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Bloomberg: Disney Sues Florida Governor DeSantis

Walt Disney Co. sued Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, alleging he’s threatening billions of dollars in business as retaliation for the company speaking against his policies. Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports.

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Meanwhile let’s get back to some breaking news because an extraordinary step being taken by Walt Disney Company suing the Florida governor Ronda Santos alleging he is retaliating against the company for speaking against his policy but they say this is threatening billions of dollars in its business now they say it threatens Disney’s business

Operations jeopardizes economic future in the region and violates its constitutional rights as we see it’s not having much of an overall effect on the shares but they say it’s a threat to void publicly noticed in duly agreed contracts with remember an awful lot of employees in the region 75 000 people

Employees at Disney World this is all an escalated dispute over that five-member board that DeSantis appointed oversee government services at Disney World




  1. Disney provides support for homosexual and transgender communities.
    Homosexuals and transgenders hold meetings and events in their theme park and most of their movies depict them!

  2. It’s true that conservatives believe in small government and business autonomy, but that belief is challenged when a privileged corporation vows to repeal a law you just fought for and passed.

    DeSantis just reminded Disney that FL is not obligated to continue its special privileges. A corporation didn’t win any election to express the will of the people. If they want to wade into politics and promise to overturn state laws, they can still operate in the state and say anything they want, but they should expect NO special favors.

  3. It's interesting how Republicans has just changed tort claim liability laws just right before this lawsuit was filed because the Governor's efforts very closely resemble not just government overreach but a tort claim it self ,the fact witch will decide the merits of this case that moody have no explicit knowledge or record what exactly Desantis is doing practically behind her back, Disney is doing the right thing because under article 3 a governor can not play a fishing expedition and say things that ah we just going to build a private prison there and have geo group run it the way they have been run other private prison systems, eversince Trump stole the executive branch of the government Republicans has been pushing an agenda how to substantiate something called intent and potentially disguise it as evidentiary,i mean this is like Merlin is trying to reach the moon in a jetpack instead hitching a ride on one of NASA's spaceship is so unreasonable plus it cost millions of tax payer dollars 💰.

  4. How can you say after 50 years "we want to change the rules" DeSantis can't be trusted. He's making a name for himself on the backs of all Disney's hard work.

  5. Not only is DeSantis going to be humiliated before the US Supreme Court, he faces the possibility of being banned from Disney parks…and that would really piss his wife off. What have you done Ron, what have you done…

  6. Florida tourism is facing another huge threat from
    Sargassum on the beaches, but Little Ronnie is busy fighting the mouse and flying to Iowa!

  7. It's about time disney defended itself
    Desatis, the great american commie!!
    VOTE!! straight blue in every election and put an end to the republican party for their continued dirty deeds to the american public..
    VOTE!! put up or shut up.

  8. DeSantis: petty petty petty. And obviously personally threatened by LBGTQ.
    I hereby nominate Sanctimonious as the first recipient of the Golden Spoon — with which to eat his pudding — at a ceremony next week at the state’s gay haven aka Key West.

    Haley: grandstanding. The cost of replicating Disney or similar would cost billions.
    And where was she before when she was in SC govt. and should have been creating more opportunities for employment? More political BS…

  9. Mr DeSantis, rather than building a jail next to Disney which will scare no-one, can you build low income housing around them instead? Who is going to dodge drug addicts to get to a theme park?

  10. TIme for Disney to stop being creepy and grooming kids. Also time for them to start paying their fair share like everyone else.

  11. This attack on a company for having a different opinion than the government is something I would expect to see in Russia or North Korea. Not something I would expect to see here in the US. Shameful …and scary where we seem to be heading..

  12. Its a CLEAR case of a SPECIFIC person (Ron DeSantis), SPECIFICALLY discriminating in SPECIFICALLY an illegal way and SPECIFICALLY stating his grounds for his SPECIFIC Federal civil rights violations against Disney, its business and its people.

  13. It doesn’t matter if Disneybthinks they are above the law . Florida agreed to those terms many moons ago . Too late to change the legislation . It’s binding . Too bad so sad Desackless

  14. DeSantis thought he could pick a fight with Disney then before the dust settled he’d be POTUS , sadly the poll numbers don’t look good for DeSackless . Now he’ll lose the POTUS nomination , lose the battle with Disney , lose the governorship and then trump will rub his sack across Ron’s Mouth for good measure . How embarrassing it will be when desackless loses everything and his respect .

  15. ?? Seriously folks, just how obnoxious and greedy is the Disney CEO and the shareholders, to think they are an untouchable state within Florida, (like the divine Pope in Vatican City,) and that Disney will simply pay taxes if and when they choose. (I am unaware of any company in America that has the legal right to operate its own government or maintain special privileges not held by other businesses in the country.) Disney needs to be reminded they are not above following the rules like everyone else and just because they have gotten away with not paying their share of taxes, for decades, doesn't make it acceptable business practice.

  16. Florida Voters GREATLY APPRECIATE DISNEY for taking a stand AGAINST the Greedy Egomaniac R D!!! Get That CROOK OUT of Florida!!!

  17. Disney has a right to free speech. Desantis has publicly said that he was going after Disney for expressing their views. Clearly, this is a government attempt to silence and punish a private company. Disney will win this one.

  18. Desantis has explicitly stated he’s doing this for retaliation, and even wrote it in his book, I think Disney has got this in the bag 😂

  19. Trying to pull another Fox News type of situation and outcome. Confident psychopaths. Now who would he have to fire to satisfy, and from where the money for the millions in settlement? Lol That was quick. Thank you God. Then again it's about children's wellness, not perverse hedonistic adults, including greedy doctors.

  20. They're suing the Florida government because the governor removed their ability to self govern which they should have never had. Instead of working with the leaders of the new district, Disney decided to abuse their power once more before the new members started working.

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