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10 Essential Tech News Stories You Must Read This Week

This Week in Tech News: 10 Must-See Stories

As the technology industry continues to innovate and progress, keeping up with the latest news and developments can be overwhelming. To help you stay informed, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most newsworthy and popular releases from this week’s PR Newswire. From AI-powered learning tools to the launch of a new AI-guided travel show, here are the stories you need to see.

1. Google Cloud Launches AI-powered Solutions to Safely Accelerate Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine

Google Cloud’s new Target and Lead Identification Suite helps researchers identify the function of amino acids and predict the structure of proteins, while the Multiomics Suite accelerates the discovery and interpretation of genomic data for the design of precision treatments.

2. The FutureList Launches to Connect Africa’s Tech Startups to Global Investors

The FutureList is an initiative by African Leadership International (ALI) to map insights and trends of African tech start-ups, investors, accelerators, incubators, and multinational corporations. ALI plans to curate a database of over 4,000 active innovation players across the continent.

3. SAP and Microsoft Collaborate on Joint Generative AI Offerings to Help Customers Address the Talent Gap

SAP and Microsoft are collectively helping companies address the talent gap by creating personalized learning and development programs for employees and optimizing recruitment and hiring strategies.

4. Cedars-Sinai to Send Stem Cells to the Space Station to Aid in the Advancement of Stem Cell-Based Therapies

Cedars-Sinai is conducting a study on how microgravity conditions on the International Space Station can be used to produce three-dimensional stem cell growth, which more closely resembles cell growth in the human body. The results will aid the production of stem cells to improve treatments and patient care on Earth.

5. edX Debuts Two AI-Powered Learning Assistants Built on ChatGPT

edX ChatGPT, an AI plugin, allows easy access to educational programs across edX while edX Xpert offers learners personalized academic and customer support throughout their online coursework.

6. DE-CIX Supports Connected Nation & Newby Ventures in Closing the Digital Divide in the US

In an effort to close the digital divide in the US, DE-CIX is partnering with Connected Nation and Newby Ventures to provide better access to content, clouds, and applications in smaller American cities.

7. DataChat Releases Generative AI Tool to Help Users Find Insights

DataChat’s AI tool, Ask, addresses three issues when using AI in data analytics: data privacy and security, transparency, and providing “human-in-the-loop” validation and feedback for future improvements.

8. GuideGeek and Michael Motamedi Team Up for First AI-Guided Travel Show

No Fixed Address is an original web series in which Michael, his wife, and 18-month-old daughter will travel the world using GuideGeek’s AI travel assistant to make every decision along the way.

9. Parks Associates: 72% of Smart Home Product Owners Are Concerned with Personal Data Security

Many smart home users do not know how to properly manage and secure these devices, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches and data collection. Parks Associates’ findings show that 72% of smart home owners are concerned about personal data security.

10. Cognizant Launches Cognizant Neuro®️ AI Platform to Help Companies Responsibly Deploy Generative AI at Enterprise Scale

Cognizant’s Neuro AI platform aims to responsibly deploy generative AI at enterprise scale by providing a comprehensive set of tools to help service providers and corporations harness and integrate the capabilities of AI into their work flow.

Related Facts:

-The AI market is expected to reach $190.6 billion by 2025.
-The two main approaches to AI are rule-based and machine learning.
-Over half of all businesses are using AI in their routine business functions.

Key Takeaway:

AI is rapidly changing the landscape of industries across the board. These ten stories show how AI is being utilized to advance drug discovery, close the digital divide, and even guide travel choices. As businesses adapt and incorporate AI into their processes, it’s important to keep up with the latest developments to stay competitive and relevant in the industry.


The technology industry is continually evolving, and AI is at the forefront of these changes. Business leaders must stay informed about the latest news and trends surrounding AI to make informed decisions about implementation and integration into their processes. These ten stories provide insight into the current state of the industry and how AI is changing it.

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