stupid incident by a grumpy vegan. Do you ban every meateater if there is a complaint about the steak too? And they group too which is very logical. What a complete stupid and ignorant way of reacting. If you can’t stand the heat… stay out of the kitchen. You can serve great vegan food that doesn’t taste like plastic if you want to, it’s not that difficult. Just don’t be a dick

  4. I thought Tash Peterson’s Protest at Fyre was hilarious.

    The owner and chef and Fyre told a vegan woman who called WELL in advance they could make her something vegan. When the day came he forgot to inform staff and so instead of being honest with her they made her a sh*t meal she could have done better at home.

    Then when she complained publically he pulls out the bullsh*t about “banning vegans.” The man is an a$$hat who couldn’t admit that good vegan cooking takes skills he doesn’t posses. Which is fine, but don’t scam your customers and then blame a whole group of people for your poor management skills and lack of cooking knowledge

  5. There is nothing wrong with veganism. People have a right to choose. But how is vegan food plastic lol. Vegans have vegan restaurants to choose from instead of going to a non vegan food market for vegan options. Vegan food is amazing. And tbh meat is actually unhealthy but thats my opinion. Meat is processed, animals are tortured to get the meat. The meat people eat are pumped full of chemicals. Barn layed eggs are chickens taken from multiple cages into one cage living in poor conditions so you are eating diseased chickens. Btw a lot of people dont realise vegan meats sold at supermarkets are actually chemicals causing cancer. I use to think this was a crazy life style that it was unhealthy yet i knew a vegan who was muscly and of good weight…There is plenty of videos out there proving my point. Then there is people who hear that and go who cares……

  6. So you’re too stubborn to evolve AND you’re not good enough to figure out how to make a good vegetable based dish?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m vegan and I can’t stand half of the vegan that I interact with, but 1-2 good veg dishes isn’t that big of an ask 🤷‍♀️
    (Yes obviously don’t go to a steakhouse and expect an all vegan menu but you don’t always choose the restaurant you eat at so one good option that isn’t iceberg lettuce is nice)

    ETA: also she literally called ahead and was told there would be options for her so maybe he should’ve just said no eh?

  7. I am horrified, completely horrified! I just saw several videos of animals eating other animals alive! A lion ate a monkey! A Komodo Dragon devoured a goat. Hyenas crushed a cattle. It's atrocious! All of these apex predators should be caged for cruelty to other animals. Once in the cage, we should teach these apex predators to go VEGAN and enjoy culinary delicacies such as TOFU! I'm sure Mr. Komodo Dragon would be easily convinced to ditch it's true nature and start consuming all that wonderful ultra-processed vegan food. That's it, I found my vocation, I take the plane and I go to Indonesia to convert all Komodo Dragon to VEGANISM. I will feel important, I will be a great activist. By the same token, I should also go for a sex change!

  8. Apex predators are not vegan, because they don't have to. Imagine trying to convert a Komodo Dragon or a wolf to veganism! For example, a guinea pig or a cow has no power or ability and must therefore be reduced to grazing.


  10. This is my view.
    Vegans have their rights to be vegan.
    And others have the rights to eat meat. We dont force vegans to eat meat, so vegans shouldnt force us to not eat meat. I agree the way alot of animals are slaughtered is crule and inhumane however their are places that treat the animals with love and care. The world is at war about being vegan currently and alot more. What we eat thould not be another's concern. There are much larger problems to deal with first. Im sorry if i offended someone this js just my point of view.

  11. I’m 80% vegan…after watching this video I’m going back to eat all kinds of meat I can choose too. You just don’t do that, disturbing people while they are eating. Freedom to eat whatever I want. Where is the police 👮‍♀️

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