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BBC News: Is it possible to attain your degree through ChatGPT?

Op-Ed: Can You Pass Your Degree Using ChatGPT?

As exam season starts, students are constantly on the lookout for an edge. Could ChatGPT, an AI tool that simulates human-like language and answers questions, be the answer they are looking for? Champions of the system suggest that universities should teach students to use it appropriately. But, there is a growing concern that students could be cheating without realizing it.

ChatGPT is a potential tool for answering assessment questions with multiple-choice and straightforward answers. However, essay and critical thinking questions remain challenging for the AI technology. Although the tool may be promising, educators are uncertain as to when and how ChatGPT can be used in examinations.

One major issue that has been discovered is that ChatGPT sometimes produces answers that are not written in the style of a student, but rather resemble that of a GCSE pupil. This similarity to high school level work should serve as a warning to those considering its use as a cheating tactic.

In addition, it appears that students are unsure when they can use ChatGPT, as evidenced by interviews with students. And if their university policy concerning ChatGPT and other AI tech is vague, it can be an ethical quandary for students who are unsure whether to use it, or even how.

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan praised AI for the instructional support it can provide, but she has not addressed ChatGPT’s role in the current educational scenario. However, marketing professors have already utilized ChatGPT in assignments which ask students to create marketing plans. They believe that ChatGPT could help ignite creative sparks in students who are struggling to begin their work, which is helpful in starting things off.

Nevertheless, ChatGPT cannot substitute critical thinking and demonstrate actual learning, as it simply provides ideas and guidance. Kim Watts, one of the professors who uses ChatGPT in her courses, emphasizes that ChatGPT prompts and answers will be submitted as an appendix to ensure that students’ original work is evident.

Considering all of this new technology’s potential pitfalls and benefits, how will universities balance their students’ academic needs and technological advancement? Although students may benefit from ChatGPT’s guidance, as well as neurodivergent students and those whose first language is not English, educators must set limits on the use of such technology to ensure fairness and promote true learning. Until university policies become properly defined, students need to think critically and consider carefully before using such AI technology.

Related Facts:

1) ChatGPT is an AI technology that simulates human-like language and can answer questions, including ones that may require longer essays.
2) Some students are unsure when and how to use ChatGPT in exams, and it is uncertain when universities will implement clear policies about the tool’s usage.
3) Although ChatGPT can provide helpful guidance, it cannot pass a degree as it does not demonstrate critical thinking or represent true learning.

Key Takeaway:

ChatGPT is a promising AI tool for students who need help beginning their coursework or for those who struggle with writing and communication. However, it should not be used to replace actual learning experiences or promote lazy thinking.


AI Technology has become an essential aspect of modern-day education. However, its implications, along with potential pitfalls, have not yet become clear. ChatGPT is an AI tool that could revolutionize education, but until universities develop clear policies concerning its use, students must think and make wise decisions regarding its employment in their academic endeavors. To pass a degree, students need to apply critical thinking and creativity, genuineness, and originality, rather than merely copying the AI-generated answer.

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