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Celebrating a Milestone: Charlie and Betty Santoro Proudly Reflect on 75 Years of Marriage

A Good Age: Married for 75 years, Charlie and Betty Santoro are proud of life together

Charlie Santoro returned home in 1946 after serving in World War II, grateful for being alive. He was the youngest of 17 children, and all eight of his brothers, who had been on active duty in different military branches at the same time as him, had made it home as well. In Medford, they were known as “The Fighting Santoros.”

Betty Mirisola, on the other hand, was 17 when she met Charlie. She had completed high school recently and helped her father who owned Billy Hurley’s Log Cabin, an entertainment club in Roxbury Crossing.

This meeting was arranged by their fathers, who had met at an end-of-war party. Charlie and Betty hit it off, going on dates with a chaperone and got married a year later at St. Brigid’s Church in South Boston. They have three sons, six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Deteriorating health and assisted living

The Santoros were living in their home in the Montclair section of Quincy but had to move to Atria Marina Place assisted living after old age brought physical changes. Charlie worked as a welder, a school bus driver, and eventually became a teamster. Betty volunteered in the children’s school and for the North Quincy High Booster Parents and cared for their children while their husband worked 16-hour days for Boston and Taunton Transportation.

Recently, the couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary, and Atria Marina Place threw a party for them. Their granddaughter Lori Scott visited them with her husband, David, for a Mother’s Day brunch.

Relationship and family life

In an interview, Charlie said that his proudest achievement was his wife. He was grateful to have Betty, who had looked after their children while he was at work, cooked, and cleaned the house. He always appreciated how she dealt with the children, saying, “She had to take care of the kids. She was home while I was working 16 hours a day.”

Though the Santoros had disagreements, Betty never liked them and often tried to diffuse the situation. “I never liked having disagreements,” she said.

The Santoros’ son Frank remembers their large family gatherings, Sunday dinners with relatives, and summer picnics. They had fun together, and he noted, “Everyone was there with their sauce and meatballs.” Frank says his mother’s caring attitude is known among all family members.

Related facts

  • Charlie was the youngest of 17 children, while Betty had five older brothers.
  • The Santoros’ family home in Medford has a plaque commemorating their service.
  • Charlie eventually became a teamster, driving trucks.
  • The Santoros have six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Key takeaway

The Santoros’ story of a long-lasting marriage and a life filled with love and family proves that mutual respect and caring go a long way in a relationship. Whether it is dealing with disagreements, raising children, or just enjoying each other’s company, their story is an example of a life well-lived.


Charlie and Betty Santoro’s journey, spanning 75 years of married life, is a beautiful story to behold. In their long life together, they have created a family that cherishes each other, and their care for one another stands true to this day. The value of care and respect cannot be overstated, and it is a lesson that we can all take away from their amazing journey.

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