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Bloomberg: US Shoots Down 4th Object in 8 Days

US officials are saying that another unidentified object has been shot down over Michigan. This is the fourth time in 8 days that a high-flying balloon or some other type of craft has been brought down over North America. Meanwhile, Chinese media also reporting that an unidentified object has been flying close to a major base in Qingdao. Natalie Obiko Pearson reports on Bloomberg Television.
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What are we hearing and ISE era? A common thread in the fact that we are now seeing more and more of these reports? Well, it doesn’t really mark sort of a dramatic escalation of this aerial drama just over this past weekend, because on Friday, the U.S.

Shut down 1 8 unidentified object over Alaska. On Saturday, Canada ordered the shoot down of another one. And then, of course, we’ve had this one today over myth again. I mean, there’s still very little details about these last three objects. We do know that they were all high altitude IBEX.

They have not. They have not described them yet as a balloon. Efforts are underway to sort of retrieve the wreckage, to do a better job of identifying exactly what they are and where they came from. We’re getting some more details when it comes to these balloons. Right now, we’re hearing from a senior

U.S. official that the Biden administration directed the latest shootdown out of abundance of caution. Also, that Yvonne Man object was at about 20000 feet. We’re also hearing that the object is seen as eight sided and there’s no discernable payload, according to a U.S. senior official speaking to Bloomberg at

The moment. But really not only give us the context, the geopolitical context here, because now even Canada with is involved with Prime Minister Trudeau really coordinating this shot down with President Biden as well. Yeah, well, I think, you know, one thing to note is that the last three objects seem

To have been flying at sort of lower altitudes. So the reasons that have been given for shot at shooting them down was that they did potentially pose a risk to civilian air traffic. Of course, all of them are sort of, you know, they’re unlawfully in North

American territory. So there is a security reason for bringing them down. That said, you know, no evidence has been brought forward yet to go that the four objects, including the Chinese balloon that was brought down on February 4th, are directly linked to each other. But, of course, there are these sort of

Overarching concerns that the U.S. has brought up about the Chinese balloon having been part of a global network over 40 countries. That’s part of sort of China’s espionage apparatus.




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  3. About a year ago I remember watching a conspiracy theory video about the NWO and the interviewee stated that, "the last and final lie will be that Aliens will be the next threat." It's all distraction from the real truth, the same truth we cannot mention without being canceled or bannd by the thought police.

  4. OK we know one was China's because they said it was and got mad when it was shot down. Why not just asked China a simple yes or no was the 4 we shot down theirs or not. And now China is saying they have one or something over Qingdao. Just what are these things and where are they coming from. Some we know in the past have been from China but now it seems someone else has gotten into the balloon game.

    I just thought of something. Why not Russia? Russia seen how well the Chinese balloons worked and decided to get in on the action…

  5. Lololol The US is just making drama. They probably were disappointed that it was not from china to cause more drama. Or else they would leak and scream it everywhere. Hope it was sort of alien to destroy the White House. Probably wasn’t but still. World would be more peaceful.

  6. Why did they wait until it got over the middle of the continent before it was shot down? We are lucky it wasn't a tactical nuke. An EMP attack over the middle of the continent would cause the power grid to fail. Then we would all be in deep doo doo.

  7. Weather balloons….this is nothing but a treasonous government scam . If ANY of these "OBJECTS " were any threat whatsoever…they would NEVER have made it anywhere near us air space. Go back a couple decades in the news archives. This kind of shit happens when there's a dem in office and when the hypocratic party is losing its ass…like it is!!! Watch what happens if a civilian finds any debris from those " objects " !!! Those are weather balloons…and I'd bet the entire democratic parties lives that they came from a US air base!!!!

  8. These continued stories about Chinese spy balloons and other objects are 100% BS lies to distract YOU form what is really going on under the Biden cabal. The open southern border and 8+million illegal migrants that they have spread across the country, the Pfizer scandal, the classified docs scandal, the Hunter laptop scandal, the disaster that is taking place in the Ukraine, inflation, etc, etc…..Like the USA and 10 other nations, China HAS SATELLITES orbiting earth and passing over the USA every day. Do you really think that China needs to use balloons that drift on the wind to spy on the USA when they own the F Joe Biden cabal and have Tik Tok running on 75% of US cell phones?!??!?!? Get real people….This is all a distraction and if you are falling for it, you have a TV set between your ears.


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