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AI Plan Revealed by White House Prior to Meeting with Tech CEOs

White House Unveils an AI Plan Ahead of Meeting with Tech CEOs: What You Need to Know

The White House has recently introduced a series of measures and policies to address the challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI). With the sudden popularity of tools such as ChatGPT, the government aims to mitigate the potential risks of AI, including discrimination, misinformation, and privacy concerns. This move comes as the US government plans to shape how federal agencies procure and use AI systems, which could significantly influence the market for AI products, and the way Americans interact with AI in various settings.

The National Science Foundation will spend $140 million on promoting research and development in AI, which will be used to create research centers for AI applications in areas like climate change, agriculture, and public health. The government’s plan coincides with a UK government inquiry into the risks and benefits of AI, highlighting growing global concerns around the technology.

The plan announcement took place the same day Vice President Kamala Harris, and other officials met with the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, ChatGPT-creator OpenAI, and Anthropic to emphasize the importance of ethical and responsible AI development. The government has emphasized that companies must ensure their products are safe and secure, and they protect people’s rights before deploying or releasing them publicly.

The government officials cited several risks posed by AI, including the potential use of AI-created deepfakes and misinformation that could undermine the democratic process, significant job losses linked to rising automation, biased algorithmic decision-making, physical dangers arising from autonomous vehicles, and the threat of AI-powered malicious hackers.

President Joe Biden stopped by the meeting for a surprise visit and has also been briefed extensively on ChatGPT, even testing it himself. In a White House readout following the meeting, the government stressed the need for balancing the benefits of AI advancements with mitigating the risks posed to individuals, society, and national security.

The Key Takeaway

The US government has moved to prevent the potential risks posed by AI by introducing several measures and policies, including shaping how federal agencies procure and use AI systems, spending $140 million on promoting AI research and development, and emphasizing companies must ensure their products are safe and secure. The wide range of risks posed by AI, from deepfakes to algorithmic decision-making to autonomous vehicles, highlights the need for a comprehensive response to tackle AI’s potential dangers.

Related facts

– The rise of AI has led to several governments expressing concerns over the technology’s potential risks and dangers.
– The UK Government set up an inquiry into AI’s risks and benefits to understand the opportunities and risks posed by AI’s increasing use.
– AI has led to significant job losses in several sectors, particularly in areas like manufacturing and retail, leading to concerns over AI’s long-term impact on employment.


The US Government’s recent measures on AI highlight the growing concerns regarding AI’s potential risks and dangers. By prioritizing ethical and responsible AI development and promulgating policies that shape how federal agencies use and procure AI systems, the government aims to ensure the benefits of AI advancements are balanced with mitigating potential risks. Companies must also take responsibility for the safety and security of their products, emphasizing proactive measures to mitigate any unintended consequences of their AI tools.

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