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Avoid These 9 Decor Mistakes That Could Be Shrinking Your Home’s Space

9 Decor Mistakes that are Making Your Home Look Smaller

As someone who has moved around quite a bit, I know the struggle of trying to make a small space look bigger. But after some trial and error, I’ve discovered that some decor mistakes are making your home look smaller. Here are nine decor mistakes to avoid if you want to maximize your living space and add more style.

Heading 1: Wrong-sized furniture

Choosing the wrong-sized furniture is a common decor mistake that can make your home look smaller. Furnishings that look cramped in a room can take up valuable space and make a room feel cluttered. Before buying any furniture, check the dimensions to ensure that they fit your space. Using an AR app like IKEA Place can help you visualize how a piece of furniture will look in your room.

When it comes to sofas and armchairs, choose ones with narrow arms and raised on taller legs. This will create the illusion of a bigger room, and allow natural light to flow better. Circular tables or glass or reflective surfaces are also a great option for making a smaller space look bigger.

Heading 2: Too much furniture/furnishings

It’s easy to get carried away with the latest trends and buy things on impulse, but splurging on new furnishings just for the sake of it can make your home look cheap. When possible, streamline your large furniture to avoid overcrowding and keep pieces minimal. Keep your interior scheme simple and stick to neutral styles, tones, or accessories that will be timeless years later. You can always add bursts of bold color in soft furnishings or accessories. Remember, less is more.

Heading 3: Too many patterns

Matching different patterns together can make your home look smaller and busy. Instead, decorate with solid block colors and only use a limited color palette. Throw in a few select patterns as a subtle addition rather than a heavy overkill.

Heading 4: Dark walls

Although darker paint tones have been rising in popularity, dark walls are also known to make a small room look smaller. Instead of painting all the walls in a dark color, paint just one feature wall or single area. This not only avoids drowning a room in darker tones but also adds a stunning, bold color and character in a neutral space.

Heading 5: Too many pictures on the walls

Pictures on the walls can add a personal touch to the home, but there is a danger of going overboard with gallery walls, making your home look smaller. The key here is balance, and experts recommend the ‘odd number rule’ when hanging pictures. Stick to three or five on one wall, or even one large frame. This rule is considered to be more visually appealing and looks less cluttered. If hanging two pictures side by side, make sure the frames are identical and hung at the same height.

Heading 6: Not making use of vertical space

Not utilizing wall/vertical space is another common decor mistake that can make your home look smaller. Furniture doesn’t always have to be spread out and on the ground. Depending on how strong your walls are, you can easily wall mount floating shelves, cabinets, or storage units to free up valuable floor space.

Related Facts:

– A well-designed home can improve the quality of your mental health and lifestyle.
– Avoid heavy pieces of furniture and cumbersome sofas, especially in compact rooms.
– Experts recommend using lighter colors to make a room look bigger.

Key Takeaway:

Making a small space look bigger can be a challenge, but avoiding these common decor mistakes can make all the difference. Always check the dimensions of any furniture or decor before buying and stick to a minimal, timelessly styled interior. Use vertical space to free up valuable floor space, and remember to use color to your advantage.


Creating your ideal home is all about maximizing your living space and adding more style. By avoiding these decor mistakes, you can prevent your home from looking cramped and small. Remember, it’s about working with the space you have and using it to your advantage. With a clever layout, savvy storage, and the right color scheme, you can make even the smallest room look bigger.

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