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Bloomberg: India’s Junk Degrees Drag India’s Economy

Business is booming in India’s $117 billion education industry with new colleges popping up all over. But, thousands of young Indians are finding themselves graduating with limited or no skills, undercutting the economy at a pivotal moment of growth. Vrishti Beniwal reports on Bloomberg Television.
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Appreciate I’ve been to Monica’s point that what we have is the biggest deposit economy in the world. It’s got economic challenges and people need to have jobs. It needs to reap that demographic dividend. And to do so, people need to be educated. But there are so many degrees out there

And others, other things like that which are worthless. It’s a big business as a fraud, isn’t it? Shrub Yes, it is a big business. The VE colleges have been mushrooming in India and not all of this is fraud. There are cases of fake degrees, but the

Biggest problem here is what, worthless degrees, degrees, which are not helping you in getting a job. So we see colleges which are popping up in small apartment buildings, in shops and market areas, and a lot of students are going and getting admission in these colleges.

They are getting degrees at the end of it. But what are they getting, the real education? Are they being skilled? That is the question. So that is not happening. We spoke to a student who attended one of these colleges, heated civil engineering from there and really went

For a job interview. He was asked the time. Many bricks are needed to make out 10 by 10 June. And he had no clue about it. Naturally, he didn’t get the job. So you do the quality of cheap teachers. What in these qualities is for

The infrastructure? It is bad and students are virtually going to the college. They are getting a degree without even going to the college ones. So that is the root cause of a root cause of the problem here. Vista Hi, good morning, ma’am. How are you? I want to quote from what the Chinese

Foreign ministry spokesperson said yesterday with regards to this population issue to tide into your excellent education story as well. He said, I want to tell you that population dividends don’t only depend on quantity, but also on quality. You know, to do to sort of make

Highlight the gap between India and China, GDP book, capita income, the need for Skilling, the need for education and the need for this population number to work in India’s favor and not against. It relies very much on very big points that your story makes regarding education and skilling.

That’s a very valid point. NIKKEI. That’s true. China’s government after the U.N. released its population numbers. They said the size of population matters. But what matters more is the is the quality of workforce that you are creating. China is saying that they, the people in China have more no self years of

Education than in India. And India is still struggling to skill its workforce. It’s still struggling to give quality of education. And the problem is that companies are looking for people and there is a workforce. Millions of people are graduating every year and they are looking for a job.

So there is a problem on board the front. So India really needs to work fast. It’s running against time to address these issues. The question here is, would India get old before it gets rich?




  1. When we talk about quality education in today's scenario it basically means the one which produces skilled labour for the economy , which is useful for the society so its greed of consumption can be satisfied through enhanced production. We can call it market oriented but not quality education. In the ecomomic sense the whole world's education system is an assembly line which has parents and society/ economy on either ends
    And the child is raw material which is transformed into a finished product as per the demand and need of economy. After is comes out of assembly line it is purchased by economy through what we know as campus placement.

    But in ancient India real purpose of education was not consumption, but rather internal transformation.

    Value part is missing in today's education whether in India or elsewhere.

  2. The skill can be tought by industrial training… But what is more important is the TRUST which the world have now lost on the china…

    The "skill india" initiative by central govt is helping people to get the skill that is needed for the job…

    And the qualification which requires in high paying are being given appropriately by most of the universities in india…. And for low paying jobs industrial training and other govt initiatives to make the workforce marketable are there… Ofcourse the degrees should give some value to the person… And system has to be changed… But it's not the lost case as you guys are showing…

    And you being a Bloomberg will only lick the @ss of China…

  3. Wow ..looks like China is paying a lot of money for this propaganda from German media to bloomberg…just after india became worlds most populous country…china starts to discredit indian workforce…

  4. Recall that Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visited India last month to sign a "mutual recognition agreement" with counterpart Narendra Modi to expand work rights and immigration for Indians to Australia.
    India is renowned for churning out degree shovelware and fake qualifications whose holders will now be able to work in Australia under this mutual recognition agreement. Noting that India’s tertiary education is way inferior to Australia’s, with their best university ranked at a lowly 415th in the world (and the lowest at 1994th!).
    With this mutual recognition agreement, Anthony Albanese has green-lit a tsunami of fake ‘skilled’ migrant arrivals from India that will undercut Australian workers, suppress wage growth and exacerbate housing and infrastructure strains across Australia.
    Young Australians will be shut out of rental accommodation and jobs by Indians that are prepared to work for much lower wages. Older Australians will also find themselves increasingly unemployable over 50.

  5. I think this paid india journalists who defame india might got fake degree and Bloomberg America propaganda media appointed a fake degree holder indian girl as employees, this same Bloomberg was jealous of adani, today jealous of india growth,

  6. You are correct in saying that the lack of quality education in India is a significant problem. We are still relying on the outdated education system that the British used, which produced mostly clerical job seekers to help sustain their empire. After independence, our educational institutions, industry, and government should have worked together to invest more in research and development, facilitated patent rights, institutions for industry technology transformation, and set up more incubation centers. Schools should have provided industry-oriented vocational training like Germany does. Unfortunately, our government has failed to do any of this due to a lack of political will and a focus only on winning elections. Our policymakers have been selfish from day one of independence, and they still are today. Instead of hard work, we have chosen shortcuts, copy-pasting, and gimmicky policies. As a result, China is now taunting us with the quality vs. quantity argument, and instead of working hard and taking criticism, we are making excuses. Some people even say that 'if the enemy criticizes you, it means you are making progress.' The bottom line is that we have become a nation of excuse makers.

  7. What kind of idiot is this Anchor to call every Indian graduate degree is fraud, A four year Degree needs to many semesters, practical exams and internals to pass.,though the education is not focused majorly on Practical implementation but theoretically lot of knowledge is gained which should help graduates to quick start careers as freshers . I feel the questions asked here by the news anchor are biased and racist.

  8. actually millions of humans will soon replaced by robot . even in china big factories now run 60% of robotic manufacturing and 45% small medium business run in robotic ( as per ft ) so, as chat gpt evolve 6th industrial revolution will happen. even bank jobs will be replaced by 90% workforce.

    see now less banks are goes for hiring. jp morgan is reducing mass layoffs . so world ia changing to robotic manufacturing

  9. Junk degrees are a big problem in Western countries as well. In the US students take huge loans to attend subpar universities and can never get a job after that.

  10. Western channels bring some reporters from india only to humiliate india.
    India has problems but not all these are india specific

  11. Height of the wall divided by the height of a brick times length of the wall divided by the length of the brick times four minus the same calculation for doors and windows 😂 Civil Engineer should know all of the construction standards xd It is not an easy question. I am not a civil engineer though just used to play Minecraft a bit 😂

  12. Junk degrees are a huge problem in america as well. There is a reason we have a massive student debt crisis. Millions of students in US have graduated with junk degrees which get you no real job. Just look at all liberal arts colleges and degrees they churn out.

  13. Always wrong reporting,u will never understand the real problem. problem in India is not unemployment ( it is,but not that extent),problem is low wages & another biggest or "main problem" is that everybody wants govt job( bcoz high salary ,stability,less work pressure/ time,more holidays,lucrative perks,& social respect).& The govt,no govt can give job to all in such a large population.crux of matter is this.

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