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Angela Yee Talks About Adopting a Plant-Based Lifestyle and Her Top Vegan Dishes

Interview: Angela Yee Discusses Plant-Based Living And Her Favorite Vegan Meals

Angela Yee, the popular radio personality and co-owner of Juices for Life, recently appeared on the Black Vegan Cooking Show with Chef Charlise Rookwood to celebrate Black Women’s History Month. The episode saw the two whip up a range of vegan dishes, including Buffalo cauliflower and zucchini, banana blossom “FISH FRY,” and vegan bread pudding.

MeccaGodZilla, a writer for Plant Based News, spoke with Yee about plant-based living and her career. Yee highlighted the importance of promoting healthy habits and the role that artists and businesses like Juices for Life play in promoting plant-based living.

The intersection of plant-based living and Hip Hop culture

Yee emphasized the role that Hip Hop artists can play in promoting a healthier lifestyle to their fans. She noted that many people watch what celebrities are doing, and if they see them living a certain lifestyle and promoting it, they are more likely to follow suit. Yee cited examples such as NLE Choppa’s vegan lifestyle and Jeezy’s weight loss journey as proof of artists leading the way. She believes that the earlier people start practicing healthy habits, the better it will be for them in the long run.

Yee also acknowledged that people’s upbringing can significantly impact their eating habits. She stressed the importance of making healthy options more accessible, especially in communities that lack access to nutritious food. She pointed out that there are more vegan options available now than ever before and that businesses like Juices for Life are playing a crucial role in promoting plant-based living.

The impact of Juices for Life on the community

Yee spoke at length about Juices for Life, the coffee shop, and her fresh juice company, Drink Fresh Juice. She said that with the coffee shop, she strives to offer a lot of vegan options to encourage people to expand their palates and try different things.

Yee emphasized that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless and that her juice bars offer a range of delicious, healthy drinks that people will love. She believes that by expanding people’s palates and showing them that healthy food can be tasty, businesses like Juices for Life can inspire people to make healthier choices.

Yee’s favorite vegan meals

When asked about her favorite vegan meals, Yee named quinoa, zucchini, squash, and veggie stir fry as some of her go-to foods. She also talked about the importance of sauces and how they can make a meal more enjoyable. She mentioned that she recently tried and enjoyed vegan mayonnaise, which she never used to eat before.

Related facts

– Angela Yee is a co-host of iHeartRadio’s The Breakfast Club.
– The Black Vegan Cooking Show episode featuring Angela Yee can be viewed online.
– NLE Choppa, Jeezy, and Styles P are all Hip Hop artists who promote healthier lifestyles.

Key takeaway

Celebrities and businesses like Juices for Life play a crucial role in promoting plant-based living. By showcasing tasty and nutritious options, they can inspire people to make healthier choices and expand their palates. Angela Yee is a vocal advocate for plant-based living and believes that healthy habits should be taught early to improve individuals’ long-term health outcomes.


Angela Yee is a champion of plant-based living and believes that everyone should have access to nutritious and delicious food options. She exemplifies how celebrities and businesses can positively impact communities by promoting healthier lifestyles and expanding people’s palates. The interview highlights the importance of making healthy choices more accessible and encouraging people to start practicing healthy habits early to benefit their health in the long run.

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