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BBC News: Home Damaged by Green Insulation Scheme

“Green Insulation Scheme Has Wrecked My Home” – BBC News

It’s a headline that may leave homeowners across Scotland questioning whether energy efficiency measures are worth the risk. A government scheme to retrofit older homes with cavity wall insulation, designed to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty, has left homeowners in East Kilbride with persistent damp and mould growth – and no end in sight.

Blaan Paterson, a local resident, has been battling his local council for nearly a decade, claiming that the insulation job carried out by contractors has ruined his property. He has spent £4,000 on reports that point to a mix of rock wool and polystyrene insulation, along with a botched removal, as the cause of the problem. South Lanarkshire Council argues that it was carried out by contractors as part of a Scottish government scheme in 2011, which aims to make homes more energy-efficient.

However, Mr Paterson and more than a dozen other residents in his neighbourhood have reported similar problems after the scheme was launched. Many have spent thousands of pounds trying to fix the problem, but with little success.

The case of Mr Paterson is a stark warning to policymakers that well-intentioned schemes like UHIS can have unintended consequences. It poses questions about the level of due diligence carried out by the authorities that oversee these programmes and the contractors that carry out the work. It’s a cautionary tale about the importance of getting it right when it comes to energy efficiency measures.

Related Facts:
– The Universal Home Insulation Scheme (UHIS) was launched by the Scottish government in 2011, with millions of pounds spent on retrofitting older homes with cavity wall insulation to make them more energy-efficient.
– The Scottish government faces criticism that the scheme was rolled out too quickly and without sufficient due diligence or oversight.
– Carillion Energy Services, the contractor responsible for carrying out the installation works, went into liquidation in 2018.
– Insulation professionals have raised concerns that green schemes may result in poorly placed cavity wall insulation and insufficient ventilation, leading to dampness and mould growth.

Key Takeaways:
– Energy efficiency measures have an essential role to play in reducing carbon emissions and addressing fuel poverty, but caution must be exercised when retrofitting older homes.
– Homeowners must be adequately informed about the potential risks and benefits of any insulation measures proposed, along with any potential drawbacks or side-effects.
– The authorities must ensure that contractors carrying out such work are appropriately qualified and certified to deliver on schemes like UHIS.
– Where significant problems arise, there must be prompt, effective, and accessible dispute resolution mechanisms so that homeowners can seek redress for any damage or harm to their property.

The case of Blaan Paterson and others like him serve as a reminder that policymakers must proceed with caution and diligence when rolling out green schemes like UHIS. While tackling climate change and fuel poverty are essential goals, the risks associated with poorly executed retrofits are undeniable. Moving forward, authorities must work with industry experts and homeowners alike to ensure that any future schemes are based on solid research, adhere to strict safety and quality standards, and provide sufficient support for those affected by negative side-effects. Ignoring these considerations could lead to serious and long-lasting consequences for Scotland’s residents and the environment.

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