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Celebrating Life, Skin Colour, and Art: Malaysian Photographer’s Latest Exhibit

Malaysian photographer-artist Nadirah Zakariya’s first major exhibition, Feeling Feelings Makes Me, Me, celebrates life, skin colour, and art. The exhibition is being showcased at Temu House in Petaling Jaya and includes framed photography prints, lightboxes, and a video piece. Visitors can interact with Nadirah personally, who tries to be present at almost every hour that the show is open. Sharmin Parameswaran, the curator, and Nadirah collaborated to give the show an intimate feel. Visitors can witness the art process and explore the themes of flowers and food in response to the 2020 movement control order. Nadirah’s vitiligo and andartu (“anak dara tua”), her response to societal pressures surrounding “pushing 40” and being unmarried, are also highlighted in the exhibition. A sub-theme of solitude and feeling less “acceptable” emotions is accurately located in the attic. The exhibition is a wonderful combination of poignant beauty, delicate, and exuberant elements of life.

The experience of the exhibition has been an enjoyable one, as it has gathered art lovers, collectors, curious public and people from the creative scene. A busy three-day opening weekend showed people’s love and appreciation for this independent showcase. Nadirah’s hands-on exhibition engages the viewers and shows them what her art process is all about. The Malaysian visual art scene can realize more artistic visions if more artists come forward with such collaborative efforts.

Related Facts:
– Nadirah Zakariya is a Malaysian photographer-artist with a world-class pedigree.
– The venue Temu House, where the exhibition is being showcased, was an airy 1960s bungalow in a quiet Petaling Jaya cul-de-sac.
– Nadirah’s art responds to societal pressures surrounding “pushing 40” and being unmarried.

Key Takeaway:
Nadirah Zakariya’s first major exhibition showcases her art process while exploring the themes of life, skin colour, and socio-cultural pressures. The exhibition is an intimate experience for visitors, and the venue gives a unique, poignant, and exuberant feel. Collaborative efforts like these can help push the visual art scene forward by providing fulfilled and learning opportunities for artists.

Nadirah Zakariya’s Feeling Feelings Makes Me, Me exhibition is an artistic expression that showcases socio-cultural pressures related to life, skin colour, and societal expectations. Collaborative efforts between Nadirah and Sharmin, the curator, provide a unique and intimate experience for visitors. The Malaysian visual art scene will benefit from such collaborative efforts, providing a fulfilling and learning opportunity for artists and visitors alike.

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