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CNN: Bash presses Trump attorney on whether he believes Manhattan judge is biased

Joe Tacopina, a defense lawyer for Donald Trump, joins CNN’s Dana Bash to discuss whether the former president’s team will ask for a different judge to preside over Trump’s criminal arraignment.

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Hello. I’m Dana Bash in Washington, where the state of our union is bracing ourselves for a seismic event as the first ever former US president to face criminal charges prepares to appear in court. Prosecutors, police, a Secret Service and Trump’s team are working out details for his arraignment before a judge

In a Manhattan criminal court on Tuesday, where Donald Trump will face a more than 30 count indictment related to business fraud. That indictment is still under seal. It follows District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into a hush money payment by Trump’s then personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to an adult film actress

Just before the 2016 election. In response to form, the former president is going on the attack, calling the indictment political, calling it a persecution and using it to bolster his own 2024 presidential campaign. Well, here with me now is the president’s former president’s lawyer for this case. Joe Tacopina,

Thank you so much for joining me this morning. I first want to ask you about what you know at this moment about the arraignment, how it’s going to go. Walk us through what is going to happen when the former president shows up in New York Well, then, I mean, in theory,

It should be like the hundreds of other arraignments I’ve done in that building over the course of my career, which is you walk in, you see a judge you plead not guilty. You set a schedule and you leave. Obviously, this is different. This has never happened before. I’ve never had

Secret Service involved in an arraignment before at 100 Center Street. So the answer to that question then is I honestly don’t know how this is going to go, hopefully as smoothly as possible. And then we begin the the battle to right this wrong, because it’s a it’s a really it’s a day that,

In my opinion, the rule of law in the United States has died. We’re going to get to that in a second. But just on the on the logistics, do you know what time it starts You know, nothing’s been nailed down. I think that’s going to happen tomorrow.

But I think sometime in the afternoon, will there be a perp walk? You said you’ve done many of these before. Most of them do have perp walks Not really. Not in a case like this. But, you know, look, I anticipate them trying to get every ounce of publicity out of this

That they think that they can get. You know, I don’t know if that’s going to happen again. Secret services involved. So hopefully this will be is painless and classy as possible for a situation like this, which I don’t even know really what brings us here. But such a different story.

Some of the basics are, as you said, you know, necessary as part of this process. Mug shot. Will we will he have to take a mug shot? Again? Danny, your question is that I just it’s not normal operating procedure. Yeah, it’s all up in the air. All the all the Tuesday stuff

Is still very much up in the air on the fact that we will very loudly and proudly say not guilty. Well, you’re a very seasoned attorney, so presumably your strategy is not up in the air. So let’s talk about what you’re thinking about when it comes to the legal strategy.

Once Donald Trump is arraigned, are you going to move to dismiss the case right off the bat in the arraignment and if so, on what grounds? No, not we’re not doing anything at the arraignment because that would be showmanship and nothing more because we haven’t even seen the indictment yet.

You know, we will take the indictment. We will dissect it. The team will look at every every potential issue that we will be able to challenge and we will challenge. And, of course, I very much anticipated motion to dismiss coming, because there’s no law that fits this. And you have a situation where,

You know, the federal government, the Department of Justice, turn this matter down. The FEC, which governs federal election laws, said there’s no violation here yet somehow a state prosecutor has taken a a misdemeanor and try to cobble together to make it a felony by alleging a violation of federal federal campaign violations.

And the FEC said that doesn’t exist. Right. Well, let me ask you about that, because you mentioned it. You’ve been talking a lot about the FEC and federal investigations and allegations investigation, I should say, that didn’t end up in an indictment on the federal level. But we haven’t seen the specifics.

And we should say that over and over again. This is still under seal, this indictment. But because it is on a local level, on a state level, presumably this will be focused on those issues where he allegedly broke the law there, whether it becomes an issue of trying to defraud a business

Or something along those lines, not necessarily at the FEC and things that are discussed No, no, no, no, no. It can’t be. This was a federal presidential election. The allegation here in some twilight zone sort of scenario is that he settled the civil case six years earlier, something that happens, by the way,

All the time. A civil case was settled with confidentiality agreements between a lawyer that was representing him and a lawyer representing the Stormy Daniels. They trusted him to sign that settlement agreement. So they signed it. The lawyer financed it, subsequently gave him a host of invoices for legal services over the course of

A year. They were recorded. But understand here’s the key distinction, Donna. They were recorded in their entries. They were never filed anywhere. They were never filed with the IRS. They never took the tax deduction and they never filed with the FEC because they weren’t required to. This was a personal expenditure,

Not a campaign expenditure. Had it been a campaign expenditure, he would have used campaign funds. And then, of course, we’d be talking about here today the outrage at Donald Trump, whose campaign funds for personal expenditure they’d be baying for his scalp. It’s a completely upside down world. So he’s damned if he didn’t

And if he didn’t. So those are misdemeanors. By the way, the record entries, which don’t exist and not for centuries, but assuming they were they’re misdemeanors way beyond the statute of limitations. So they have to cobble them together to try and get a felony. I’m going to speak to Michael Cohen’s attorney next.

He says that there is actual evidence that your client, the former president, participated, participated in falsifying business records. Have you seen any such evidence I know there’s no such evidence. I mean, look, Michael Cohen’s lawyer spinning Michael Cohen side. Michael Cohen is a pathological convicted liar. Perjury is like the banks,

The IRS, Congress, now, we’re saying you lied to the FEC when they sent that letter saying there was no campaign violation. I heard him on CNN the other day saying that when he pled guilty under oath, when he became a new man, he really wasn’t guilty. He was forced to plead guilty.

So that’s perjury. If that’s now true, he’s someone who was constitutionally incapable of telling the same story, the same way twice. So I’m not really worried about what Michael Cohen is saying on this. The records and the facts will speak for themselves. Okay. I want to ask about the judge

That we believe is going to preside over the arraignment. The former president, your client, was lashing out against him. His name is Juan Mershon. And the former president said that the judge hates him and was handpicked by the D.A. for this case for that reason. Are you going to ask

For a different judge We are going to take the indictment, evaluate all our legal options and pursue everyone most vigorously. This is a case of political persecution. Had he not been running for office right now for the office of the presidency, which, by the way, the polls have shown

Since this has been announced, his numbers have gone up significantly. Had he not been running for presidency, he would not have been indicted. Well, but let’s talk about the area where he’d been indicted. My question is about the judge. Will you ask. Will you ask for a decision Well,

I just said we have to get the indictment and then we will evaluate every single legal maneuver. You know, I have no issue with this judge whatsoever. Well, your client does. He says that his reputation. Well, what, Michael? But my client has a right to have an issue with everything.

He’s been politically persecuted. Make no mistake about that, Dana. Whether you send the right or the left or your supporter or detractor of Donald Trump, this should really bother you. This this should really shake the core of what we believe our justice system should be about, should not be weaponized.

To go after political opponents so that you don’t believe this is like out because he’s the victim. I have no reason to believe that, such as bias. I’ve not been before him on this matter. So we have to let this process play out. Okay. I appreciate it.

Hopefully we will get back to you as you do learn more about how the process is going to go on Tuesday. Thank you so much.




  1. Its amazing how biased the judge is in their decisions during the trial so far. They are trying so hard to stop Trump from running in 2024. They are literally doing something they impeached Trump for, despite Trump not actually doing anything impeachment worthy.

  2. CNN’s Dana Bash’s husband was 1 of the 50 that signed Blinken’s paper saying the laptop was Russian disinformation. So Dana knew the story was fake, but stayed silent on CNN because she wanted Biden to win! Election interference by CNN, Biden administration, & the FBI et al.

  3. If CNN is supposed to be news, why are they CLEARLY against him? That's not news it's opinion and biased. When did ALL news become propaganda????

  4. It looks like DT is now consuming Tapioca. Fact: tapioca is made from cassava, which increases breast milk production and contains cyanide which can lead to acute toxicity. Is it better than cheeseburgers? I don't know, but if one has consumed everything in the fridge tapioca may be all that's left. 'I honestly don't know how this is going to go'.

  5. CNN tried to burn him the entire interview but he was ahead of her at every turn. Subsequent CNN interviews with many Trump hater lawyers (& others), after the arraignment, had them stating their disappointment in the DA's case against Trump.

  6. OMG I thought it was June 17, 1994, O.J. Simpson police chase rerun. 😎 No it was only trump going to get fingered… printed. 🤣

    Tacopina , if that is donny's best lawyer, then trump is going to get what Stormy got that fun night.


  8. Whatever charges against Trump are first to be heard it is better that Trump 'surrenders' is a better look his latest deluded lawer must have convinced Trump 'going quietly gov…fair cop' than "facist slumlord son of corrupt German immigrant finally arrested after accusations of treason and deception. Other charges will follow".

    or "
    Depraved ex-president, pathological liar who has accused eveyone around him of criminal behaviour and trying to "get him"is now facing a tiny number of accusations of his own mobster behaviour over decades" . Further charges are expected.

    or "self styled Messianic fascist' goes sullenly to face courtroom charges before a judge he hates and has relentlessly libeled"

    Accusing judicial officers of a witchhunt (warlock hunt) degenerate real prorperty agent and developer "Born with a golden spoon in his mouth" and fantasies of 'wealth-entitlement.' , numerously not paying contractors is arraigned on charges for politicalmidemeanout relating to his silencing a woman for having sex with her while his wife in hospital giving birth"

    At 5:00 this lawyer explains how Trump's corruption was hidden on his requirements of his acqiescent layer the lawyer seving jail for his part inprotecting Trump from exposure. This new lawyer is already and has earlier been misrepresenting Trump's behaviour. and that of his accusers.Unlike less strident, less wealthy ,less disingenuous, less vulpine persons Trump will likely be bailed on self cognisanceallowing
    him to continue to stridently 'play the victim' in his own 'Greek tragedy'.

    Trump is right, as are his mesmerised supporters that bias IS being evidenced and it is all in his favour. Wealth and infamy, notorious depravity and political connection is rated hughly in USA by authority expected to be not over-awed by bullies and 'spin-doctors as is Trump. His acolytes claim he will not receive fair tral in Manhattan/in front of the presiding judge/under any other concoction and that is correct. Trump will receive consideration and benefits, already exposed, which will show that the more noise one makes when financially resourced, beguling and effective con-man and bully the more favorably one may be treated.

    Having produced and sold cardsets depicting him as a super-hero Trump should be bailed, at $400Million paid into the court if allowed free., a tracker fitted to his body, he be gagged from further contempt of the court, his passport taken and his movement restricted to a maximum of 20 miles from a court-chosen lawfully occupied residence which Mar-a-Largo is not and he report to police daily and there write his movements each day. He should be barred from interviews however concocted and from any intimidation by self or proxy of any witness likely to be called or called pertaining to charges against him.

    All income whether current or until verdict is given should be restricted to $2500/week from all and any sources so to cover all personal needs for self and immediate family. All other sums of income from any source to be paid into an audited trustee chosen by the Court. Essential fees to his 'legal team' shall be investigated and justied then paid by the court authority from Trump trust accounts.

    Any breach of the conditions by Trump his lawyers, companies, organisations, proxies, employees or 'account holders' allowing costs to be run up as effectively "IOU's" and any incitement to violent protest shall see Trump immediately arrested and incarcerated for a minimum of 3 months or to the date of his prosecution,not any court apppearance for otherr purpose. Trump is an American pisant (see dictionary meaning) claiming to be a $billionaire whilst an ongoing and committed menace to Civil Order.. Tolerance towards his behaviour has already been beyond reason. At the first Court hearing it should be effectively stopped. He should have no benefits which elevate him above any other accused but which recognise his claims and his propensity for creating disorder and history of avoiding payments for services.


  10. 😂😂😂😂of course 🌮 thinks he is, his employer is paying him. Just like they think it’s political even tho Michael Choen was charged and jailed for the same crimes directed by his employer. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂 😂😂😂.
    No law that fits but Don the Cons /CHEETO -ex Lawyer got charged and prisoned . 😂😂😂😂😂😂. His company got charged with felonies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  11. I hope them lawyers don't talk to the press because they f**** twist things around they just get paid little bit money and they say something different don't talk to the f**** press and the journal they're f**** liars

  12. Not that I care about about all this but let’s be honest here he’s being indicted cause he’s running for office again and some ppl are scared he’s going to win again

  13. So serial killers, rapist, school shooters, you name it all get a fair trial, but when it comes to former president there is no trial? Guys politics aside (I’m independent anyways) this is not good. Love or hate trump this isn’t something you do to a former president. Our political system has been weaponized and now that we know the mara largo raid was all for show as well it’s time congress makes some changes

  14. This comment section makes me want to throw up lol this country is quickly heading for a left vs right battle much the same as north vs south in the last one. And it’s sad but I really think this country is completely screwed at this point. We are going to end up destroying ourselves from within and anyone with a brain knows which side will win that battle. And it wouldn’t be close. But it will be good for nobody that’s for sure.

  15. The leftest are afraid of Trump because he exposes the real corruption in Washington. This is tyranny not law.

  16. 🎉😂😅…schadenfreude, how many of his associates are convicted felony criminals at this moment? 7.
    How many more await from the House of Representatives ??? Wait and see. If they don't wake up and start doing right by the American people, they, too, could find themselves in a similar situation 😅

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