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A $45k Budget: The Story of a Korean-Singaporean Couple’s Chic Mid-Century Modern Home

Living in Orchard, Singapore is a dream for many, but it’s not for everyone. However, this Korean-Singaporean couple found their dream home in this vibrant neighbourhood and created a stylish mid-century modern home with a budget of only $45k.

The Search for the Perfect Home:
Y and A were initially looking for properties in neighbourhoods like Bukit Timah, Tiong Bahru, Bishan, and Redhill. However, when they came across their current home, a two-bedroom unit in Draycott Eight, right behind Tanglin Club, they immediately fell in love with the floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a treetops view from their apartment. The squarish layout with two rooms and a big living/dining space was perfect for the couple’s creative ideas, and the greenery visible from the full windows gave a light and airy vibe to the place. Moreover, the place is a seven-minute walk away from the main Orchard shopping belt, yet hidden in the back, making it convenient yet away from the hustle and bustle.

Their Renovation Journey:
Y and A had a budget of $80k to $90k, including renovation and furniture, but they didn’t believe in heavy renovations. They planned to split the budget between $30k for renovation and $50k for furniture, with a $10k buffer. However, they only spent $38k on renovation and $45k on furniture, saving on furniture as they kept all the original built-in appliances and successfully sticking to their initial allocation. They invested more in furniture as they would be able to move with them to their next home and needed their home to be easily resellable if they decided to move. Moreover, the unit they bought was in very good condition, so there was no need to do heavy renovation either.

Design and Style:
Y and A’s place hints at mid-century and cosy wooden vibes. They kept most of the existing design and furnishings of the original place while trying to add in their colour, picking tones that would complement the existing features. They used Instagram home furnishing accounts to create a mood board of their own, but it was challenging because most of these houses probably have a 10 times higher budget than theirs. As a result, they decided to keep the overall layout and wall tiles of the bathrooms but changed the floor tiles and cabinets to give it a refresh.

Related Facts:
– Singapore’s Orchard Road is one of the most famous shopping districts in the world, with over 5,000 establishments.
– Draycott Eight is a 136-unit freehold condominium completed in 2006.
– Buying a home in Singapore usually involves a 5% to 20% down payment and a maximum loan of 75% of the property value.

Key Takeaway:
Living in an expensive neighbourhood like Orchard does not mean heavy renovation is necessary. It is essential to stick to your budget and determine priorities to create a comfortable living space. Keeping the existing features as much as possible and investing in furniture may also make the home resellable in the future.

With a budget of only $45k, this Korean-Singaporean couple successfully created a stylish mid-century modern home in Orchard, one of Singapore’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. They kept most of the existing design and furnishings of the original place while trying to add in their personal style and colour. Their home renovation journey proves that one can stick to their budget and create a comfortable living space without heavy renovations.

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