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Bloomberg: UK Update: Almost Half a Million Workers Are on Strike

Nearly half a million teachers, train drivers and civil servants are striking across the United Kingdom over pay in what is expected to be the worst day of industrial action in over a decade. Tom Mackenzie reports on Bloomberg Television.
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Now, nearly half a million British teachers, train drivers and civil servants are striking over pay. The coordinated walkout is expected to be the worst day of industrial action in over a decade. We’re joined now by Bloomberg TV anchor Tom Mackenzie, who is live in the cold

For us at London’s King’s Cross Rail Station with the latest Tom. Yeah, as you say, this is the importance of today’s action is the step up in severity. As you say, the worst industrial industrial action here in the UK for about a decade. And it’s the coordination between the main unions.

Yeah, we’re at one of the major hubs, transport hubs across the UK. Kings Cross, of course. And we’re being told from Network Rail that they expect to run about 20 percent of their usual services. So 80 percent of the railway services are expected to grind to a halt.

You mentioned the tension, the teachers as well. Because this is the first time that the teachers, but not the last time are going on strike. Thousands of schools are expected to close. About 85 percent of UK schools will either fully closed or partially closed. Of course, that is a major impact for

Workers and households and homes of families, of course, across the UK. And then you have that one hundred thousand or so civil servants and importantly, the Border Force as well at airports and ports in the UK. So expect disruption there as well. All of this, of course, to raise the

Pressure on the government to step up in terms of these pay demands. And what the unions will tell you is that on average, their workers receive pay wages rises of around 3 per cent in an environment, of course, of 10 plus percent inflation here in the UK. They want to close that gap.

They want the government to lessons. So far, though, it seems like the prime minister and his team are digging in. Tom, thank you very much. Tom there in Kings Tom Mackenzie in King’s Cross Station.




  1. The politicians want workers who obey. The hate the sick, the unemployed, strikers, and turn one group against the other to divert attention away from them. George Osbourne cut 79 billion from the benefits budget claiming rightly it was taxpayers money. But did the taxpayers get a penny back? The Tories kept it that is how much they are for hardworking people as Cameron used to say. They want obedient workers and the moment people stop working they become superfluous.

  2. The same teachers who opened the flood gates to migration, etc made huge sacrifices so others can be better off

    Now they’re crying because they can’t afford to live but already gave their privileges away to the less fortunate. Money doesn’t grow on trees, leople. Once you start allowing 1000s to migrate daily, the upkeep, constant school expansions, taking many homes, etc will spiral out of control

    Remember people, the school board. An only allocate so much money. So now the aftermath has finally caught up with us. Now we laugh at the suffering becuase of the stupid choices they made on our behalf

    These teachers are so stupid. NOW YOU WANT THE GOV TO GIVE YOU MORE MONEY because your previous wages were spent on expanding classrooms, etc ?

    Come on, now. Go Google the meaning of the following: compromise

    Life doesn’t evolve around just you, you know? Next time, think of butterfly effects every time your pitiful emotions get the better of your feeble minds

    Let’s hope gov stop these strikes asap. We’ve better things to be worrying about/focused on

    And remember, be careful of what you wish for next time

  3. If full understand everyone needs more money but people on 30/40/50+ thousands a year wages all going on strike. What about the people at the bottom of the pile on £10.50 an hour you don’t see them on strike. Not everyone can be a nurse,doctor,teacher or train driver. Everyone should just live inside their means. Cut costs where needed. I have.

  4. There needs to be a complete restructuring of the cost of living in the UK anything that affects it needs to be changed. It makes me sad to see a once powerful industrial nation fall into obscurity in the world. I generally do hope that you guys can find a way, to come out of this economic slope that's been affecting The UK's growth in the last 10 years.

  5. Most MPs are the unofficial trade union equivalent for the oligarchs. Donations to individual politician's or political parties are union fees so the donors can get what they want, more for themselves and less for everybody else. Mrs Thatcher hated trade unions but not the one composed of MPs who claim we have a democracy when it's a kleptocracy. Taxpayer funded protection for the oligarchs and market forces for the masses. Those in power love the so called free market because they are protected from it. Even under Brown's tenure in Downing St taxpayers saved the banking system the same system that will repossess their homes they are buying if they cannot pay. Perfect example of taxpayers being underwriters for corporate interests and repossession the reality of market forces on home buyers. It's all rigged and the traitors have MP after their names.

  6. Higher salaries gives higher government deficits witch results in more UK bonds on the market… More bonds push rates higher and because debt burdens are so high centralbanks need to intervene and buy them. Centralbanks print the money increasing inflation making the strikers even poorer. It's the end of line now. But Hey, it's Putin's fault strikers told…

  7. Civil servants always striking for their own benefit, while everyone in the private industry suffers. In a recent study in Canada civil servants came out far ahead of private industry workers. Government greed. That's all this is. No wonder people can't stand government. Pigs at the trough.


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