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A Minimalist’s Guide to Starting a Collecting Hobby

How to Have a Collecting Hobby If You’re a Minimalist

The concept of minimalist collecting might sound contradicting at first, but there is a surprising amount of overlap between the two interests. Both are based on a thoughtful curation of the objects you keep in your home. In this article, we will share tips from collecting and decorating experts on what and how to collect to maintain a minimalist mindset.

Understand the Minimalist Mindset

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that is more about mindset than following strict rules. The goal of minimalism is not just to get rid of material possessions, but to make room for more important things in life, such as experiences, creativity, and contentment.

Collect Only What You Need

One easy way to combine collecting hobbies and minimalism is to collect practical items such as kitchenware, furniture, or vintage clothing. Collectors who are on the hunt for mid-century furniture, or 1940s tea towels for dishwashing are just a few examples. The key is to curate your collection slowly and deliberately, in line with your own needs and lifestyle choices.

Collect What You Love

Collectors can also focus on decorative items such as stamps, coins, pottery, toys, and sports memorabilia. The best way to approach collecting is to be discerning when selecting objects and showcasing them in your home environment. When you focus on collecting items you truly love, you increase their impact and bring more joy into your home.

Key Takeaways

– Minimalism is a mindset, not a list of hard-and-fast rules.
– Collect items that fit your lifestyle and needs, whether that be practical or decorative.
– Slowly curate your collection of things you truly love and that bring you joy.


Minimalist collecting is a thoughtful lifestyle choice that allows collectors to showcase items they love, while also maintaining a minimalist mindset. By being discerning and intentional with your collection, you can create a beautifully curated home environment that reflects your personal taste and values.

Related Facts

– Collecting does not have to be based on quantity, but rather quality.
– Minimalist collecting allows collectors to focus on what they truly love and need, without cluttering their living spaces.
– By being intentional with what you collect, you can elevate your daily life with beautiful and useful objects.

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