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Bloomberg: Russia Delivers Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Belarus

President Vladimir Putin said Russia has delivered its first tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, three months after announcing the plan that threatens to ratchet up tensions with the US and its allies over the war in Ukraine. Putin spoke at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Bloomberg’s Nick Wadhams reports.

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Vladimir Putin talking about the fact that he has now the country has now delivered uh his first nuclear weapons to its neighbor Belarus a move that clearly threatens to rash it up tensions with the United States and its allies regarding the war in Ukraine let’s get some more insights uh from Bloomberg’s

National Security reporter Nick Wadhams Nick how should we be reading this move well I think it’s a clear signal to Nato in the context of the Ukraine Invasion that Vladimir Putin is to be taken very seriously I mean look you know Russia already has nuclear weapons in kaliningrad which is further west than

Belarus so it’s not really something where he would obtain any strategic or tactical Advantage but it’s a warning shot across the bow as NATO the U.S and its allies uh boost you know successively more powerful weapons systems for Ukraine to repel the Russian invasion it’s it’s a sign that he means

Business so what does NATO do or the West do in relation to this well it’s a great question because you know NATO’s whole uh attitude all along has been we do not want this uh Ukraine Invasion to expand into a broader conflict both in uh in the former Soviet

Union area but also NATO more generally so everything they have done has been aimed at keeping this contained to the Ukraine area so they’ve really discouraged Ukraine from attacks in Russia and likewise have been very on the ball about trying to make sure that uh Russian missiles and things like that

Don’t fall anywhere else so they’re going to be on the lookout for that and try to prevent this from spreading into something wider escalate to de-escalate has been part of Russian thinking regarding how you use nuclear weapons um Kissinger was talking to Bloomberg a little earlier talking about the fact

That that Vladimir Putin would struggle if Ukraine were to win Nick is is that what we’re setting up for here is that ultimately the direction that Vladimir Putin is pointing us in well you know there there are a couple contextual things that are really important here so on the one hand the

U.S and other allies have really changed their own calculus on the risk of escalation so we’ve been told by numerous Administration officials that they essentially believe you know those concerns we had about escalation earlier that prevented us from sending some of those bigger weapon systems we’re not so

Worried about that anymore so you’ve seen you know f-16s and other more advanced you know Abrams tanks and things like that flowing into Ukraine because they’re not quite as worried now you know Ukraine obvious excuse me Russia responds and says okay well you guys said you’re not worried about

Escalation how about this uh so it’s really going to change a lot of those conversations in Washington and in in Europe uh trying to measure you know where this fits in whether this is in fact the escalation that they were so worried about




  1. France knew having nuclear weapons was necessary and they went against Usa to get it, De gaulle himself said Usa won't risk their rich cities like New York to save paris or Hamburg, or any country's cities for that matter.
    So it's either get nuclear weapons, or side with the power that has more nukes and is NEAR you.
    Europe HAS to make peace with Russia even if it means cutting off Usa's alliances, this nuclear umbrella that Usa provides is nothing more than a pipe dream of a protection.
    Uk and france have their insurance, I'm not sure about the rest of europe

  2. For Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, all their neighboring countries, Eastern, Western, and Northern Europe, China, N. Korea, the rest of the world, SGI and Japanese members,
    Urgent Topic : concerning the deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Belarus against Ukraine!

    For the perfect abolition of neclear weapons, it is essential for us to reform the human spirit thoroughly right now!

    Since the dropping of the A-bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 78 years ago, all the a-bomb survivers have enthusiastically appealed the abolishing the nuclear weapons, while transforming even their despair into their mission.

    The succession of such a magnificent challenge as our inner change like this, whle improving it to the relinquishment of war itself ———it is exactly the responsibility, duty and right that are imposed to us who are alive now.

    The desperate shout of adamant opposition in utilization of nuclear weapons and warfare are definitely neither simple sentimentalism nor emotional matters.

    It should be expressed as the supreme appearance of human's reason by which we closely observe the dignity of life.

    (to be continued to the next video)

  3. The nukes are pretty useless, even if the danger they pose is real. If Putin actually used nukes against another country, it would basically be the end for Ruzzia. Is he crazy enough to do such a thing? Would his inner circle prevent him? That is the question.

  4. Putin should order using nuclear weapons bcs we want western imperialists to be shutdown completely, we want equal right to people, countries and world at large,
    I'm from the Great continent of Africa especially from Somalia 🇸🇴❤

  5. The west in particular those politicians clossed to the weappon-industry created this and control the conflict outcome. Ukrania soverenity is no longer existing snd the radio active cloude will not affect USA directly in the first phase, Europe will. Whoever soon or later the hole planet will suffer the consequences of the next nuclear desaster.

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