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ChannelE2E Reports on Dell Technologies World: APEX, Streamlining Multicloud, and AI for MSPs & Channel Partners

Dell Technologies World recently took place, and the event primarily focused on multi-cloud management and efficiency. As many organizations are worried about a potential recession, inflation, and talent shortage, Dell invested in helping companies optimize their cloud spending and enabled efficient deployment of workloads, thus keeping their costs low.

Michael Dell, Dell CEO and Chairman, emphasized the importance of collaboration among the ecosystem to make multi-cloud management successful. He highlighted the need for a future where all the clouds and edges hold together and look like one system. Dell’s cloud to ground and ground to cloud strategies are designed to help organizations optimize their cloud spending with efficient workload deployment.

Dell’s APEX business, comprising hardware as a service, SaaS, and cloud services, hit the $1 billion milestone in annual recurring revenue. Dell executives mentioned that 50% of the company’s $102 billion in revenues come from Dell’s 220,000 channel partners. Dell has created an opportunity for the partners to resell professional services to mid-market customers through a new program called Project Harmony.

Jeff Clarke, co-COO, Dell Technologies, highlighted four distinct characteristics for a multi-cloud world to function optimally: it must be agile, elastic, dynamic, and easily consumable. To deliver a multi-cloud experience that meets these characteristics, Dell announced several product highlights:

1. Dell APEX Cloud Storage for Public Cloud
2. Dell APEX Navigators
3. Dell APEX Cloud Platforms
4. APEX Compute
5. Dell APEX PC as a service
6. Dell Native Edge, to support edge device management

Related Facts

Dell is partnering with Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware to provide organizations with their choice of operating environments, standardized tech stacks, and governance compliance options. The company created training programs with persona-defined courses for skill improvement.

Key Takeaway

Dell Technologies World demonstrated that multi-cloud management and efficiency are crucial to optimizing cloud spending, especially during tough financial times. Dell’s APEX business provides opportunities for channel partners to increase revenue by reselling professional services to mid-market customers. Dell’s announcement of several new products and partnerships represents a strategic plan towards a multi-cloud world that meets specific characteristics for organizations to function optimally.

In conclusion, Dell Technologies World emphasized the importance of multi-cloud management and efficiency. Dell’s efforts to optimize cloud spending and deploy workloads efficiently will help companies achieve their digital transformation goals while controlling costs. With APEX offerings and strategic partnerships, Dell is developing a multi-cloud world that is agile, elastic, dynamic, and easily consumable.

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