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6 Practical 2-Bedroom Condo Layouts that Offer the Ideal Design

The two-bedroom condo layout can be a tricky space to work with, as it accommodates various residents, from young couples to retirees and even single homeowners who seek more space. Many two-bedroom units are barely larger than their one-room counterparts. Yet, some condos excel in providing layouts that appeal to residents seeking practicality without sacrificing on style and space. Here are 6 ideal 2-bedroom condo layouts that don’t compromise on practicality.

Belmond Green 990 sq ft:
One of the best family-friendly layouts can be found at Belmond Green. Conveniently located along Balmoral, the two-bedders here can accommodate three or four occupants, thanks to a large master bedroom that can house two persons, and a second bedroom spacious enough for two beds. Additionally, there are three toilets, making it very generous for a two-bedder. Families willing to combine the kitchen and dining room can create more space in the living room, making it large enough to accommodate a small study area.

City Lights 893 sq ft:
The layout at City Lights is excellent for a small family, as the second bedroom can easily hold two beds. This layout is efficient, opening up the living and dining space into the two bedrooms without the need for a long corridor, but some owners may not like the cramped dining area on one side of the living room. Highlights include the concealed air-con ledge and the two functional kitchen walls. The utility room may be adequate for some as a space for their domestic helpers, but others might use it for additional storage.

Tresor 1012 sq ft:
The Tresor’s two-bedder layout has one unique feature; it features three toilets, including one next to the service yard, which is quite generous. The kitchen provides a lot of functional space with an L-shaped layout on the right and a wall on the left. However, the master bedroom might not appeal to everyone, as it has a passageway running past the en-suite bathroom, which some might consider inefficient as it could get blocked. The AC ledge is well-tucked away and out of sight.

Waterina 969 sq ft:
Waterina’s two-bedder has an enclosed kitchen, which is quite rare to find in two-bedders today and a service yard. It’s a versatile layout with plenty of square spaces that make room for a variety of interior design styles. The living room opens right into the master bedroom, without the need for any corridor space, making it quite efficient. With two functional sides in the kitchen, residents can create a lot of space.

Costa Rhu 1345 sq ft:
One feature that doesn’t appear on the floor plans at Costa Rhu is the full view of the Kallang Basin, which most units, including the two-bedders, are angled to take in from the living rooms. Though not as efficient as newer dumbbell layouts, this older layout has a foyer for the private lift, instead of a front door opening directly into the living room. The enclosed kitchen might suit residents who dislike contemporary open-plan kitchens. The master bedroom comes with a walk-in closet, making it a highlight of the layout.

Related Facts:
– Developers design an average of 2-3 bedrooms in new condos
– Young couples between 20 to 30 years old prefer two bedrooms and below for their first homes
– Two-bedroom condos are suitable for small families, singles, roommates or even elderly homeowners seeking space and convenience
– Two-bedroom layouts range from 700 to 1,000 square feet, with older developments having more spacious layouts

Key Takeaway:
Finding a practical and functional two-bedroom condo layout doesn’t mean sacrificing on space or style. Several condos offer excellent layouts that cater to residents’ needs while allowing them to customize spaces to their liking.

For young couples, singles, small families or retirees seeking two-bedroom condo layouts, options are plenty. Among the top layouts discussed in this article, some older developments such as Belmond Green and Tresor offer spacious and family-friendly arrangements. On the other hand, Waterina offers a versatile layout that allows for various interior design options. Regardless of personal preferences, two-bedroom condo layouts offer a practical and stylish solution for residents seeking space and convenience.

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