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Bear Grylls’ Diet: Meat, Blood, and Bone Marrow

Bear Grylls on His Meat, Blood, and Bone Marrow Diet: Why He Ditched Veganism

Bear Grylls, the adventurer and television host, has recently made headlines for ditching veganism and embracing a meat-heavy diet that includes a lot of red meat, salted butter, eggs, fruit, and honey. His new diet, which also includes regular consumption of blood and bone marrow, has surprised many people, particularly those who knew him as a vegan who once wrote a cookbook on the subject. In this article, we explore why he made the switch and what it means for his health and the environment.

The Embarrassment of Veganism

Grylls acknowledged in a recent interview that he used to be a vegan and even wrote a cookbook on the subject. He said that he promoted the lifestyle because he believed it was good for the environment and his health. However, over time, he realized that he was “wrong on both counts.” He now feels “a bit embarrassed” about his past advocacy of veganism.

The Benefits of Meat

Grylls claims that his current diet has given him more health benefits than his past veganism ever did. He believes that red meat, blood, and bone marrow are more nutrient-dense than vegetables. He emphasizes that he listens to his body and nature and eats more naturally, avoiding processed foods, bread, pasta, and even vegetables. He believes that his diet, favored by our ancestors thousands of years ago, has improved his vitality, wellbeing, strength, skin, and gut.

The Problem with Vegetable Oils and Processed Vegetarian Food

Despite eating a mostly meat-based diet, Grylls still cares about the environment. He believes that one of the worst things for the environment is food that contains palm oil and soy oil, as they strip rainforests and kill many animals in the process. He also criticizes processed vegetarian and vegan food that contains seed oils, calling them “horrific and so processed.”

The Ancestral Way of Living

Grylls’s diet is part of his larger philosophy of “finding a more ancestral way of living.” This philosophy includes how we manage stress, sleep, and train, as well as our environment. Simple things like getting outside and enjoying fresh air and getting sun on your face are all crucial parts of this philosophy. Grylls believes that resistance training, rather than just cardio work, is important as we age.

Related Facts

  • Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse gases from global food production and causes twice the pollution of production of plant-based foods (Source: Nature Food).
  • The HSE recommends eating vegetables every day.

Key Takeaway

Bear Grylls’s switch from veganism to a meat-heavy diet has caused controversy, but he believes that his new diet has improved his health and wellbeing. While his diet may not work for everyone, the larger philosophy of “finding a more ancestral way of living” has resonated with many people who are looking to live a more natural, healthier lifestyle.


Bear Grylls’s story is a reminder that our dietary choices are personal and that what works for one person may not work for another. While there are environmental and health concerns associated with the meat industry, it’s important to find a balance that works for our own bodies and values. We can all learn from Grylls’s commitment to listening to his body, finding a more natural way of living, and making his health a priority in his life.

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