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Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson on Stocks, Earnings, Fed, Bond Markets, Banking Sector

Morgan Stanley Chief US Equity Strategist Mike Wilson says we’re in a much more unpredictable world and that means higher risk premiums.
He says “financials have started to rephrase in a meaningful way — that’s one area for sure.” He speaks “Bloomberg Surveillance.”
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Mike I see a massive polarity in the equity markets right now it’s a select group of halves in everybody else dragging along looking for the next narrative am I right on that polarity yeah that’s right Tom I mean you know you guys were talking about the bond markets volatility here recently we’ve

Been focused on that too we think that you know the bond market is sort of jumping ahead of what the FED is saying and that’s the first time we’ve really seen that in quite a while meaning that the bond market is somewhat you know dismissing that that’s that plot which I

Find interesting because I think the equity Market may start to do that too and it’s already happening under the surface as you alluded to meaning small cap stocks and anything that sort of views lower quality or hat will have challenging but it needs Capital availability is is being punished and

Then we’re left with you know 20 stocks kind of carrying today I mean the 20 stocks carrying the day screams the roll up I’ve been talking about for six seven eight months with the interest rate regime that you studied at Michigan a few years back with that said is it a

Return to what you and I knew years ago or is this a new higher interest rate regime for the stock market well I think it’s a little bit of both I think what what it really is is it’s just a much less predictable world and this has been our theme for the last

Couple of years is that we’re entering a period of higher economic volatility right the last 20 years has been a world of repression where you know all of these metrics were somewhat predictable and that’s you know that’s for companies that’s for the FED itself that’s for investors and now we’re entering a world

Where it’s just not as predictable and that means higher risk premiums whether we’re talking about credit whether we’re talking about term premium in the bond market or we’re talking about Equity risk premium in our view you know I think people are operating as if we’re going to go back to that predictable

World and that’s I think misplaced a lot of people have been reading your prognostications of lower earning multiples for week after week after week the latest uh from you given the events of the past few weeks we think guidance is looking more and more unrealistic and Equity markets are at greater risk of

Pricing in much lower estimates ahead of any hard data changes my given that you’ve been saying this for a while and given the fact that the we have continued to see resilience in equities that refuse to go down how do you push back and say you guys are going to wake

Up it might not be yet even if we get disappointing earnings but you will well look we try to navigate that inside the equity market right so I mean last year we we saw a pretty big degradation in multiples but as we pointed out again today all that was due to higher

Interest rates none of it was due to higher risk premium which is the part of the multiple that is you know pricing in what growth is going to be now I would push back on the pushback which is that the market is starting to revalue or devalue what I would say the companies

That are most uh at risk of missing estimates as I mentioned earlier you know lower Quality Companies a more cyclical companies smaller cab companies are going to have a hard time with you know what’s going on the regional banking system so it is happening it’s just you know it takes a little bit

Longer and everybody you know kind of focuses on the S P 500 or maybe NASDAQ 100 as these kind of you know bastions of safety and that’s true until it’s not well okay so let’s talk about the repricing last year we were talking about big Tech and this year the

Repricing has been in the opposite direction I’m looking right now meta Facebook shares up more than 71 percent so far year to date Apple shares up more than 20 percent I mean basically pick your pick your poison and it’s up dramatically how do you push back against this against the recovery it’s

For the names that supposedly we’re going to come under pressure at a higher rate world well I think you said it right I mean these companies took their punishment last year because they were you know probably the tip of the spear in terms of you know evaluations out of bounds

When when rates went up they they took it first and you could argue that a lot of those uh groups or you know stocks and sectors that they’re in are in a recession already right they’re that’s the area we are seeing layoffs that’s the area we are seeing retrenchment on

Costs and and I think the I think the debate now Lisa is have those companies cut costs and gotten in front of it enough where they can now see earnings growth again I think there’s some appetite for that view uh that’s not our view our view is that there’s going to

Probably be more costs coming in that space because the male investment was just so egregious and the over earning was even worse so I think it’s just going to be kind of a drip drip drip um you know my suspicion is you know markets tend to figure this out ahead of

The actual numbers coming down and because the bond market just repriced itself overnight we think that risk for death Equity Market is elevated now more than a span for the last six or 12 months Mike you’ve been labeled a bear and I know what it is to be labeled to

Bear and then people think that everything you say is bearish no matter what I’m just saying even when potentially you do get constructive are there any areas that you think have sufficiently repriced where you’re starting to see opportunity well look I mean financials have started to reprice in a meaningful way you know

Now all these companies are going to have problems uh you know that we’re seeing in some of these so yeah I think it’s happening I mean another thing I would just point out is that you know financials tend to lead uh the overall Market but that’s one area for sure

Um some of the retail and some of the consumer areas have repriced they’ve been repricing for years you know we just added a name to our refresh running by list today it’s a retailer so you know I think these there are definitely areas and markets go through these

Periods which I call it a rolling bear Market rolling reception we’ve kind of I think uh came out with that view a few years ago now people have used it but you know that’s the way it works and and yeah we’re looking for opportunities now at the stock level but at the index

Level it just does not look attracted to us Mike Wilson the thing that’s different this time around is a pile of money in what’s called private equity private markets can they be a catalyst for a trip not like milking years ago but can they be a catalyst for a roll-up

Of all these troubled companies well look I mean first of all I don’t think there’s that many you know troubled companies I think we have a situation where valuations are out of bounds and we need to correct that um I absolutely think there’s tons of cash out there where there’s private or

Public money you know public money meaning asset owners it can come in at the right price and it will so whatever we’re going to get here in the next three to six months in terms of finally resetting the valuation appropriately getting estimates down I don’t think

We’re going to stay at very very low price levels for very long time we’re not in the camp that we’re in a secular structural bear Market it’s a cyclical bear Market has some some completion to it and your your question is really around is there enough cash and

Investable funds out there to kind of you know stabilize things and I think the answer is absolutely yes




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  7. The female anchor talks too fast and loud. She should take a breath and speak more casually, in addition write more concise questions versus wordy, loud and annoying.

  8. Do I really need Mike Wilson to tell me common sense? The Fed pumped Trillions into the markets at low rates pumping the market up artificially. Now there pulling out Trillions, deflating the market and raising interest rates! See Saw mentality! Do I really need Mike Wilson to tell me whats going to happen in the future? The Market is going to correct and tank hard to 3000 on the S&P 500. It is very obvious! There just waiting for the right geopolitical event to tie it to, like they always do. Lets see what they come up with this year. A new war. A false flag attack. An American plane shot down. Lets see what crazy situation the government think tanks come up with this time as the catalyst to take the stock market down and distract the peasants! It will be something off the wall as usual.

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  13. Who insured these failed banks? and now he's paying for it?
    We hear that Deutsche Bank insurance has become astronomically more expensive … but those have managed to get low rates including Credit suisse?

  14. Excellent video per usual<. I deeply respect how you keep emotion out of your analysis and outlook of the market, yet at the same time, work hard to create top-notch quality videos that are always so engaging. Recently I have been executing decent volumes of trade making a great ROI with strategy and insights from Judith Sherwood and it's been an amazing feeling doing it MYSELF. I have over 270k in USDC and it keeps growing with his approach. One has to work on it! Time in the market vs. timing the market. If you keep that mentality as an investor, you will stay calm during the storm!


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