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Bloomberg: Taiwan Quietly Asks US to Calm China Rhetoric

Taiwanese officials have been quietly urging their American counterparts to tone down the rhetoric when it comes to the dangers of relying on TSMC’s chips as tensions between Washington and Beijing continue to grow. Cindy Wang reports on Bloomberg Television.
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So why is Taipei unhappy about these. War of words we’re hearing from the U.S. and what conversations have taken place? Yes, Heidi. So Taipei officials obviously believe that Biden administration is going too far in terms of these warnings. So recently we have heard all kinds of warnings from the U.S., including the timelines.

We’ve heard that 20, 27, 20, 25. Could be the time that Taiwan could possibly face an invasion from China. And these kinds of warnings are really making Taipei officials more and more uneasy. They’re particularly unhappy about the commerce secretary is common, calling that U.S. dependence on Taiwan’s chips supply

Chain is unsafe. They’re also uneasy when the top Republican lawmaker, Michael McKee, visited Taipei. And he said in this trip that the the Taiwan semiconductor industry supply chain is a strategic asset and it’s very vulnerable to invasion.

And he said we don’t have much time about this and urging the US to push out and move all of the industry supply chains to the U.S. So these kinds of warnings has actually taken on new urgency right now because there are some investors really listen to these warnings, like Warren Buffet,

For example, his broker has a way cut over 80 percent of TSMC holdings and the fourth quarter last year and that really to the share price performance of TSMC. So Taipei government obviously afraid that these kind of U.S. warnings may affect their foreign investments in Taiwan and also stock

Investment. So that’s why they have quietly told the U.S. counterparts to tone down the rhetoric about the risk of invasion for Taiwan, which is really interesting. Isn’t this in there? Because you could say that Taiwan is sort of a victim of its own success. You’re seeing this bipartisan support

For the Taipei government. So what do officials actually want? Yes, that’s very true. So I believe that the U.S. has a different opinion about many, many things. But there is one thing that bipartisan lawmakers have agreed on. That’s an issue regarding to Taiwan. So Taipei government in one way is the

Victim of Excel, because right now it has secured bipartisan support from Washington. It also need to attract the diplomatic and military support from the U.S. and from other Western countries to help Taiwan to deter a possible invasion from China. But on the other hand, Taipei government certainly doesn’t want that.

The warnings that that could scare of investments, especially soft investors, investment or for him, vestments. So Taipei officials, they have hope the U.S. could make a balancing act between the two things. One is that we could diversify the supply chain to have more manufacturing centers in different parts of the world.

But on the other hand, it also one the U.S. could focus that the efficiency part of the shift supply chain. It could have focused manufacturing and some parts of the world, for example, like Taiwan, so that we could have more efficient chips supply rather than just

Diversifying everything else. At the same time, the DPP government in Taiwan also need to face up upcoming presidential election in January. And right now, it’s facing accusation from opposition party like camp. Teachers say it risks hollowing out Taiwan. But by asking TSMC to invest in the U.S..




  1. The thing is DPP seem to be reactionary and regretful all along the way. The DPP do a certain thing first and then found out they made a bad decision years later.

  2. The US is no longer the undisputable boss of the ECS & SCS, especially in the 3rd decade of the 21st century and beyond

  3. Are you in the USA?
    Getting harassed, threatened, or censored for your views or comments on China?
    Online or offline
    The FBI is encouraging you to share the details with them.
    File a report. I've filed out many. You should too.

  4. Too late, the genie is out of the bottle. Taiwan will soon, if not already find out, American “love” and “support” for Taiwan isn’t really about Taiwan in the first place.

  5. Has Taiwan considered an undersea tunnel From Taiwans Nanao city to Japans furthermost Yonaguni Island in order to avoid a total blockade by the Chinese Navy? 121 Km of tunnel. – about 30-40 billion dollars

  6. Why cant we just do the old school way of your best fighter vs our best fighter scenario first to get knocked out relinquishes control of their governance of the area you run as you would but you now awnser to the opposing government. Lol just spitballing.

  7. US would rather burn down Ukraine and Taiwan rather than hand then over to Russia and China.

    When you sleep in a lions den so the wolves won't get you 😒 the lions eventually will.

    Don't trust me, look at Mother Nature and history!

  8. All the US announcements of war in 2025 or 2027 are preparing the American people for a war. It is hurting the political fortunes of the DPP party, because the people of Taiwan are afraid of becomming Ukraine 2.0. But China's economy continues to grow faster than the US and if the US waits too long the chances of winning diminishes to zero. So the Taiwnese people are justified in their fear of all these US announcements of war. But the worse thing for Pres Tsai's party in the 2024 elections is for the main campaign issue to be war or peace. For US neocons, time is not on their side. War has to happen sooner than later. Not just because China's GDP is growing faster but 80 countries have announced plans to de-dollarize. It may already be too late for the US to start and win a war with CHina. But the neocons will try hard to prepare.

  9. You can't make war for all countries and expect them to love you…

    You can't subdue countries with economic pressures and expect them to love you…

    You can't make coups and expect them to love you…

    You can't destabilize governments and expect them to love you…

    You can't enter countries to steal all their resources and expect them to love you…

    You can't drag all countries into your conflicts and expect them to love you…

    what happened to the nordstream? They left all of Europe without gas because a single country that doesn't even belong to that continent doesn't want Russia to be able to sell them gas…

    the people of the world see all those things and seriously still think that everyone loves them?

    The world wants peace, it wants them to stop meddling in their countries, in their politics, in their internal affairs…

    If the country of the dollar has a problem with another country then let them go fight alone

    do not drag others into your conflicts

    Why do you try to involve other countries in the problems that you cause?

    Who told you that other countries want to get involved in your problems?

    Who told you that the world wants to be dragged into its problems?

    Who told you that everyone wants to do what you do?

    Who told them that everyone agrees with what they do?

    do you want to make a war? do it in your own territory.

    of course, they love wars because they do it far from home

    but you are not going to fight them

    involve other countries in their conflicts

    Do you want to fight against another power? fight alone against that power

    One against one

    Why are they looking for 20 countries? Isn't that cowardice?

    20 against one?

    They are tired of threats, provocations, pressures, embargoes, sanctions, blockades…

    You have 800 military bases distributed all over the planet but you call the rest warmongers…

    Don't expect everyone to love you if you're doing those things…

    Ahhh of course, and all the countries are going to do all that just to please you? Do you see how you think? It's not just your government, you yourselves have imperialist attitudes, you think that the whole world is there to serve you and fulfill your mandates "we should ask india, mexico and africa to manufacture cheaply, that their salaries be a pittance to please us, that they make an effort so we can continue with our normal life without making any additional effort", do you understand what What happens with your thinking? They really have it very normalized that you should order things to other countries and that those countries have to follow their orders, they naturalize this behavior so much that it already seems to them something totally normal… and precisely for that reason it is that the countries want to get rid of the dollar, who told you that the other countries want to do all that for you? Would you do it to please other countries?

    Who told you that you are freedom and democracy?

    Who told you that freedom and democracy is what you say and how you say it?

    The world had agreed to use the dollar for international trade, not to use it as a weapon to threaten countries economically and politically so that other countries kneel to their interests, we want to live in peace, we don't want this anymore

    The dollar must stop being used in international trade since the issuing country itself does not use it for that but uses it as a geopolitical weapon

    the citizens of the country of the dollar must start working as does the rest of the planet

  10. Training every available civilian to use arms is indispensable for now! If China is to invade, they have to pass through every civilian that Carries arms! It will be Taiwan’s history: the formidable civilian army period

  11. The US would love China to go to war with Taiwan. It’s a win win for them. Chinese are sanctioned to oblivion, infrastructure damaged, China’s economy stalled, while the U.S. can get ahead and prosper by selling arms.

    Who looses most? Taiwan, island damaged and most people killed. If I were the US government, I would be stirring up trouble too! The #1 arms dealer in the world will never want peace!

  12. You get what you pay for Taiwan. You kept inviting a warmonger to solve your issue across the strait. How do warmongers solve problems? War!

    It's almost every of this warmongers allies turns a blind eye every single time the warmonger invades Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and etc. Let's not forget the assassinations and revolutions they've caused in almost all of South America and Africa.

  13. China repeatedly stated that they want peaceful re-unification. Instead of holding talks Taiwanese President kept provoking them. War is the worst outcome for this world for generations to come.

  14. Taiwan's people don't want to be next Ukraine, but the current government does not recognize that fact up till now that the poll showing that people of Taiwan does not war or been the victim of U.S-Sino politics.

  15. As one of the anti-fascist allies with the greatest casualties in World War II and as the first founding member to sign the UN Charter, China regards it as its sacred duty to defend the authority of the UN and maintain the post-World War II international order. China has the best record of compliance with the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, international law and the basic norms of international relations. We do not need to be reminded by any country or group of countries. There is a public debate as to who is using the UN when it is in agreement and abandoning it when it is not, who is undermining the international order, and who is engaging in hegemonic bullying and domination.

    Taiwan has been an inseparable part of China's territory since ancient times, and both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China, which is the history of Taiwan and the status quo of Taiwan. Taiwan's return to China is an integral part of the post-World War II international order, as written in black and white in the Cairo Declaration and clearly printed in the Potsdam Proclamation. Today, it is not mainland China that is breaking international rules, unilaterally changing the status quo, and destabilizing the Taiwan Strait, but the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces and the few countries that are trying to use "Taiwan independence". The rules, status quo and stability they define are in essence to hollow out one China and "peacefully split" China, to distort the history of World War II, to subvert the post-war order and to trample on China's sovereignty. China will never lose its land once it is recovered. The post-war international order has been established and will never be allowed to be subverted.

  16. Wake up Taiwan! America desperately wants a reason to have a war and they don’t care how many Taiwanese die in it😮😮😮😢😢😢

  17. The Taiwan invasion rhetoric comes from the US, not from China. The US intends to scare investors to move semi-conductor manufacturing out of Taiwan. The US does not care about Taiwan. Taiwan is just a pawn for US to stop China's rise. Stupid Tsai Ing-Wen.


  19. Biden Admin = Amateur's
    Like the way they drove the Saudis Away
    Please pump oil for us?
    Insults/demands/name calling

    Is the US run by Children?
    (I'm in the US)

  20. This is hilarious. After poking the dragon, Taiwan is now feeling the backlash. It’s pretty hard to put the tooth paste back into the tube. 😂😂😂

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