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Addressing Force Design technological requirements, Marine Innovation Unit takes charge of the pending ones

Marine Innovation Unit Tackles Some Remaining Force Design Tech Needs

The U.S. Marine Corps has recently inaugurated its Marine Innovation Unit (MIU) at the Stewart Air National Guard Base in New York. The reserve formation has been hailed as the service’s problem solvers who have already achieved some early and significant accomplishments. The MIU’s primary objective is to pull together Marines who have expertise and connections in the world of business management, cyber, artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, venture capital, and more. This expertise will support the active component that currently needs these skills to stay technologically ahead of the Chinese navy.

The Unit’s Strength

The MIU commanding officer, Col. Matthew Swindle, revealed that the unit would have about 270 reservists by the end of the fiscal year, compromising 80% officers and 20% enlisted Marines. Rank and occupational skills were irrelevant in selecting who could join, and about 1,000 Marines applied. They were each evaluated based on their education and experience from their day jobs. Unlike most reserve units, the goal was unique, and this created a diverse but resilient unit that could handle the Marine Corps’ needs.

The MIU’s mandate is simple; get the job done. The bulk of the work will center around requests from active-component Marine commands. MIU members will help characterize specific problems and then scour their networks to see if anyone is working on a suitable solution. If there is no existing solution, MIU will reach out to industry vendors who can rapidly solve the Marines’ needs.

Early Wins

Just before the celebration ceremony, the MIU recorded its first significant win. This achievement directly supports the service’s Force Design 2030 modernization effort, as the Reserve’s 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion was facing cuts. In seeking a new mission for these reservists, the Marine Corps decided to transition the legacy assault amphibious vehicle unit into one that would experiment with small craft in support of the new Stand-In Forces and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations concepts. MIU’s role was to help the Marine Corps to find these small craft. In a year, MIU had successfully identified four vendors, a process that might have taken four or five years under traditional acquisition models.

The MIU already has over 130 projects in various stages of completion. Many of these projects are focused on information management, as the Marine Corps collects large amounts of data but cannot use it. There is also a need to conduct rapid acquisition efforts effectively but finding it challenging to get started. One of the ongoing projects is the deputy commandant for information, who is currently working on significant intelligence that comes in.

Key Takeaway

MIU is the Marine Corps’ solution to finding the skills and assets needed to innovate quickly to meet evolving threats. It is a clear and vital example of the need to adapt technology and processes to embrace change. The Marine Corps, like other military branches, finds it challenging to keep up with the rapid speed of technological advancements in various areas like cyber, AI, and robotics. By bringing talent from a wide range of expertise together, it redefines how defense organizations can innovate and improve the military’s capability.

In conclusion, the MIU is expected to have a significant impact on the Marine Corps and the Military as a whole. The identified challenges, like information management, which affects other defense organizations, cut across the military. The MIU’s goal isn’t just finding immediate solutions to existing problems; it’s also aimed at creating lasting solutions that will redefine how each defense department operates.

Related Facts:

– The MIU is inspired by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and was created by the Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro two years ago
– The Unit’s primary task is to help characterize specific problems and work with other innovation centers, like the Strategic Capabilities Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Army Futures Command.
– The MIU has an active component to its team that needs to stay technologically ahead of the Chinese navy.
– The formation of the MIU reflects the US military’s need to embrace technological advances to meet the evolving threats to national security.
– The Marine Corps must embrace change and adapt processes and technology to drive innovation.

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