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Bloomberg: Why Musk’s Global Empire Is a US Government Headache

Billionaire Elon Musk has control of five companies that reach across the transportation, aerospace, health, telecommunications, and social-media sectors and intersect with governments to varying degrees. In today’s “Big Take” Bloomberg’s Alex Webb explains why the global clout Elon Musk holds creates unease for President Joe Biden and the broader US government.

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The big take today explores it’s a really fascinating read it explores how Elon musk’s vast business Empire has given him unilateral power unmatched power arguably and a network of foreign backers that’s causing a big headache for Washington Alex Webb joins us for the details Alex talk us through the key

Challenges what is keeping officials in DC up at night when it comes to Elon Musk I mean there’s a lot on the one hand you’ve got Starling now that’s kind of really the thing we’ve seen recently now starlink is Elon musk’s it’s part of SpaceX you know his rocket company they have these

Low earth orbit satellites that mean you can communicate by telephone and on the internet all over the world essentially and it’s being used in Ukraine Elon Musk at the start of you know after Russian Russia invaded it he said I’ll provide this to Ukraine Gratis then he started

Realizing it’s quite expensive and he said well maybe I’m going to pull it away now the government sort of says well this is something that should be in the dint of a government to control namely us not a private individual you layer on top of that the acquisition of

Twitter which was funded to a great extent by Foreign Capital questions about whether than they can wield influence over what he does and finally of course Tesla’s biggest Factory is on the outskirts of Shanghai so he there is concern that he has influence from China as well all these moving Parts make the

Biden Administration a little bit nervous according to Bloomberg’s reporting well Alex uh in about a minute here we were talking about Tom’s social media presence and mine as well how does Twitter fit into all of this well I mean Chrissy to reassure you I follow you so at least there’s someone um

On the Twitter front it’s a lot of it is to do with the content moderation right that he has tamped back significantly a lot of the spending in lots of places but content moderation is a big piece of that that is a concern because it makes

It a place where all sorts of malicious actors could potentially have greater scope to get out of control and that is a big concern for administration officials as well




  1. Why single out Elon Musk, when all big enough companies, Microsoft, Apple, Google, even Boeing all depend on Middle East, China for their Market survival? I think we need more Musks in my opinion, someone willing to take risk with his own money in the face of failure.

  2. Who cares what Biden thinks. Elon Musk is in private industry. He's not government bloat. A successful person like that never works in government. Government is where you go to skim off the taxpayers. That's why Biden fits in so well.

  3. The Multi-National Corp VS The Nation State
    Thankfully most corps are ruled by a corporate board ( republic ?)
    As opposed to a dictator/monarch like Musk

  4. I don't think Elon Musk is the smartest person on the planet but I like how he is using his money to do things instead of just storing it and it's nice to see someone trying to find solutions to some of the worlds issues. The government people don't do anything with their own money, they save their checks and spend everyone elses money.

  5. I would sue Bloomberg for defamation as this a lie

    Where's the evidence? Where's the proof Washington has a problem?

    Secondly Bloomberg technology has a dedicated section " Elon musk "

    They basically stalk him and defame him? They include his face in thumbnails of videos to boost advertising clickrates. ( Yahoo news and CNBC does this too)

    Where's the proof? Let's say spaceX has to deal with the government? Which? BLM sure for land management? FCC for spectrum? FAA for launching airspace traffic sure

    But what does the Biden adminstration matter? They could love him or dislike so what?

    They said there's a problem but what source? It's just left wing bias lies

  6. Only this Administration is concerned because they're Communist and want full control over the American people and can't have the truth come out. The American people want the Democrats ousted!!!

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