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CNN Business: Misleading AI-Generated Images Tricking Social Media Users; Elon Musk and GM CEO Go on Date; Puffer Coat Worn by Pope.

Fake AI-generated images have been circulating on social media and fooling users, ranging from obviously fake to compellingly real. The rise of AI tools has made it easier and cheaper to create realistic images, raising concerns about polluting the information ecosystem and further challenging users, news organizations, and social media platforms to vet what’s real. The spread of computer-generated media could also be used for harassment or to divide internet users further. As compared to AI-generated text, AI-generated images can be especially powerful in invoking emotions, making it harder for people to determine whether they are real or fake. Coordinated bad actors may eventually create fake content or suggest that real content is computer-generated to confuse internet users and provoke certain behaviors. Computer-generated image technology has improved quickly in the last few years. Many recent viral AI-generated images were created by Midjourney, a tool that allows users to generate images based on short text prompts. The latest version of Midjourney is only available to select paid users.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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