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CNN: Belarus opposition leader responds to Putin’s nuclear threat

Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya reacts to Vladimir Putin’s announcement that Moscow plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. #CNN #News


This morning. The death toll is rising in eastern Ukraine after a barrage of new Russian missile strikes. Ukrainian officials say at least two people were killed. Dozens more injured in Sloviansk several high rise buildings, civilian buildings that were targeted were reduced to rubble and ashes. Explosions also rocking

The Russian occupied city of Melita Paul. This dash cam video capturing the billowing smoke. These strikes came less than 24 hours after Vladimir Putin announced plans to move and station tactical nuclear weapons like the ones in this missile. Here we’re showing you in Belarus, Putin says he wants to store them

There, buy summer, which means they could be closer to Ukraine, but also to NATO’s borders. With me now is the Belarusian political activist and opposition leader, Ana Tic a.k.a. Nice to have you on again. Good morning. First, I want to ask you about Putin’s threat here to move nuclear weapons to Belarus.

Does this in your view amount to Russia threatening Ukraine with a nuclear attack, facilities aiming to subjugate Belarus and it violates our constitution. It violates international security. And of course, it’s against those people’s will. We are non-nuclear country, and we don’t want to deploy anybody, deploy a nuclear weapon in our state.

He’s made nuclear threats before, as have other Russian officials, including former president as well, Medvedev. Are these just threats or do you believe he may actually use such weapons? I think the dictators in this difficult situation for them can make crazy steps. But I think the democratic world has to show that

It will not be tolerated. And the strong steps must be made in order to stop this. The steps from from fulfilling as you know, Putin has at times pressured the Belarussian President, Lukashenko, to supply forces and wealth weapons to help in his invasion. Of Ukraine. It hasn’t happened yet.

Do you believe it may happen now as the Russian president makes plans to move nuclear weapons there? So actually, it’s a wrong perception. That Putin pushes Lukashenka to do something. They are on the one side of this war. They call up runs. Lukashenko became fully complicit in this war

And he fulfills all the orders of Putin. The fact that the Russian troops haven’t been sent to Belarus is not the merit of Lukashenko. It’s merit of builders and people who are against participation of builders in this war. And our soldiers don’t have anti Ukrainian moods. They don’t want to kill

Or to be killed on the battlefields. For the ambitions of observers. And Lukashenka is responsible for crimes of aggression against Ukraine. And he has to be called a sponsor of terrorism, and they have to be brought to accountability for this. You I should remind people watching, they may not be aware, but.

But you ran against Lukashenko for president. You say the election was stolen from you, from you, and since then you paid a price. Your husband is still held in a Russian prison more than two years now. Do you feel that the world is overlooking Russia’s aggression in Belarus? Of course

There’s a war in Ukraine, but that Belarus is not getting the attention it deserves. I think that at the moment Belarus is actually overlooked and maybe not all the politicians understand the rule of Belarus. In regional peace and security. And I really want the U.S. President Biden and State Department

To look more deeply into this problem and not to leave Belarus for one day later, you know, after we’ll deal with Ukraine, and then we will return to Belarus. We don’t have to forget that person people now are fighting not only against Lukashenko’s regime, but also against hybrid occupation of Russia. In Belarus,

We see the increasing level of violence, repressions. Thousands of people are in prisons for politically motivated cases. Hundreds of thousands had to flee Belarus because of repression. And one day we can wake up and see that Beatrice has lived as a consolation prize for Putin.

And I’m sure that Belarus is a key state for keeping security in Europe. You’re in Washington this week to meet with U.S. officials in part. Is the U.S. doing enough for Belarus, in your view? In all the nations who are going through violations of their rights, who are in difficult position

Assure that much more could be done. You know, and we are grateful to the U.S. for all the excellent solidarity and support to our people. But I think that more pressure can be imposed on the Russian Belarusian regime and more support can be provided to those people who are who are resisting.

Now, to all this. And also, we are calling now an international community to bring Lukashenko to accountability through possible mechanisms like ICC. You can start investigation of his crimes against humanity and crimes of aggression. But several steps have been made to recently by the U.S. just to a new package of sanctions and

A launch of strategic dialog with democratic Belarus was started. And we are proceed this step. Also, special envoy will be sent to democratic forces to Lithuania to make to build this bridges between our countries. I want to ask you about your husband. He’s serving an 18 year prison sentence simply for challenging Lukashenko.

You have not been able to speak to him for I believe, more than two years now. Do you have any idea what his state of health is and what his prospects are for release. So all our political prisoners, including my husband, are ill treated, humiliated physically and morally in prisons.

So they are in extremely poor position there, but they’re keeping strong. They know that the Russian society and the international world are fighting for them. You know, they believe in us. They believe in international laws and in solidarity. And I think that we can betrayed them. We have to release

All of our political prisoners and get rid of this regime in Belarus. Well, we wish you the best luck and we hope your family is reunited soon.




  1. Take a look ladies & Gentlemen ….this is how a Traitor looks 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🎉🎉🎉🎉 no shame at all …well u could see the shame on her face but hey she’s getting paid so hey 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. I live in Russia in a small town, judging by the scale of the country, with a population of 100 thousand people, not far from Ukraine. 1000 km from Moscow. in an ordinary working Russian family, and even I understand that this girl giving the interview is completely pro-Western. If she was in China, for example, and gave an interview to a Chinese channel, then one might think that her position was dictated by her beliefs, and not by the American ruling elites. CNN as a channel has lost its position as an independent source of information. There are 20 federal channels in Russia, similar to Western pro-government ones, on which everything is covered one-sidedly. Only on the Internet and you can find at least some echoes of the truth. I hope common sense will prevail and people will come to power in our countries under which the media will become independent and will help the ruling government to become better, due to their honest criticism of it.

  3. Thank you for fighting for your country and people. God bless you and stay strong. 🙏Lukasenko must pay a price. Belarus people are strong. It is very difficult situation, but they are not weak.

  4. honestly i think ukraine would be doing Belarus a favor if they asked to invad them then let them join nato and let them be independant but thas me hey putler wants to take territory perhaps the time will come for him to get a taste of his own medicne

  5. How Putin and Lukasenko have plan to put taktical nuclear weapons in Beloruse, "BUT THEY DID NOT GET APPROVAL FROM SVETLANA TIHOVSKA WHICH IS PART OF WESTERN COALITION"?????

  6. Would be nice when the pig Luckachenka is removed from power so Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya can be the president in Belaraus then the Russians can't do a thing and i guess the EU and US wil help Belaraus maybe it would be a nato country too muwhahaha poor Russia then lol! Soon the nato is only 30 kilometers from Moscov hahaha!

  7. The Russian army should capture Putin and admit him to the mad house hospital. He cannot live in peace as his brain is crumbling. Thousands of Russians are killed daily freely and where is Putin? He is dteaming. He was so good before and now mad.

  8. Thretats, I'm sick of it ,if he wants a nuclear war bring it on let's have it , let's end the world and all that inhabits it , and if not stop the thretats and let people live in peace

  9. NATO should remind Putin that a nuclear attack on Ukraine would have catastrophic consequences and any attack on a NATO member would be the end of Putin, his hierarchy and of Russia.

  10. We know the China network outer space and also the Putin network outer space. But the debate and proper election so big reject. What we need them for outer space.

  11. NATO needs to move nuclear missiles to the Baltic States and Poland (if its peoples agree to it) to show Putin that what he does they can do also. Putin thinks he can induce fear by his actions or he thinks missiles launched from Belarus mean that Russia will remain untouched, either way he is a bully and unless you take a stand against a bully they will make your life so much worst, but he is also like a drowning man arms flaying, grabbing onto anything that he think might save him and this is another of his pathetic attempts to frighten us into submission and present himself as hard man to the RuSSian people.

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