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14 Must-See Stories in Tech News This Week

This Week in Tech News: 14 Stories You Need to See

Introducing the most newsworthy stories from the technology industry this week. From major executive appointments to groundbreaking AI solutions and the rise of streaming, here are the highlights.

1. IBM Consulting Collaborates with Microsoft to Help Companies Accelerate Adoption of Generative AI
IBM Consulting and Microsoft join forces to launch the Azure OpenAI Service, a managed AI service that enables developers and data scientists to leverage large language models for generative AI use cases.

2. PayPal Names Alex Chriss as Next President and CEO
Following an extensive search process, PayPal appoints Alex Chriss as its new CEO, looking to drive growth and innovation in global payments and technology.

3. Deloitte Expands Strategic Alliance with NVIDIA to Unlock Value of Generative AI Across Enterprise Software Platforms
Deloitte and NVIDIA deepen their partnership to explore the transformative potential of generative AI in improving business operations and reinventing work processes.

4. AustinGIS, Sky Packets, and Lumen Collaborate to Revolutionize Smart City Infrastructure and Connected Experiences
The collaboration between AustinGIS, Sky Packets, and Lumen aims to bring next-generation technology to urban centers, enhancing quality of life and enabling efficient management of city assets and resources.

5. Norton Preps Parents with Crash Course in Best Back-to-School Practices
Ahead of the back-to-school season, Norton provides parents with essential tips on keeping their children safe online, addressing concerns around online threats and school technology policies.

6. Streaming Climbs to Record High in July, Linear TV Falls Below 50%
According to Nielsen’s July 2023 Report of The Gauge™, streaming platforms continue to gain popularity, surpassing linear TV usage for the first time as broadcast and cable networks reach record-low shares.

7. Talon Aerolytics Unveils AI-Powered Solutions to Revolutionize the Wireless Telecom Industry
Talon Aerolytics introduces groundbreaking AI solutions that leverage data analytics and predictive modeling to transform the way carriers and tower owners validate asset inventory in the wireless telecom industry.

8. Viasat Real-Time Earth Opens Ground Station in Japan
Viasat establishes itself as a global leader in Ka-band support for low earth orbit (LEO) missions with a new ground station in Hokkaido, enabling the downlink of payload data for government and commercial satellite programs.

9. Globant Launches Microsoft Studio for Businesses to Embrace the Cloud and AI Revolution
Globant expands its partnership with Microsoft, offering comprehensive solutions to help businesses embrace cloud migration, data analytics, enterprise services, and app modernization.

10. GoDaddy Studio Adds AI-Powered Instant Video Capabilities for Entrepreneurs
GoDaddy Studio introduces Instant Video, an AI-powered feature that empowers entrepreneurs to quickly create engaging videos to promote and grow their businesses.

Related Facts:
– The rise of streaming platforms is causing a decline in traditional linear TV viewership, prompting networks and advertisers to adapt their strategies.
– AI-powered solutions are revolutionizing various industries, including wireless telecom, with improved data analytics and predictive modeling techniques.
– Partnerships between technology giants, such as IBM and Microsoft, are driving innovation and accelerating the adoption of transformative technologies.

Key Takeaway:
This week’s tech news highlights the continued momentum of generative AI, the growth of streaming platforms, and the industry’s focus on enhancing security and safety in online environments. The partnership between major players in the tech industry indicates the collective effort to drive innovation and embrace the cloud and AI revolution.

In conclusion, the technology industry is abuzz with major developments, from leadership changes to groundbreaking AI solutions, as the world continues to embrace digital transformation. As streaming surpasses traditional TV viewership, businesses are finding new ways to engage audiences and leverage the power of AI to drive growth and innovation.

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