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California Barbie Princess Gives Tearful Review of Barbie Movie

Barbie Movie Review: An Opinionated and Honest Take


The recent Barbie movie has taken social media by storm, with pink exploding across platforms and people of all ages and ethnicities donning Barbie-inspired attire. As someone who was never a fan of fashion dolls, I decided to give the movie a chance and see what all the fuss was about. In this review, I’ll share my thoughts on the film and also include insights from a devoted Barbie fan, California Barbie Princess.


A Childhood with Barbie

As a tomboy in my childhood, I was never drawn to Mattel’s fashion dolls. However, my friend Emma, who lived across the street, was a huge Barbie enthusiast. I vividly remember her collection of clothes and accessories, though I found dressing Barbie in skintight outfits frustrating. It seemed like those high heels were always slipping off!

The Barbie Movie Experience

Attending the Barbie movie, I decided to embrace the theme wholeheartedly – sporting a pink dress, hair bow, lipstick, high heels, and pearls. My pink Victoria’s Secret beach tote proved the perfect spot for my blanket. As I entered the theatre, I noticed women, girls, men, and even boys of all ages and backgrounds decked out in their own Barbie-inspired ensembles.

The movie, having already reached $1 billion in global ticket sales just 17 days after its release, certainly had an impact. The acting, singing, and dancing were enjoyable, but I found the overall storyline to be somewhat cheesy. While it kept me entertained, I doubt I would watch it again.

Insights from California Barbie Princess

To provide a perspective from a devoted Barbie fan, I reached out to California Barbie Princess, also known as Helena Levin. I first met her at a wedding in California, where she was the flower girl, adorned entirely in pastel pink. Barbie was the first thing that came to mind upon seeing her.

According to Levin, Barbies have always been a significant part of her life. From childhood birthdays to her own Barbie-themed Bat Mitzvah, she cherished the rectangular-shaped gifts that added to her collection. While she admits that the numerous dolls and two Kens were unnecessary, she still maintains a collection of Barbies today.

One of her favorites is the 40th-anniversary Barbie, which she received for her Barbie Mitzvah. Levin appreciates the femininity and feminist aspects of Barbie. She sees Barbie as a true feminist icon, having taken on various professions and accomplishments without ever needing a man.

As for the Barbie movie, Levin loved it. She believes the film did justice to Barbie as a feminist icon, addressing both her positive attributes and the problematic aspects associated with her. The movie’s self-awareness, self-deprecating humor, and uplifting tone resonated with Levin, though she did feel that the film focused a bit too much on Ken.

Related Facts

– The Barbie film reached $1 billion in global ticket sales just 17 days after its release, according to distributor Warner Bros.
– Barbie has been a doctor, veterinarian, and even ventured into space before Sally Ride, showcasing her can-do personality and independence.

Key Takeaway

The recent Barbie movie has garnered attention across social media platforms, with people of all ages and backgrounds embracing the Barbie craze. While opinions on the film may differ, it is evident that Barbie has had a lasting impact on the lives of many, serving as a feminist icon and an inspiration for girls around the world.


As an impartial reviewer, I found the Barbie movie to be enjoyable but somewhat cheesy. However, the insights from California Barbie Princess shed light on the film’s success and its ability to capture the essence of Barbie as a feminist icon. Whether you’re a die-hard Barbie fan or simply curious about the global phenomenon, the movie offers an entertaining experience that celebrates Barbie’s enduring legacy.

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Denk Liu
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