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12 Must-See Tech News Stories of the Week

This week’s technology press releases include a new generation spatial reality display from Sony Electronics, an AI-powered gaming platform from Skillprint, and a new phone from Motorola: the moto g power 5G. Meanwhile, BlackBerry introduces an industry-first integrated solution to assure secure bi-directional response communications during cyber incidents, and CTA launches a film series exploring the impact of accessible and inclusive technology. However, concerns are raised about the use of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT in elementary schools and its potential to harm intellectual development. TikTok continues to extend its domination, while Live Nation Entertainment and PayPal sign a multi-year deal to expand simple and secure payments to fans buying tickets worldwide.
Related Facts:
– Palantir and Microsoft expand their cloud partnership to public sector customers.
– Stratolaunch completes its third captive carry flight with Talon-A vehicle.
– Mobile behavioral data from Measure Protocol shows TikTok users spend an average of 9.5 hours per week on the app.
– Surgent Accounting & Financial Education introduces new courses addressing ChatGPT/artificial intelligence and how to prepare for a banking crisis.
– ChatGPT performs poorly in logic games, mediocre in logic reasoning, and scores best in reading comprehension.

Key Takeaway:
New technology releases continue to disrupt various industries, from gaming to virtual reality. However, as new technology evolves, there are also concerns regarding its impact on intellectual development and privacy. Furthermore, collaborations between companies like Palantir and Microsoft and Live Nation Entertainment and PayPal are expanding the reach and security of their services.

As technology continues to advance, it’s important to address the potential harms and benefits it may bring. Industry leaders aren’t just commercializing new technology releases, but also promoting accessible and inclusive technology to benefit society as a whole.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
Denk Liu is an honest person who always tells it like it is. He's also very objective, seeing the situation for what it is and not getting wrapped up in emotion. He's a regular guy - witty and smart but not pretentious. He loves playing video games and watching action movies in his free time.


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