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Batteries News: Introducing Sensmet – The Latest Technology for Retrieving Precious Metals from Mine Water

Sensmet – New Technology to Recover Valuable Metals from Mine Water

As the world continues to rely on minerals for the production of gadgets, cars and other sophisticated devices, mining companies have come under increased pressure to treat their waste effectively. They must ensure that water resources are not contaminated and that toxic substances do not leach into the environment, including the atmosphere, soil and waterways. However, mining companies must also find ways to make their operations more sustainable and cost-effective by salvaging valuable materials contained in waste waters. This is where Sensmet comes in.

Finland-based Companies Tackle Water Treatment Challenges of End-of-Life Mining Sites

Weeefiner and Sensmet, two technology providers based in Finland, recently announced a collaboration to tackle water treatment challenges posed by end-of-life mining sites across the world. Weeefiner’s innovative water treatment solutions, including the 4D Scavenger technology that extracts dissolved metals for reuse, are being tailored to meet the specific needs of the mining industry. Meanwhile, Sensmet is providing online measurement technology to enable continuous process control. The companies have received funding from Rio Tinto Group’s sustainable water treatment challenge program.

A More Sustainable Approach to Water Treatment

The standard method of water treatment at mining sites has typically involved decontamination by precipitation, which requires large amounts of chemicals and has a heavy carbon footprint. This process also results in sludge that must be disposed of. Weeefiner’s highly selective 4D Scavenger technology reduces the downstream water treatment burden while recovering valuable metals. With the IRU (Intelligent Recovery Unit), mining sites will be able to produce sustainable raw materials while satisfying regulatory requirements, according to Mikko Hänninen, Weeefiner CEO. The technology offers a sustainable approach to mining waste and water treatment.

Continuous Monitoring and Control for Optimal Performance

IRU’s performance requires continuous monitoring and control to optimize its efficiency. Sensmet’s µDOES® analyser offers real-time, simultaneous quantification of dissolved metal concentrations, such as Ni, Co, Li, Mn and Cu in hydrometallurgical processes and mining waters. The µDOES® enhances the IRU by measuring metal concentrations both before and after 4D Scavenger® treatment, enabling automated process optimization. This feature reduces costly delays and laboratory analysis, both of which are essential in remote sites. The technology enhances efficiency in mining and battery recycling, among other industries.

Key Takeaways

Mining sites typically use methods such as precipitation to decontaminate water, which result in costly disposal sludge.

Weeefiner’s 4D Scavenger technology extracts valuable metals and reduces water treatment burden, resulting in sustainable raw materials.

Sensmet’s µDOES® analyser offers real-time, simultaneous quantification of dissolved metal concentrations in hydrometallurgical processes.

The collaboration between Weeefiner and Sensmet offers a new, more effective and sustainable approach to mining wastewater treatment.

Related Facts

The development project is a collaboration between two Finnish companies: Weeefiner and Sensmet. They are working on an IRU (Intelligent Recovery Unit) that will recover metals from mining-impacted water to produce sustainable raw materials.

Weeefiner’s 4D Scavenger technology targets and extracts dissolved metals for reuse and reduces the downstream water treatment burden.

The µDOES® quantitative analytical tool from Sensmet provides automated process optimization for the IRU collaboration.

Rio Tinto Group’s sustainable water treatment challenge program provided funding for the collaboration project.

The µDOES® analytical tool from Sensmet has demonstrated its advantages in real-time analysis of metal concentrations in various industries.


Water treatment methods at mining sites have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, as the need for sustainable technologies intensifies. Weeefiner and Sensmet, with funding from Rio Tinto Group’s sustainable water treatment challenge program, are developing a more effective, cost-efficient and sustainable way to treat mining-impacted water while salvaging valuable materials. The collaboration will lead to the production of sustainable raw materials while satisfying regulatory requirements.

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