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Brian Walshe: Uncovering the Hidden Life of a Con Man from Cohasset

The Secret Life of Cohasset Con Man Brian Walshe


Brian Walshe was once a beloved husband and member of the community in Cohasset, Massachusetts. But when his wife Ana disappeared, his supposed search for her led police to discover his deep-seated secrets and dark past. This is the story of how Walshe’s facade crumbled and the truth emerged about the man behind the smile.

The Disappearance of Ana Walshe

On January 4th, 2021, police were called to the home of Brian and Ana Walshe in Cohasset after Ana failed to show up at her job in Washington, DC, where she commuted to each week. Brian informed police that Ana had left for the airport in an Uber or Lyft on New Year’s Day, however, her whereabouts were unknown. After police searched the area, they discovered evidence that Brian had not been truthful about his whereabouts and actions during that time.

The Mask of a Con Man

As detectives dug deeper, they discovered a troubling pattern in Brian Walshe’s past. From accounts of previous business dealings and extravagant spending, signs pointed to a man who was masking his true identity. Surveillance footage from the days leading up to Ana’s disappearance showed Brian purchasing supplies such as a Tyvek suit, a chainsaw, and a hatchet, all with cash. This raised serious questions about his intentions for Ana during her disappearance.

The Unraveling of the Plan

Despite Brian’s attempts to hide his involvement in Ana’s disappearance, investigators continued to follow the evidence trail. Surveillance footage revealed Brian disposing of heavy garbage bags in dumpsters in Abington and Dover. While authorities were unable to recover the bags, it was clear that Brian had something to hide. Eventually, Ana’s body was discovered, and Brian was charged with her murder.

Related Facts

– Brian Walshe had a history of shady business dealings, including theft and fraud.
– Ana Walshe was involved in her own real estate business that often involved international travel.
– Cohasset, Massachusetts, is an affluent coastal community in the Boston area.

Key Takeaway

Brian Walshe’s seemingly perfect life was a facade that concealed a dark side. The unraveling of his lies and deceit ultimately led to the discovery of Ana’s murder. This tragedy serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of pretending to be someone you’re not and the consequences of failing to confront uncomfortable truths about oneself.


The story of Brian and Ana Walshe is a heartbreaking example of how appearances can be deceiving. While Brian pretended to be a loving husband and member of the community, his true self was exposed during the investigation into Ana’s disappearance. It’s crucial to be honest with ourselves and those around us, as the consequences of concealing our true selves can be devastating.

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