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Bikepacking Adventures in the Highlands Unlocked by Markus Stitz


Markus Stitz is not your typical German. He grew up behind the Iron Curtain until he was 10, and his career and life are not typically German. He is more likely to be found on the wild trails of Scotland, including the vast hill tracks and drove roads of the Highlands. Markus Stitz is a bikepacking adventurer, filmmaker, writer, and founder of Bikepacking Scotland. He creates routes for destination organizations and writes for magazines. Markus has explored Scotland by bike touring or bikepacking and has just written his second solo book, Bikepacking Scotland, which features 20 multi-day cycling adventures “off the beaten track.”

An Honest Opinion: Markus Stitz Opens up a World of Bikepacking Adventures in the Highlands.

Scotland has a lot more to offer bike tourists and cycling enthusiasts than just trail centers and mapped routes. It has an intricate network of long-distance routes that can be nice for long-distance travel. Bikepacking has become a way for people to explore Scotland’s vast and breathtaking landscapes, and Markus Stitz has played a significant role in exposing this outdoorsy gem to the public.

Markus has put together bikepacking and mountain biking routes in Scotland, including the new “Coast to Barrel” route, which starts at the railway station in Kyle of Lochalsh. He’s made adventure cycling accessible for everyone, particularly those with an interest in sustainable, eco-friendly travel. This is a positive way to help Scotland reach its carbon reduction targets, which Markus believes are attainable through promoting adventure cycling and bikepacking.

Scotland’s Network of Historical Pathways

Markus discovered Scotland’s network of historical pathways when he picked up a leaflet in the Borders while on the Scottish National Trail. The leaflet included a route on a drove road, something he didn’t have any knowledge of until then. Markus got hooked after riding the route, and it opened up his imagination to what more there is to Scotland than just the trail centers and mapped routes.

Markus linked together many of these tracks and trails, some of which he admits to needing to push the bike a little, in his book. There are plenty of suggestions in the Highlands, including a number starting from Inverness and using the train as a means of getting about. Markus believes that adventure or access to the outdoors shouldn’t depend on owning a car and strongly advocates for exploring Scotland’s bike trails as a sustainable and eco-friendly travel alternative.

The Bikepacking Community

Markus loves the bikepacking community, describing it as a big family where everyone knows each other. It is a grassroots, friendly community that welcomes everyone new to the sport. Markus is passionate about adventure riding and cycling, and he wants to share that passion with others.

Markus encourages people to get out and explore their surroundings. Whether you’re cycle touring or bikepacking, the name is not important, as there is so much overlap between the two. It’s all about exploring Scotland’s fantastic landscape on a bike. Markus wants to promote Scotland and its cycling trails as a destination for people from all corners of the world, particularly those seeking adventure.

Related Facts

– Markus Stitz cycled around the world on a singlespeed bike from 2015-16.
– Markus Stitz has lived in New Zealand, New York, and San Francisco but currently calls Scotland his home.
– Bikepacking Scotland features 20 multi-day cycling adventures “off the beaten track.”
– Markus Stitz is a filmmaker, writer, and founder of Bikepacking Scotland.

Key Takeaway

Markus Stitz is making sustainable, eco-friendly travel accessible for those seeking adventure and exploring Scotland on a bike. He’s linking Scotland’s vast network of historical pathways and creating bikepacking and mountain biking routes for everyone to enjoy. Markus is a valuable promoter of adventure cycling and bikepacking and advocates for accessible and sustainable exploration of Scotland’s breathtaking landscape on a bike.


Scotland has many hidden gems that Markus Stitz has helped draw attention to through his passionate advocacy. Markus enjoys exploring Scotland’s vast network of historical pathways and creating bikepacking and mountain biking routes. Markus’s work exposes Scotland’s rich cycling opportunities and promotes sustainable and eco-friendly travel through adventure cycling and bikepacking. Markus is making Scotland accessible to those seeking memorable and adventurous experiences.

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