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10 Must-See Tech News Stories of the Week

This Week in Tech News: 9 Must-See Press Releases

The technology industry had an eventful week with various companies launching AI-powered learning tools and a new AI-guided travel show. Here are the top technology press releases from the week that you shouldn’t miss:

Google Cloud Launches AI-powered Solutions to Safely Accelerate Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine

Google Cloud launched two AI-powered solutions to safely accelerate drug discovery and precision medicine. The Target and Lead Identification Suite helps researchers better identify the function of amino acids and predict the structure of proteins. The Multiomics Suite helps companies design precision treatments by accelerating the discovery and interpretation of genomic data.

The FutureList Launches to Connect Africa’s Tech Startups to Global Investors

The African Leadership International (ALI) launched The FutureList platform to map insights and trends of African technology startups, investors, accelerators, incubators, and innovative multinational corporations. This will help connect Africa’s tech startups to global investors and create new opportunities for business growth.

SAP and Microsoft Collaborate on Joint Generative AI Offerings to Help Customers Address the Talent Gap

SAP and Microsoft have joined forces to help companies address the gap between skills they have in their workforce and the skills they need for the future. They aim to optimize how companies recruit and hire new talent in today’s competitive market, as well as deliver learning and development programs to help employees grow.

Cedars-Sinai to Send Stem Cells to the Space Station to Aid in the Advancement of Stem Cell-Based Therapies

Cedars-Sinai will send stem cells to the International Space Station to produce larger quantities of stem cells. Microgravity conditions on the ISS enable three-dimensional cell growth that more closely resembles how cells grow in the human body. This makes microgravity an ideal platform to produce stem cells to improve treatments and patient care on Earth.

edX Debuts Two AI-Powered Learning Assistants Built on ChatGPT

edX has launched two AI-powered learning assistants, ChatGPT and edX Xpert. The ChatGPT plugin enables users to seamlessly discover educational programs across edX’s library of 4,200 courses. The edX Xpert, an AI-powered learning assistant, provides learners with real-time, personalized academic and customer support while they engage in online coursework from leading universities and institutions worldwide.

World’s leading Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX to support Connected Nation & Newby Ventures in closing the Digital Divide in the US

DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, will help Connected Nation & Newby Ventures in closing the digital divide in the United States. The initiative aims to provide people and businesses in American cities with better internet performance, faster, lower latency, more resilient, and more secure access to content, clouds, and applications.

DataChat Releases Generative AI Tool to Help Users Find Insights

DataChat and Ask have introduced a generative AI tool that helps users find insights while taking care of data privacy and security. The tool ensures transparency of the steps performed and provides “human-in-the-loop” validation and feedback to improve future outcomes.

GuideGeek, Michael Motamedi Team Up for First Travel Show Where AI Calls All the Shots

GuideGeek and Michael Motamedi have launched No Fixed Address, an original web series in which Michael, his wife, and 18-month-old daughter travel the world for more than six months. They use GuideGeek’s AI travel assistant to make every decision along the way, from what countries to visit, to where to stay and eat.

Parks Associates: 72% of Smart Home Product Owners Are Concerned With Personal Data Security

A recent Parks Associates study showed that 72% of smart home product owners are concerned with personal data security. The study revealed that many consumers don’t know how to properly manage and secure their devices, leaving them at risk for identity theft, fraud, and invasive data collection.

Cognizant Launches Cognizant Neuro®️ AI Platform to Help Companies Responsibly Deploy Generative AI at Enterprise Scale

Cognizant launched Cognizant Neuro®️, an AI platform to help companies deploy generative AI at an enterprise scale. The platform provides a collaborative solution with subject-matter experts, architects, data scientists, and stakeholders to monitor model behavior and ethics.

Related Facts:

– AI-powered solutions have become a necessity for precision medicine.
– The competitiveness of today’s market requires learning tools for employees.
– Many people don’t know how to manage and secure their smart home devices.
– Cognizant Neuro®️ aids responsible deployment of generative AI.

Key Takeaway:

The use of AI-powered solutions in precision medicine and learning assists is becoming more common. The significance of AI extends beyond the tech industry as it provides opportunities to enhance healthcare and education. However, it’s crucial to take personal data security into account while using such devices. The deployment of generative AI should be efficient and responsible using a collaborative solution.

In conclusion, this week in tech news was eventful with numerous AI-powered advancements and innovative travel solutions for the future. As technology further advances, it’s critical to be aware of personal data privacy and security issues associated with these devices.

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