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A modern-classic blend is seen in the $3.5M Boot Ranch property located near Fredericksburg.

$3.5M Boot Ranch Home near Fredericksburg Mixes Modern and Classic

A $3.5 million modern country home in the high-end Boot Ranch development near Fredericksburg has been the subject of great interest since its completion. The owner, Matthew Mabery, who also runs the luxury home construction company that built over 40% of the homes in the area, fell in love with the home once it was completed. With the savings that come with being the contractor, Mabery has turned down offers as high as $7 million from potential buyers. The Boot Ranch development initially stumbled after being marketed to the uber-rich but repositioned itself with smaller lots and is now a thriving community

The Design

The house design meshes modern with classic, with influences from German architecture and limestone rock work. The modern element is evident upon entrance, which boasts a steel front door facing a wall of glass, providing an impressive and unobstructed view of the backyard pool area and canyon below. The interior has a relaxed modern aesthetic, seen in the dining area, which can comfortably accommodate ten guests, and the shiplap walls in the TV/family room that add texture to space without adding color.

The standout design features are in the great room’s side table that comprises a heavy blue stone top on a reclaimed wood base, measuring seven feet long by two feet wide. The home’s quartzite-topped kitchen island measures six feet by eight feet and has an overhang to provide seating for four. The standout feature, however, is the magnificent primary bathroom with honed marble flooring and walls and a pair of quartzite-topped vanities with oak cabinetry.

The Backyard

The house overlooks the Boot Ranch golf course, and the backyard has a luxurious pool with artificial turf and cast concrete stepping stones. The area has a magnificent view of the canyon below. The design inspiration for the backyard is a blend of classic and modern styles, with the sundeck and stepping stone walkway being of modern influence.

Related Facts

  • Boot Ranch’s development initially failed and was forced to declare bankruptcy due to marketing to the uber-rich.
  • The area is now thriving after repositioning itself by targeting smaller lots and has eight out of ten residents coming from Austin.
  • Mabery Contracting built over 40% of the homes in the development.
  • Melissa Mabery sought Home Simple Goods + Design help to complete the home’s design features.

Key Takeaway

The blending of classic and modern architecture in one home design is a beautiful merge. The simple addition of shiplap walls adds texture to a room without adding color, while the blue stone top of the great room’s side table adds character to space. The backyard combines the two styles to create a perfect blend with the luxurious pool and view of the canyon below.


The Boot Ranch home’s design elements seamlessly integrate modern and classic styles and provide a visual appeal that makes the home’s high price tag understandable. Matthew Mabery, the owner of Mabery Contracting, has turned down offers as high as $7 million, underscoring the value of this home design and the Boot Ranch development.

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