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7 Alternatives to Burial or Cremation: Transform into a Diamond or Launch into Space

Become a Diamond or Get Launched into Space — 7 Alternatives to Burial or Cremation


When it comes to death, most people think of the traditional options of burial or cremation. However, with increasing awareness about the environmental impact of these methods, people are looking for more eco-friendly and unique alternatives. In this article, we will discuss seven nontraditional options for final arrangements.

Human Composting

Natural organic reduction, or human composting, is a new method of body disposal that involves placing the body in a steel vessel and covering it with biodegradable materials. The body naturally decomposes over a period of 30 to 45 days. While it may sound strange, this method is more environmentally friendly than traditional burial or cremation. Recompose, a company that offers this service in Washington State, claims that their process uses 87% less energy than traditional methods and can save one metric ton of carbon from entering the environment. The cost of this service starts at $7,000.

Cremation by Water

Alkaline hydrolysis, or water cremation, is an environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation. In this process, the body is placed in a solution of water and alkaline chemicals that accelerate natural decomposition. After a few hours, the body is reduced to bone fragments and sterile liquid effluent, which can be safely disposed of down a drain. Pisces, a funeral home in Los Angeles County, offers this service for $3,850. This method is more energy-efficient than flame cremation and does not release harmful emissions.

Tree Burial

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint beyond your time on Earth, consider a tree burial. Funeral homes and cemeteries across the state offer memorial trees where cremains are mixed with soil to grow a tree on the cemetery grounds. Hollywood Forever’s Ancestral Forest Project in Los Angeles allows cremains to be planted with the roots of a new tree or adjacent to an existing tree of your choice. The cost of this service starts at $6,600. Through their Heritage Program, you may have your cremated remains placed in a space adjacent to an existing mature tree. This method is a beautiful and sustainable way to memorialize your loved ones.

Become a Diamond

Have you ever thought of becoming a diamond after you die? Algordanza, a Swiss company, can turn your cremated remains into a diamond that can be worn or kept as a keepsake. The process involves compressing the remains under high pressure and temperature for several weeks. The resulting diamond can range in color from white to blue to black and can be set in a piece of jewelry. While this method is pricey (prices start at around $2,500), it is a unique and meaningful way to remember your loved ones.

Shot into Space

If you’re looking for a truly unique way to dispose of your remains, you can have them launched into space. Celestis, a company that specializes in space memorial services, can place a small portion of your cremains into a capsule that will be launched into space. The price varies depending on the service, but it starts at around $1,000. This method of body disposal is both distinctive and otherworldly.

Cryonic Preservation

If you’re not quite ready to leave this world, you can choose cryonic preservation. This method involves freezing your body shortly after death in the hopes that medical technology will someday be advanced enough to revive you. This method is highly controversial and has many ethical and scientific concerns. Additionally, it is also very expensive, with costs ranging from $28,000 to $220,000. Despite these concerns, cryonic preservation is still an option for those who believe in the possibility of future revival.

Body Donation

Another way to dispose of your body is to donate it to science. By doing so, you can help advance medical research and education. There are many organizations, such as Science Care and the Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois, that accept body donations. The organizations will usually cover the cost of transportation and cremation after they have finished using the body. This option is both altruistic and economical.

Related Facts

– 60.5% of respondents to a survey by the National Funeral Directors Association were interested in exploring green funeral options.
– The median cost of an adult funeral in California that includes a viewing, ceremony, and burial is $7,225. The median cost for cremation services is $6,028.
– Natural organic reduction (human composting) is legal in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Vermont. California will make it legal by 2027.
– California legalized water cremation in 2017.
– Cryonic preservation has a success rate of 0%, with no evidence to support its effectiveness.

Key Takeaway

There are many nontraditional and eco-friendly options available for final arrangements. From human composting to space burial, these methods offer a unique and sustainable way to dispose of our remains.


Death is a difficult topic, but it’s important to consider and plan for our final arrangements. With increasing concern about the environmental impact of traditional methods, many people are turning to nontraditional and eco-friendly options. Whether it’s human composting, water cremation, or tree burial, these methods offer a sustainable and meaningful way to remember our loved ones.

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