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A Guidebook on Touring and Mental Health: A Blessing for Musicians and Crew

Touring and Mental Health Manual Is a Godsend for Musicians and Crew

As a musician, I know firsthand how difficult touring life can be. The constant traveling, performing every day, and separation from loved ones can take a toll on one’s mental health. When I left my band due to chronic injuries and mental health issues in 2006, there was little support available for touring professionals. However, things have changed for the better with the release of a comprehensive resource for understanding the unique challenges that touring professionals face – the “Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual” by Tamsin Embleton.

Understanding the Challenges of Touring Life

The manual is an encyclopedia of self-care for touring professionals, covering every conceivable challenge one may experience on tour. From relationship strain to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and from addiction to eating disorders, the book offers solutions specific to the lifestyle of performers and production crew. It comprehensively discusses the preparation and recovery involved in peak performance, media readiness, and post-tour letdown, making it a must-read for those in the industry.

As Embleton describes, touring life is an accumulative stress experience that can be a triple threat to one’s health, affecting the physical, psychological, and relational aspects of self-care. The manual dispels the romantic notions of life as a touring performer and educates artists about the difficult realities of this lifestyle. Many entering the field of performance may be unprepared for the challenges that come with it. Beyond informing the public, the book offers specific solutions to these very common eventualities.

The Value of the Manual

The manual has contributions from psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches, medical professionals, and academics, as well as first-hand accounts from many artists and touring professionals. It combines the knowledge of specialists in their respective fields with the experience of those in the industry, creating a uniquely specific set of data, descriptions, and solutions relevant to the problems presented by the touring lifestyle.

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway praises the manual, saying, “Touring and Mental Health can really help us all navigate the darker moments and the bumps in the road out on tour. The insights, wisdom, and strategies from the mental health and medical experts, the tour crew, and musicians in this book are invaluable. It should be the first thing we all pack when we head out on the road.”

Related Facts

– Live Nation recently purchased 3,000 copies of the manual with plans to place the book in dressing rooms across its venues worldwide.
– The book covers not only mental health but also physical, sexual, and nutritional health.
– Embleton’s Music Industry Therapist Collective provides a unique counseling resource for artists and industry workers.
– The manual contains a range of self-help exercises and samples of what a wellness plan might look like for touring individuals.

Key Takeaway

The “Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual” is a must-read for anyone in the music industry who wants to prioritize their mental and physical wellbeing while on tour. It offers resources, insights, and specific strategies to help musicians and crew navigate the unique challenges of this lifestyle.


As someone who has experienced the difficulties of touring life firsthand, I wholeheartedly recommend the “Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual.” It represents a significant step in acknowledging and addressing the mental health challenges of musicians and crew. With the support of resources like these, those in the industry can take better care of themselves, prioritize their wellbeing, and continue to create the music that inspires us all.

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