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Bloomberg: China Economy: Exports Tumble 9.9% in Dec. as Global Demand Falls

China’s exports in US dollar terms fell 9.9% in December from a year earlier as global demand continued to drop off, adding to pressure on the economy as it charts an uncertain path out of Covid Zero. Enda Curran reports on Bloomberg Television.

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Chinese exports fell by nearly 10 percent in dollar terms in December that’s as Global demand continued to drop off the decrease was less than expected but the government warned foreign trade will still face pressure in 2023. for more on this we are joined by Bloomberg’s in the current in Hong Kong

And for you the key takeaways from this data set then I think you can’t look past that big job and Export to Tom as you know trade in merchandise Goods has been such a pillar of China’s economic growth since the pandemic began but now that story is

Well and truly come off the boil also by the way Imports into China quite weak that’s reflecting the weak consumer story there a weak demand for either raw materials or components you needed to make other products in China so the trade story is weak it does of course

Also reflect some of the covert disruption that was impacting industrial production towards the end of last year but right here right now and let’s say China seems to be navigating the the move away from covert zero at least somewhat okay on the industrial front obviously it is a Public Health crisis

But at least on industrial production side seems to be a little bit better than expected but you know all told the trade story is certainly a soft one if not a negative one at a time when people are pointing to bright spots for China’s economy in the year ahead




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