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Bloomberg: UK Latest: Raab Quits as Sunak’s UK Deputy

Dominic Raab, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s deputy, resigned Friday after an independent investigation criticized his behavior toward civil servants. Francine Lacqua has the details on Bloomberg Television.

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The prime minister’s number two his Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Robb has just resigned now he’s resigned from the government after a report investigating bullying allegation against him was handed to the Prime Minister there has been nothing else that actually people have been talking about in Westminster

Of last week or so Mr Rob had said he would resign if the inquiry found evidence of bullying and it is important he had said to keep his word now the transport secretary had defended him a complaints into Rob’s behavior from several civil servants were investigated by senior lawyer Adam toley so just

About two minutes ago we found out that Dominic Robb has resigned he just wrote this I think letter that was then posted on Twitter saying I feel Judy bound to accept the outcome of the inquiry now dozens of people including Rob himself gave evidence to the inquiry which began last November




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  3. bullying science
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    Home Office spent £370000 settling Patel bullying claim by top civil …
    Jul 9, 2021 — The Home Office spent more than £370,000 to settle a top civil servant's tribunal

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  5. This is such good news. I was bullied at school for years and most people who saw this did nothing. And that is why bullies keep on going. They only stop when they are accused and kicked out. So take courage and speak out!! Only so can we end this plague which tortures so many children and adults still today.

  6. Another crony to be elevated to the House of Lords for not giving Fishi Rishi a hard time.The definition of bullying is voting in a Tory Government with a large majority.

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