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Advancing Healthcare Digital Transformation through Video

VIDEO: Moving Digital Transformation Forward in Healthcare


The field of radiology has seen a significant shift in attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the last few years. At the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), conversations have moved from discussing AI as a vague concept to exploring how it can save time, improve diagnoses, and increase efficiency. According to radiologists and industry leaders, AI is here to stay, and its biggest impact will be improving workflow for a small number of radiologists and helping doctors in rural and developing countries.

The Latest Trends and Technologies

Radiologists are keen on discussing how specific AI algorithms can help them. AI gives them additional confidence in their diagnoses, and it can even assist readers who may not be experts in the exam type they are reading. The biggest challenge in implementing AI in hospitals is integrating it into existing workflows. To address this, several vendors have created AI app stores that allow AI apps to integrate directly into radiology workflows.

There are now hundreds of AI applications that perform a wide range of analyses. These apps fall into two broad categories: AI to improve workflow and AI for clinical decision support. Several vendors are using AI to consolidate all patient information, such as prior exams and reports, in one location and presenting it in a digestible format. AI is also being used to automate measurements, advanced visualization, and image reconstruction.

AI is also helping simplify complex tasks and reduce the amount of time spent on involved exams, such as 3-D breast tomosynthesis and manual image reconstruction. Vendors predict that AI’s future lies in automation to improve image quality, simplify manual processes, and provide new ways to analyze data.

Related Facts

– AI applications are gaining regulatory approval from scores of imaging vendors
– AI can help augment and speed workflow for a small number of radiologists and help doctors in rural and developing countries
– AI is being integrated directly into several vendors’ imaging systems

Key Takeaway

The healthcare industry must embrace AI to improve diagnoses, increase efficiency, and accelerate progress. Radiology can benefit significantly from AI to simplify complex processes, pull together patient information, and provide new ways to analyze data. AI is here to stay, and the industry must work collaboratively with vendors to integrate AI into existing workflows.


AI is rapidly advancing in the field of radiology, and its potential to streamline complex workflows, save time, and improve diagnoses is enormous. Radiologists have embraced AI, and industry leaders predict significant advancements in the coming years. The industry must work collaboratively with vendors to integrate AI seamlessly into existing workflows to capitalize on its full potential.

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